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  1. My guess is a beer can with the top cut of used as a vase, or perhaps just a vase decorated like a beer can.


    if it is the first, I wouldn’t mind helping making a few more.😁

  2. The rain is not hard to find there, but the little bursts of sunshine make it special.  

    I did visit there over 25 years ago, but can’t remember taking many photos.  I suspect it was too overcast most of the time - I think it was around Easter that I was there.

  3. 11 hours ago, Akira said:

    A typical Japanese telephone booth since the 80s looks as if it were made with four windowpanes which will almost never fail to stink of nicotine and tar inside.  😩

    in the UK, they usually stunk of something worse🤢 as late night drinkers would wait inside for the taxi they had used it to call.

  4. I read this the same as Anthony, if the estate agent paid you to take the photos, they own them outright and you have no future recourse to them.  In fact you may be in breach of copyright if you subsequently post them here.


    on the other hand the pictures you took for the NYT article, you could resell them to a real estate guy, but not to another newspaper.


    I’m not sure how you would work around this to retain copyright in a commissioned work.  Perhaps you would have to sell “marketing services” and then subcontract yourself to provide photographs as part of the services.  It is a bit of a legal minefield really and doesn’t look too fair to your position.  You will need some local legal advise to work this out, perhaps subscribing to a local professional photographers association might be a way to avoid paying too much to a lawyer.



  5. I guess the group shot is all of the people required to carry that gear into the forest.  😀


    Which was the smaller load - the other guys big camera or your Thornton Pickard and Pentacon kit?  


    I'd love to get back to giving film a try, but it is a struggle to fit it in  - its hard for me to find time just for digital stuff.  Add to that the fact I'm not sure I can get enough keepers from a roll of film, never mind a few sheets of paper the size you shoot.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Dallas said:

    I like the idea but am finding the specular highlights in her eyes a bit distracting. 

    Perhaps if the highlights were tinted to match the colour of the flame.  


    My preference is for fire related pictures to look like they were using the fire as the light source, even if you did need extra light sources to get acceptable light levels.






  7. On 14/01/2020 at 23:10, Dallas said:

    Oh, I see. Fireworks here typically get set off at midnight.

    They do have the midnight fireworks too, but a lot of places in Australia will also do an early family friendly display.


  8. 7 hours ago, Dallas said:


    I believe it was search bots, Anthony. The changes I made to the system seem to have sorted it out. At one point yesterday there were over 700 "visitors" concurrently browsing the site. Down to the more usual 40 or so today. 

    Obviously searching for a better quality of photograph!

  9. 23 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Sky looks very light for NYE. Did you process these to lift shadows a lot?


    No post on these other than a crop on some of them.  It was that light - sun had set around 8:55 and fireworks kicked off at 9:30.  As mentioned I was shooting towards where the sun had set, so the last bit of sky to get dark.

  10. New Years fireworks at Warrnambool in the southwest of Victoria.  Shot from a similar location as some of the seaside sunset series.  In fact sunset #4 was while waiting for them to start.






    FW#2.  With the sun having only just set about 30 minutes beforehand, the sky was still quite light.  (Don't worry, these were the early 'family' fireworks, not the midnight ones).  Perhaps watching from the other end of town might have given a darker sky.  The lighter sky makes you realise how much smoke is produced by fireworks - something that is perhaps not so obvious in darker conditions.  








    All shot with X-E3 and 55-200.  I was quite impressed with the IS of the 55-200 as these are all handheld with shutter speeds between 1/8 and 1/30 of a second.



  11. I've tried something similar before with a frame that looks black - pull the shadows, exposure and brightness sliders as far to the right as I can and the result is this strange banding pattern in the dark areas.  The banding will disappear from areas that eventually lighten up, however, this time the banding is in the lighter part of the frame, so the bottom half must be truely black!



    Truely Black 


    I think it makes an interesting image.


    As for what the scene really was, it was a bit supposed to be a bit like this, but a slightly lower position and later in the evening.



    Waiting for fireworks. 




  12. 7 hours ago, Dallas said:

    I never took a shine to the Fuji system, for reasons I can’t really explain. 


    You'd also have had to wean yourself off Adobe Lightroom.


    I'm trying hard to avoid the temptation of some of the bigger lenses, as they would probably need a bigger body than my X-E3 to balance with them.  (the ones I'm trying to resist are the 80 macro and 100-400 - the price as well as the size is helping with my resistance).  However, I'm also tempted by a getting an extra body to convert to IR, but if I give in I could end up with 3 bodies.


    7 hours ago, Dallas said:

    My old E-M1 Olympus bodies are entering their 7th year of service this month. 


    I've generally followed a similar pattern of keeping cameras for quite some time  - I started with a D50 which lasted about 5 years then a D7000 for around 7 years that I used until I swapped to Fuji just over a year ago.

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  13. A few more....



    Sunset #4 - same location, different night.



    Sunset #5  - a little further west, with birds heading west.



    Sunset #6 same night and not far from #5.  Normally, I'd be happy with a silhouette, but I know lots of you ask for more detail in the shadows, so I've lifted the shadows a bit and revealed..... Shadows!  And I like it.



    Sunset #7  Similar to #6 with a bit of lifting of shadows.


    All Fuji X-E3 with 55-200.  Processed from RAW with Capture 1. 

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  14. And I thought Australia got screwed on product availability!  We do get an option of upgrading iMacs with either larger fusion drives or SSD with capacities ranging from 256GB to 2TB, depending on the model and your wallet.


    given that you do have some decent monitors, perhaps the mini is the way to go.

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  15. Copy #5 arrived in the early hours of this morning.  Don’t worry I’m not blaming you.  I just don’t want you to end up with an unexpected bill or getting blocked by spam filters.


    my guess is that your process is crashing and restarting - those of us near the start of the list (I assume it is running in alphabetical order) are getting multiple copies and those XYZ people are not getting any at all.

  16. I’ve had a fourth copy about five hours after I posted this morning (currently about 6hrs ago).  I hope they are not billing you for these multiple copies.

  17. You might want to have a check of your mailing supplier - I've just received a third copy of the newsletter in my mailbox.  They are listed as arriving 1hr, 3hr and 8hr ago.

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