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  1. Yes. The Irish government every year sends me a form to fill in, stating that I am still alive for pension purposes.
  2. You lifted my day. Again. Thank you. Torrential rain here this morning.
  3. Leffe is a very nice beer. V
  4. i have not been to Delft for a few years. I really must go back with a camera.
  5. Mike, I am beginning to worry about you. This fixation on asymmetric buxom Sabine women is not normal ...
  6. Given that the market for mobile phones is saturated, the only way Apple can stimulate demand is by continuously introducing new models at ever-shorter intervals. This strategy is not sustainable.
  7. There is huge unsatisfied demand for a phone of Apple quality that makes calls and does e-mail and nothing else, for a price of 100 euro. But no one produces such a thing. Yet.
  8. Visited my local Apple outlet this morning. They had the iPhone X ready to go, with champagne and razzmatazz for the first comers. They told me that in two hours they had 11 takers. The jig is up.
  9. Not Home Alone but Phone Alone! Viv
  10. Mike, what was your time for the country mile?
  11. Just because. Click up.
  12. I prefer the colour version.
  13. Apple announcing a new iPhone model during the launch of the previous model is a sure sign of panic. The jig is up.
  14. Exactly. The market for mobile phones is now saturated.
  15. Well, you say Fones are taking over ....