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  1. vivionm

    Remembering Everest Base Camp

    I agree. Colour would be better.
  2. vivionm

    Spring is Springing

    Nice one, Mike. As we say in Ireland, Spring is a bit previous in your neck of the woods. We are still in Winter here. My cherry tree is as bare as my bank account haha.
  3. vivionm


    Thankfully, as far as I am concerned, the smell of GAS has diminished. P.S. I have several Fujinon lenses if anyone is interested. The Leica Q is such a pleasure to shoot with that my Fuji XT-1 sees little use these days.
  4. vivionm


    Luc, I was joking. I like the photos I get with the Q - and it is a very nice and intuitive camera in the hand. I will take your advice. The Q Singular, as opposed to the Q Squared, is good enough for me.
  5. vivionm


    Yes Mike, I must admit that I am tempted. I could unload my Q and a whole bunch of Fuji gear. and, as evert schoolboy knows, the next Firmware update from Leica will degrade the performance of the Q by 35 percent! No decision in haste. I will think on it some more.
  6. vivionm


    47MP Leica Q2 announced. Does this make my Leica Q obsolete? I smell GAS ......
  7. vivionm

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    Me jealous too.
  8. vivionm

    NDSM Quarter / Amsterdam Noord

    This series makes me want to visit the location. My highest praise for photos.
  9. vivionm

    Changing Systems

    It didn't! That's why he swapped it for a vacuum cleaner!
  10. vivionm

    Changing Systems

    Mike, I learned my craft on a Canon AE-1. Manual focus, shutter priority or manual exposure only.
  11. vivionm

    Changing Systems

    Mike, Belated birthday congrats from me! For a moment, I was worried that you had surrendered to the dreaded GAS and were changing to a Canon system! Don't do it! P.S. I have the Nikon version of your mug.
  12. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    The same thing happens with Nikon DSLRs.
  13. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

  14. vivionm

    What’s the occasion?

    I earnestly hope we are not inadvertently reigniting the 'mirrorless is better than DSLR" debate which almost destroyed this site.
  15. vivionm

    What’s the occasion?

    And Fuji have announced what is effectively 90 per cent of an XT-3 at less than half the price.

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