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  1. vivionm

    Big Bash

    I like them all. Cricket: Two people play, the others mostly just stand around wait for the ball to come their way. Everything stops for afternoon tea.
  2. vivionm

    Winter comes

    When Dick the shepherd blows his nail And milk comes frozen home in pail And Greasy Joan does keel the pot.
  3. vivionm

    A bit of a fire yesterday

    Alan, I am so glad that you are safe.
  4. vivionm

    Meet Walter

    Cam belt replacement is important. If a worn or slack belt skips a cog the valves could hit the pistons and destroy the engine.
  5. vivionm

    Meet Walter

    Sorry. I was relying on the image. Obviously, the Mark One Eyeball is better.
  6. vivionm

    Meet Walter

    Not much tread depth on the front tyres...
  7. vivionm

    Welcome To 2019!

    I try to be positive. The new year, for me, is full of possibility and potential. No location is perfect, but I strongly believe in the old adage "Bloom where you're planted".
  8. vivionm

    Christmas Gifts

    I have five screens in my place: iMac, iPad, iPhone, Fuji XT-1, Leica Q.
  9. vivionm

    Christmas Gifts

    My Christmas gift to myself cost €17. My gifts to family members totalled €800.
  10. vivionm

    You want it, we got it-Kensington

    I am so pleased that you are not ill. Spike Milligan wanted the inscription "I told you I was ill" on his gravestone, but the local English council refused permission for this. So he translated it into Irish - "Dúirt mé libh go raibh mé breoite". The Council allowed this, not knowing what it meant!
  11. vivionm

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    Thor, I wish you would post more often. I would love to see your photos. I have visited the aviation museum in Lelystad.
  12. vivionm

    For a bit of fun...

    Mercury is very toxic, which is why thermometers and barometers containing mercury are no longer sold in the EU. It is said that Napoleon Bonaparte was killed by mercury vapour leaching out of his wallpaper on the island of St Helena.
  13. vivionm

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    A Happy Christmas to all good souls here. I echo what has been said about photo tours and clubs. The last thing I need when I am out with a camera is someone telling me what and how to shoot. Still less do I need club members bending my ear about gear and/or playing club politics. As one of the Marx brothers said, I would not join any club that would accept me as a member. It’s a wonder I’m still here ...
  14. vivionm

    Not what I was expecting

    Definitely one for printing, framing, and hanging.
  15. vivionm

    Working With What You Got

    Nice floor indeed, but hardly practical for a kitchen/dining area.
  16. vivionm

    Window Woman

    Denny Abbey, Cambridge, England
  17. vivionm

    Yurak: Dance Practice

    Surely a worthy candidate for UNESCO cultural heritage protection.
  18. vivionm

    Yurak: Dance Practice

    Excellent photo-reportage. It is wonderful to see that these traditions are apparently thriving.
  19. vivionm

    Winter comes

    Yes, this is a valid point.
  20. vivionm

    Window Woman

    Like this?
  21. vivionm

    Not Old Rope

    But rather New Rope. The wooden blocks are from the Mary Rose, the flagship of Henry VIII. The rope is not original. PVL
  22. vivionm

    Angel going through the lock.

    Lift the shadows just a little?
  23. vivionm

    MacOS Mojave Anyone?

    I have not tried it with files from the Leica M-10, since I don't own that camera yet.
  24. vivionm

    MacOS Mojave Anyone?

    It causes no difficulty with RAW files for me, either from the Fuji XT-1 or the Leica Q.

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