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    Through my photos, I try to show the beauty all around us in new ways.
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  1. My daughter now has my Bronica ETRS. Neither of us ever had a problem loading film.
  2. Mike, you are addressing a VW driver. I may have to come to London to scold you.
  3. My kind of shot. But without the steps.
  4. No issues at my end. Job well done.
  5. Same here. Except for driving on the left.
  6. I much prefer still photos to moving pictures.
  7. I agree with Alan that starlings are pests, but to see them swoop and wheel apparently as one in a "murmuring" is amazing. Good to see that you have a bird feeder, Mike.
  8. KEEP!
  9. The best lens for any given shot is the one you left at home.
  10. What a wonderful B/W portrait and such a rich context.
  11. I believe it will be an excellent camera.
  12. Thanks Mike. Hopefully I will use a real camera for future ones.
  13. Inspired by Mike's Mini Collection, here is the first one of my Fiat 500 Collection. This is the Abarth high-performance version. Abarth is to Fiat as AMG is to Mercedes. Shot with my iPhone. I did not have a proper camera with me.
  14. Wonderful shot!
  15. Great collection Mike. I would never buy a brown one, but that's just me. You have inspired me to start a similar collection based on the Fiat 500, which is also a small car that exists in "old" and "new" versions.