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  1. The tree outside my window. Fuji XT-1 with Fujinon 56 mm f/1.2 lens.
  2. The aircraft is a Qatar Airways Boeing 777.
  3. I fully agree that the D500 and D5 are possibly the best cameras in their respective classes. But Nikon is lacking in wide DX lenses.
  4. I agree, Mike. They seem to have lost their sense if direction. Canon and Sony now sell more full-frame (I hate that term, but never mind) DSLRs than Nikon.
  5. Love the creativity and colour.
  6. Will never own that camera (too much camera for my meagre ability) but I love the image.
  7. My cherry tree is always the last one in the neighbourhood to bloom. Just starting to bud now. Nice one, Mike.
  8. STOPPIT! I could keep the XT-1 as a backup body .... Hmmm
  9. Mike, yes it has, but it's only a wimpy update. I would like the XT-2 Graphite Edition. Not sure about the Sparkly Edition.
  10. Oh dear. Does this mean that my XT-1 is now junk? Oh dear. Oh dear.
  11. I agree with Ann. Lovely.
  12. I hate changing lenses in the street.
  13. hehe. Happens to me too.
  14. Mike, you mention a heavy crop. Why didja not use the 1.4 TC, which I believe you possess? P.S. I stlll like that cat.