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Lens Record Comments posted by crowecg

  1. First comments based on an hour or two with this lens.  

    • Similar feel to the18-55, including the unmarked aperture ring.
    • focus isn't the fastest, but seems to get there without hunting.
    • IS seems really Good - mnanaging to handhold down around 1/15 to 1/30 at 200mm.

    I'm using it on an X-E3, it's not too big and heavy, but I don't think I'd be wanting anything much bigger on it.  The lens sticks out below the bottom of the camera - if you set it down on the table, it rests on the lens, with the camera body up in the air.

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  2. A very compact lens which works well with the X-E3, which gives you a combo that can easily slip into a pocket.


    You have to drive the aperture from the camera body, which may not appeal to those who chose the Fuji system because of the traditional manual controls.

  3. I've been using it paired with a X-E3.  It is nicely sized for this combo.  Size feels similar to the Nikon 18-55 I used to use, but the Fuji feels heavier and better built.


    Image quality is more than good enough for what I can do.  The OIS is impressive - easily hand holding at 1/10 or 1/15 sec.


    Almost manageable for IR wide open, but visible hotspots develop quickly on stopping down. 

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