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  1. Mike, you have completely misunderstood the history of B/W. It's not that B/W was the only film available before the advent of colour. It's that the real world was in B/W before the start of global warming in the 1930s, which coloured the world by heating it up.
  2. Speaking of prop blur ...
  3. These shots are top-quality examples of what aircraft photography should be, but often is not. I pick the Super Sabre shot as my favourite, but only because I built a slope-soaring glider F-100 semi-scale model as a teenager. It flew very well.
  4. This excellent thread is stirring long-dormant memories. My first SLR was a Canon AE-1. My first DSLR was a Nikon D70.
  5. The blue/red circles are the national (RAF) insignia.
  6. Thanks! If you mean the red patches on the wing leading edge, they are canvas patches covering the gun muzzles.
  7. A couple of airshow shots. Such shots are easy with a DSLR, difficult with the XT-1. And these are not fast aircraft!
  8. Indeed. I have modified my technique by "leading" the pan, i.e. by ensuring that the nose of the aircraft is in the centre of the frame and the tail of the aircraft outside the frame. This usually ensures that they aircraft is centred in the shot, but it is a bit hit-and-miss, as I have stated. I speak as one who has taken hundreds of airshow shots with a DSLR.
  9. No, because panning continues until after the shot has been taken.
  10. I have grown tired of shouting this from the rooftops. The error has taken firm root, like the "lead" in pencils, or the "tin" in tin cans.
  11. Mike, if you pan to keep a fast aircraft centred in the frame and press the shutter, the result will be that the nose of the aircraft is not in the shot!
  12. From personal experience, I can state that EVF lag on the XT-1 makes photographing fast aircraft at airshows a hit-or-miss affair. Apart from this specific case, lag is not an issue.
  13. I too, do not denigrate the Nikon DSLRs. It's simply that, as an amateur, I cannot justify the expense of having two systems.
  14. I also made the switch, first to the X Pro 1 and then to the XT-1. Am glad I did, for a number of reasons.