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  1. Always incredible. The Isle of Mann TT has been my favorite motorcycle race since I first learned of its existence.
  2. Sometimes you can find them at KEH too and cheaper.
  3. And all this time I thought it was two coasts separated by the heart of the country. >
  4. Finally found the time and patience to try this. Scored a 7 on a mostly calibrated TFN panel.
  5. No, We're just the only ones that admit it. >
  6. I live in something of a wasteland for high end equipment. Sure there's some around but you don't run into any regularly so you can actually try any. In choosing a ballhead I read most everything I could find on the web and, like you, chose the BH-55 for it's reputation and ergonomics. It's true that it's sticky out of the box and I knew that to start with. It will smooth up through use. I can't tell you if it will smooth up enough to make you happy though. I sat in front of the computer and television several nights working mine around it's range of motion until it's smooth enough for me. Just keep slowly tightening the small drag tension screw each time you feel it smooth a bit more and work around/through any tight spot you find. BTW, I have seen where a guy said he used a bit of Simoniz car wax on his and it made it just right for him. YMMV
  7. Considering the Rednek in me it just doesn't work. ;D . . . . Really needs some buckshot holes in the sign. > > >
  8. Yizu, Since I'm not yet a paying member I couldn't reply to you in the classified section. HB-17's seem to be rare these days. Unbelievably I found one at my local dealer. I also found one at Camera World in New Hampshire, US for another guy. I think I have their phone number at work and I'll update this post if I can find it but I think it was a fluke. However, per this post on the NikonCafe it seems the hood for the 70-200VR can be made to work. http://www.nikoncafe.com/vforums/showthread.php?t=206075&highlight=80-200+af-s+hood Best of luck to you.
  9. Another in the same vein. A college professor asks a woman in his class, "do you know what your a**hole is doing when you have an orgasm?" She replies, . . . . . . . . "Most likely playing golf".
  10. Being a BBQ fan, I've seen this one before. Just have to like these wood Jokes. >
  11. I just came back to your post, again, because I felt I had part of the answer right. I was convinced it was ice forming but just couldn't figure out anything else. After James' post I was wondering what the reflections were. Also never could figure out why it is so black. Now you've answered these questions and it's still interesting.
  12. When I was younger...., really, really younger, I had a lot of red hair on top of my head, no beard on my face, and didn't wear glasses.
  13. I have a boss who talks that way. And he wonders why we don't follow his instructions. ???
  14. They look like............ well ........... they should be BBQ'd! Where's that Delicious Emoticon Dallas??
  15. I appreciate your allergy. I know several people who are allergic to bee and wasp stings. It's very unpleasant at best and dangerous normally. Domestic Honey Bees, as opposed to the Africanized variety, are generally docile creatures. They respond well to slow, careful movements. I've shot them from mere inches away, without any real concern, while they were occupied with some delicious flower blossoms. On the other hand they can respond poorly to rapid movement!! One of my best friends is so afraid of bee/wasp stings that he will hurt anyone near him while he's thrashing and running away. Of course that riles the stinging critters too! BTW, Wasps seem to become more aggressive as the temperature rises but the slow / fast movement still applies. If you truly want to photograph them, get your Doctor to give you a script for an Epipen and get enough lens to feel comfortable around them.