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  1. gkor

    An ecosystem??

    Quite informative for us southerns indeed. Well done presentation of a very distinct ecosystem (and biome if you add fauna). It is nice occasinally to see good landscape photos with an "agenda" rather than just the common aesthetics concept.
  2. Ok, maybe just a Photoshop and even though I don't understand a couple of the list I could not resist....
  3. Antony, Thank you for your input that is clarifying things so effectively...!!! Had not heard anything about this and the link you provide describes precisely. When no power the focus element moves free in lens body. Thanks again! Giorgos
  4. Thanks Mike, sounds logical. Started the conversation also because I would like an opinion of the more experienced whether really could be a lens element moving entirely freely. And then I can describe better to the "shopkeepers". Giorgos
  5. Hi all, A few days ago purchased the Fujinon 90mm f2; looks very nice piece of glass as documented. However, today during my first serious acquaintance with the lens I see that as the lens is tilting front to back something inside is respectively dangling freely back-forth. It is located about a bit front of the center of the lens barrel the movement is several mm and makes a gentle/low bumping noise. I can see the move through the lens glass and looks like it is a lens element because the magnification of the opening circle (the diameter) slightly changes. When I mount the lens on the XT-1 it keeps doing the same dangling when camera is off BUT when the camera is turned ON it stops and from this moment nothing is moving. It is solid. The lens AF works OK. I think this is not normal, even though the lens seems to work now (but do not know how long it will last). So I would appreciate any piece of advice could get on this situation. Unfortunately the lens was not purchased from a store near to me but a relatively big European e-shop through mail. Regards Giorgos
  6. Ok, μπορεί να ματώνεις αλλά τέτοιο τίτλο δεν περίμενα να δω! Btw no leaves yet ???
  7. gkor


    Many thanks to all of you for the kind words and valuable contribution. The region, as happens with all the mediterranean sites, gains much photogeny during springtime. After a couple of weeks will be rather colorless. Although ugly human interference has happened during the last decades, one can still find easily many interesting subjects -either nature or cultural etc- in a relatively short space-time tour. "These are great and bring back many memories. The Attica olive trees? " Anthony yes, fortunately some of them still survive the land-use change to housing estate. "I am not sure the shot of the church with the people quite works. The people are cut in half and I wonder if it would not be better to make them more of a feature or somehow have the shot without them - not easy, I know." I agree, i had a hard time over there! and thats why I usually avoid to include people (especially strange and moving) in photos and i admire streetphotographers; i am not in this. I think an experienced streetphotographer, maybe using portrait orientation, who knows? its a rather tight place, could produce something nice from this contrast (i mean the young/moving vs the centuriesold/stationary). Best regards,
  8. gkor


    Turned out fine to spend some Easter holidays in Attica. Apologies for the mix of theme. (Cliff dwelling Campanula is C. rupestris).
  9. gkor


    Excellent composed -the customer just in the right position- and full of atmosphere. I think gains much from the old-fashioned (or actually old but well preserved) floor and furniture and this old metal… how you call it... rolling crossed framework. Its “ΦΑΡΜΑΚΕΙΑ” plural because the owner is more than one (in this case a co-op of 3 in Corfu) Giorgos
  10. gkor

    A Forest

    Me too, the third photo is great indeed, while R. Smith’s song was one of my favs during the '80s when I was studying forestry... regards, Giorgos
  11. gkor

    What's your job?

    I teach botany in a forestry faculty
  12. "...I travelled extensively in Greece at that time and found that the 24 and Greece were made for each other." Affirmative! …and happy to hear it from you, your comments (from the well known page and elsewhere) excessively contributed to buy the 24 2.8 ais brand new last year. Well worth the 500+ euros and waiting almost 4 months for the delivery.
  13. gkor

    My best pic from 2012

    Chris its a lovely snap, you're a lucky man! Mine is a snapshot of Anastasia in Istanbul. D700 with the 50 1.2 AIS.
  14. My Sigma 105 macro is not the last one (with OS). I appreciate its sharpness but auto-focusing is very slow and hunts. It was my first true macro lens but haven't use it for ages since at this fl use CZ 100/2 (and 105/2.5 ais for non macro). I find Sigma 150 focusing quite faster and acceptable for handheld static subjects (plants). Haven't try for moving creatures though.
  15. Yes, Michael you demonstrate perfectly what you mean; these are so much improved comparing to the previous post with the manual focus lens!
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