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  1. Ah. Thanks for that, which I had not understood.
  2. This is bad news. And unfortunate. I will not be paying a monthly fee. From what I have seen so far, I can live without the AOV content.
  3. vivionm

    The little chapel

    That is much more to my taste.
  4. vivionm

    The little chapel

    The entire shot shows considerable wide-angle lens distortion, even close to the centre. This will be difficult if not impossible to correct fully in post..
  5. ISO 51,200??? Wow. The quality is amazing. This picture made me smile. One horsepower and four-hoof drive.
  6. vivionm

    Granddad chimping

    None of the teenagers is holding a phone and one is actually reading. Perhaps there is hope for civilisation after all ...
  7. I have not actually tried that!
  8. Eurofighter Typhoon. The roundel is not British.
  9. Vodka is better for cleaning paintbrushes.
  10. Not a Wellington. A Lancaster. The shot below it is a Tornado. Good photos, but they could all do with a tad more exposure. And it's a pity that you froze the props on the Lancaster.
  11. That's a much better photo.
  12. I have a bottle of Talisker single malt by me. I would put nothing in it but a little water.
  13. What an adulteration of a good single malt. Not to criticise the photo, but the diverging verticals of the bottle disturb me.
  14. Yes/ I really must visit Den Haag again, with a camera.
  15. She would get better photos if she removed the lens cap.
  16. Excellent photo. The background enhances the foreground.
  17. vivionm

    Pub lunch.

    Mike, I agree that St Agur is very good.
  18. vivionm

    Pub lunch.

    Agreed, few restaurants or pubs in England would put Roquefort in a salad. It's the prince of blue cheeses, although Italy also produces some good ones. I have some in my fridge right now.
  19. The Leica digital rangefinder cameras are excellent and a pleasure to shoot with. And if you don't wish to splurge on Leica lenses, the Zeiss m-mount lenses are cheaper and arguably just as good. i had hoped that Zeiss would make a digital version of the marvellous Ikon film rangefinder, but instead they have unveiled a sort of computer with a fixed lens. oh well ....
  20. I never saw an armchair (rocking chair?) in a bathroom before!
  21. The smart mobile phone market has reached, or is very close to, saturation. Not a market Nikon should dip its toe into. As Mike correctly points out, Nikon is paying the price for its late entry into the mirrorless digital camera segment. Zeiss is in even a worse position in this respect, but that is another story.
  22. The Bugatti 35 was the absolute state of the art in its time. It's just a pity that this one is not in the traditional 'Bugatti Blue'.
  23. vivionm

    Stone Mason

    Nice occupational portrait. As Michaelangelo said "I chip away at the block of marble until a statue emerges".
  24. And they all have the steering wheel on the wrong side ...
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