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  1. 19 hours ago, Dallas said:

    I think that interference is definitely a problem, but the thing is I have been using BT peripherals on my Macs pretty much since they were first introduced and have never had an issue like this one. My assumption with this most recent issue is that the signal from the new MTP isn’t quite as strong as the older devices and is probably therefore more susceptible to these interference issues. 

    How many extra Bluetooth devices have you in the vicinity?  I've heard stories of people's Bluetooth headphones dropping out in crowded locations due to congestion.  Unfortunately that's about the limit of my radio understanding.

  2. I've had a few colleagues at work complaining about their bluetooth peripherals getting erratic.  I'm guessing they it is interference  - there is a tall building next door which has just got a new batch of phone antennas on it.  I've always stuck to the old wired mouse and keyboard, so not a problem for me.


    I do find a bit of an issue at home with wi-fi congestion.  Most of my Apple stuff sits up on the 5GHz band and is fine, but a few other things like a Samsung TV can only work on the 2.4 GHz band and does suffer when trying to stream shows.  I suspect that my 5GHz band will start to get more congested in the coming year as our area has finally been connected to the National Broadband Network, which might result in various neighbours upgrading their routers and discovering the new bands.

  3. 14 hours ago, Akira said:


    I once settled on the Fujifilm system, but neither f1.4 or f2.0 standard (35mm for the APS-C format) lenses satisfied me, and Zeiss Touit 32/1.8 became my favorite.  The image quality of X-E3 and X-T3 was excellent especially when the files were processed with Capture One Express Fujifilm (free software).  However, I could never really endorse their design concept of recreating the film cameras, rangefinder or SLR, which contradicts with my belief in the "form follows function" concept.



    It is a shame that the Fuji hasn't satisfied you.  I would disagree with you on the comment about 'recreating film camera'  - I like the fact that it goes back to a traditional camera feel and find it is a benefit to me.  If I really need to, I can set the dials to make it behave like the electronic digital and late film era cameras or I can stick with the traditional SLR/rangefinder behaviour.  That look and feel lasted for around 50yrs before the addition of autofocus and other electronics bulked cameras up and made the larger grip a necessity (both for ergonomics and a place to hide a the bigger batteries).


    But then everyone has different needs and desires.... 

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  4. Thanks for the comments and suggestions - hopefully I'll find some time to upload revised versions.

    On 24/11/2019 at 20:43, Noct said:

    Removing the keystoning in the second one with church and police car gives it more authority, makes it more natural. Can easily done in post these days, just one click away in LR or ACR, no need for a tilt/shift lens.


    I find myself looking mostly at the cathedral and not noticing it much, but now you mention it, given the poles and structures at the edge of the frame, it is obvious.  They poles and the steel frame on the opposite side should form suitable lines to base the corrections on.


    On 24/11/2019 at 23:54, atpaula said:


    Just scroll the image down a little bit until the bikes are more centered.



    I might have to take a bit off the sides as well.  I think just cropping the bottom will result in a more panoramic format and I think that will take away from the narrowness of the lane (not that it was a particularly narrow lane, but it is part of what I feel the image should portray).  

  5. I've found myself a little loop to walk on a Saturday morning whilst my son is at sport.  I usually take my camera along too.











    The first week I concentrated on exploring the route and how long it would take; the second time I focused on just part of the route and taking photos, but it rained; and this week I managed a few photos, but also completed the 10km loop in a reasonable time.


    All X-E3 with 55-200.

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  6. Looks good - like the bokeh!  


    Strangely, I was watching a show on TV where they shot with some really heavy bokeh and I actually thought it didn't look right.  I guess we just have different expectations in how TV and photos look.

  7. 15 hours ago, atpaula said:

    I like the first one a lot. If cropped a little in the bottom it would even be nicer imho.


    How far do you think?  Perhaps take the bottom of the wall down to the corner?


    this is certainly a theme I would like to revisit, I just don't get out in the city much.  Probably also need to be a bit earlier in the evening - I was a bit tired but also a little uncomfortable about the possibility of running into a drunk who wasn't happy with people taking photographs.  However I do think that the Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8 are quite a good  combo for such a trip, I could manage some slow shutter speeds even without IS or resorting to electronic shutter.



  8. On 09/11/2019 at 22:26, Dallas said:

    I find the evening shots a lot more interesting to look at. 


    I'm not sure if you mean during or after sunset?


    On 11/11/2019 at 00:11, Alan7140 said:

    ... and the last one nails it. Worth the wait.


    Poor old St Pauls is totally overwhelmed by all those buildings now - they may as well save on their power bill by turning the spotlights off these days.

    I do enjoy the night scenes myself too.  I think the cathedral provides an interesting contrast to the taller, newer buildings around it.  Hopefully it doesn't get blocked out of this view.  I think I need to find a new viewpoint to work from for a while.  Perhaps a return visit in mid-winter when the sun has set well to the right of this scene might give a cleaner, bluer night sky.  


    Thanks to to everyone who has stopped by, even if just to look.

  9. and the final couple....



    sunset 2 ...a zoom right into the sunset.




    sunset 6 


    and a wider night scene.


    All shot on Fuji X-E3 with either 18-55 or 55-200 and, something I don't do often enough, tripod mounted.

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  10. I did also wait for it to get dark.



    sunset 5 


    And one of the few shots from a different angle when a flock of bats flew past....  or is it a swarm of bats?



    sunset 4 


    Unfortunately the bats didn't fly across the more balanced parts of the scene, so the composition isn't quite so good.☹️

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    22 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Hmmm... compositionally it isn't working for me, Chris. I am seeing too much black at the bottom of the frame and the close hanging branch on the left is intruding too much into the frame for my liking. 


    This is probably more to your taste - zoomed in for a tighter crop and also a bit more detail in the foreground.



    sunset 3 

  12. 8 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Hmmm... compositionally it isn't working for me, Chris. I am seeing too much black at the bottom of the frame and the close hanging branch on the left is intruding too much into the frame for my liking. 

    I do have a few alternative compositions - I’m sure there will be one you like.  Unusual for me I spent an hour watching the sunset and sky darken and must have 50-60 shots with the tripod on exactly the same spot.

  13. I've waited months to get this shot - there is a 3-4 week period twice a year when things line up!  Same spot up on Studley Park Road that I have used previously.  I was hoping desperately that the cloud didn't thicken as I drove over.





    I might post a few more once I get through reviewing them.

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  14. On 11/10/2019 at 03:55, Mike G said:


    I only regret losing Aperture, anything else I can live easily without!

    There was an article I read last week with a link to something that replaces the old files in Aperture and gets it going again




    Unfortunately I'd just deleted my Aperture install a few days before so haven't tried it.  


    the other option if you really want an Aperture clone is RAW Power.  The only thing is that it is a standalone editor or plugin and lacks the library / DAM aspects of Aperture.

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  15. I was just thinking about your rock photos recently.  Some friends are cycling Route 66 and have just passes through New Mexico.  On heavily loaded touring bikes they haven't been able to venture far from the roads, but they have posted enough pictures to remind me of the fascinating landscape you have there.  They are now peddling west through Arizona trying to stay ahead of the winter weather.

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  16. Thanks for the suggestions.  


    I think my problem is not so much lack of options, but perhaps too many. 🤔  I've been through all the pros and cons for each of them and none stand out as a clear winner.  I've got two interests that could use a macro capability - photographing old negatives and "backyard safari" like the pictures above. Technically the 80 stands out, but it is the priciest and looks quite bulky, which somewhat negates the objectives of my move to fuji. The 60 is cheaper and more compact but only goes to 0.5x, the Zeiss betters that and is cheaper than the 80,  but at 50mm focal length, the working distance drops -ok for the negative copying, but not so good for bug hunting.   Extension is cheap, but lacks a little in magnification unless I risk stacking them, but on the 55-200 will give a good working distance.  And the final option is to adapt my old Tamron 90 (Nikon mount), but given that it is over 20 years old, maybe it doesn't match the resolution of the newer lenses.  


    I'll be sure to post some examples once I do make up my mind.

  17. I had a couple of hours free on Saturday morning, and took advantage to go for a walk and take some photographs.  Unfortunately it rained, limiting the opportunities, but being Melbourne, the weather changed...



    #1 - Wet Flower 



    #2 - Water Drops



    #3 - Bee



    #4 - Bird by Chris Crowe70, on Flickr



    #5 - Street 


    All shot with X-E3 and 55-200.  Reasonably happy with the combination for the close up shots, although I wouldn't mind getting closer.  I really need to make up my mind about how I'm going to get into the macro range with Fuji.  Adding some extension to this lens is a possibility.

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  18. Keeping cows still is quite an achievement, unless your objective is to move them!  On the small screen I’m currently looking on, the headless cow ( second from right in the main group) just looks like it is facing away and showing its backside.

  19. So many interesting bridges and wonderful pictures of them.  I like the night shots - summer is approaching here in Australia, so not too much night photography for me, but I'm sure you will be taking advantage of the winter nights and will show us more of you fantastic pictures.

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