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  1. The USSR was officially a communist country, but that country no longer exists.
  2. I would not touch either of them with a barge pole. Even if I had a barge pole.
  3. Dead right, Mike. The Victorians knew how to build stuff. Ships, bridges, railways ...
  4. My poor cousin (once removed)! Why was I not told he had died?
  5. Mike, If you want not make some money, I have a cousin (once removed) in Nigeria who has a large sum to give away. Just send me your bank details.
  6. I try to avoid movies in 3D. Not always easy, with an 8-year-old grandson.
  7. Excellent information, Mike. Personally speaking, I do not own this fine camera.
  8. Mike, It's the TGV (high-speed train) station in Liège, Belgium. V
  9. Loaded in 6 seconds for me.
  11. Well spotted, Dallas! It is the Tintin rocket!
  12. Just for fun.
  13. How long does it take to make a cuppa tea? I ask this as one who does not drink tea. P.S. I like these photos, despite the absence of artefacts that would give a sense of scale.
  14. Flickr is way past its sell-by date. More trouble than it's worth.
  15. The Capri was basically a Ford Cortina in a party dress.