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  1. This is good Dallas I also see that the Fotozones wristwatch has "my" aperture included
  2. No sculpted grip -> small lenses ok. Big ones not. Sculpted grip -> big lenses ok. Small ones too.
  3. I recently tried out the Fujinon 16-55/2.8. A great lens but so heavy/bulky that it makes the light-portability concept false.
  4. The command wheel on the X-E1/2 are far better than the X-T1's.
  5. I disagree. For instance: I leave the car at a parking place in order to deliver my tax-report. I return to my car, happy that the tax-man told me everything's fine. My smiley face changes character when I find a nasty yellow ticket under the windshield wiper. I ask myself: Is this for real??? Seriously though, I do disagree. Asking what reality is is very important. It is a reminder about how the world we live in actually works.
  6. No. There should be no ledge at all. And it wouldn't hurt if the wheels had a surface with more friction.
  7. I am with you Alan but when implementing a wheel, isn't it logical to make the operation of it practical?
  8. This would be good indeed...if it happens One thing a firmware cannot fix is the dreadful design of accessability of the rear command wheel...hidden just above a ledge on the rear rubbered grip surface. I cannot fathom what Fuji was thinking when they decided on this shape.
  9. I like the front page with "Trolltunga" (the Troll's tounge). Not too far from Stavanger.
  10. stenrasmussen


    Rainy day walk with family in the neighbourhood.
  11. I remember I got to try my father's Rolleiflex, then his Yashica before I cut the ropes and went Nikon. Then thought the N was IT, until I had an affair with Fuji. That lasted for some lovely months, involving very sensitive touches, caressing and fingering. Then I guess my head told me to pull myself together and stay with the long term relation I had. I tried her in the new, sexy figures 36-24-36 but the sweet after-taste of Miss Fuji never went away and I can again enjoy lots of X.
  12. I am very saddened to receive this message. Such a loss to her family, closest friends, photography and us all.
  13. Thanks Ann! New York was a cold place - even for a norwegian.
  14. Checked the english and norwegian language options and both display the A instead of the correct F in "Focus". It is in the "spanner #3" menu where various lock of function settings can be selected. Dunno if this applies to the other camera models' menu.
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