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  1. vivionm

    Brat Sunset

    The second and third shots float my boat.
  2. vivionm

    Give Me Some Feedback

    Mike, Perhaps the motion of the boat you are on is responsible?
  3. vivionm

    Gear Upgrades: A Question Of Addition

    I will be strong. I WILL!
  4. vivionm

    Ready to hunt

  5. vivionm

    A few from Duxford.

    The photos are from 2012. The Vulcan has indeed been permanently grounded.
  6. vivionm


    I also hanker.
  7. vivionm

    A few from Duxford.

    Thank you, Frank. Duxford is well worth a visit. However, the flight line is due South of the viewing area, so ome is shooting mostly into the Sun.
  8. vivionm

    A few from Duxford.

    Using Nikon D700
  9. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    Thank you, Alan. I was indeed confused.
  10. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    Yes. Perhaps an option to switch it off could be provided via a firmware update.
  11. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    Yes. Cannot be removed in post-processing.
  12. vivionm

    Mirrorless for Aviation Photography

    I have done very little aviation photography since moving away from DSLR gear, but the little that I have done leads to to believe that it is hit-or-miss, at least with the Fuji XT-1. The next-generation EVF may be a bit faster. Also, The Dynamic Range function generates unpleasant haloes against a blue sky. And cannot be switched off on the Fuji. I switched it off on my former DLSR to solve this problem.
  13. vivionm

    One of those magic moments

    Excellent. You chose the moment well, minimising the need for panning.
  14. vivionm

    Chickadee in an Apple Tree

    What a great shot that is!
  15. vivionm

    Dad's Bucket List

    Yes, but what fun!!!

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