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  1. Mike, I am so glad to hear the good news about your health. That is a very comprehensive Fuji system! As you know, I still use the XT-1. I may be tempted by the XT-3, if such materialises. Egged on by my photographer daughter I am currently taking a hard look at the Leica CL, but that is anudder story.
  2. This s a wonderful shot. It is very hard to get this type of shot right.
  3. Thanks to all. I admire Monet's work.
  4. A big regret of mine is that I sold my Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder camera. The nicest camera I ever used. No longer made.
  5. That's quite a 'roo bar/roll cage!
  6. Breakfast on the Dark Side
  7. I like it. Cries out for an apt caption. Mike, we know that you are not a black and white kinda guy.
  8. Wow! All is now clear! Sooo funny! Thank you!
  9. Nice addition to your collection, Mike.
  10. I don't understand the reference to fjords ...
  11. OK. Suit yourself. As a user of a camera without a mirror, a DSLR camera, a digital rangefinder camera, a film rangefinder camera, and a medium-format film camera, I don't have a dog in this fight. But the mission of this site should not be to win people over to using cameras without mirrors.
  12. No, you should not make that assumption. But it is unwise, on this site as past experience has demonstrated, to compare one technology unfavourably with another. By all means discuss technological developments without doing that. What you call a "handful of sensitivities" (itself a pejorative term) is a substantial fraction of the membership here. Have you forgotten the past? Of course, it is your site. You have the right to damage it, I suppose, even if that is not your intention. I recommend the deletion of this thread.
  13. We have already seen the damage this mirrorless versus DSLR topic caused here. it is complete foolishness to resurrect it again. it took a long time for the wounds to heal last time round. The site never fully recovered. Drop it Dallas, for goodness sake.