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  1. vivionm

    Purple & Green

    Lovely colour and excellent detail and definition, especially when viewed L.
  2. That is very close to what I believe photography is. It has little to do with manipulating an image until it looks the way you want it, no matter how far from reality that might be.
  3. Luxembourg has some decent Moselle wines, but they are not exported in any quantity.
  4. Good on ya, Mike. I must investigate this river cruising business.
  5. It's a deep river. Most winters it breaks its banks near Wasserbillig, flooding a couple of villages.
  6. I live not far from the Mosel, or the Moselle as we call it in these parts. I am always amazed at the sheer size of these barges.
  7. Now that we've seen all the buoys in a row, when will we see all the girls?
  8. vivionm

    Corn field

    Simply excellent. Except excellence is never simple.
  9. Very nice, Mike. And all the vines in the background.
  10. vivionm

    Canyon Sussuapara

    Lovely photos.
  11. Leica indeed does rule ok. My Leica Q is a joy to shoot with and produces what I consider to be good images. The manual focus, in particular, is wonderful.
  12. Indeed. If looks could kill ...
  13. The Leica CL is very good.
  14. I have no desire, much less any need to pursue the point, especially since you have not addressed the issue directly.
  15. That's the main problem with your world??? Wow.
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