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  1. It's a problem in most lines of business - when there is a cheap alternative, people will go for it. They'll expect the same quality and often end up disappointed, but they will not like it if you say I told you so! I see this a lot in my real job and often end up having to pick up the pieces after someone as gone with the cheaper option.
  2. crowecg

    Ole J

    I ended up buying Nikon because the product names in USA and world wide were similar. I didn't have a clue about which Canon model I could read about on the internet was related to which model available in the local camera shop.
  3. crowecg


    That won't be a garbage bin. The robot (theodolite) will be set on a tripod at about eye level, so that would have to be a very large bin. Aside from shooting lasers, these things nowadays are often robotic and you can watch them spinning around tracking survey targets apparently on their own. P.S. I enjoy the "blind" shooting aspect of IR too.
  4. crowecg


    If you'd hung around you might have even caught some lasers shooting out of it. I think they are generally in the IR range.
  5. In the past, I've found that when people make positive comments on my photos, it is because I've done something different. Perhaps it is because I've used an SLR with a wider or longer lens than the compact camera they are used to. Sometimes it is because I've been bothered to haul a camera somewhere they haven't (up a mountain, even on a rockface ). IR is just another way for me to experiment with a view that is a little different to normal.
  6. I find wide is good in an urban landscape - I enjoyed using an 18-35 on film. However, long can be better in other environments - I once shot a whole 3 week trekking trip in Nepal on 70-210 zoom and wasn't disappointed (especially after having to sit through other peoples slide shows with the standard wide shot listing all the tiny little peaks surrounded by miles of sky).
  7. Price and size are closer to the 17-35 than the 18-35. I had been thinking it may be a replacement for my 18-35 but after seeing those details, I'm not so sure. Perhaps Nikon is trying to introduce a new mid-range line of lenses and what will come next is an even more expensive set of high end (constant f2.8 ) lenses.
  8. Thanks for the response, with the 18-55 I don't think there is a lot I can do beyond relying on the autofocus, which may well be a bit off. I'll have to try out some other lenses - I've a macro lens that has better manual focus, so I'll play with that.
  9. In which situations is focus shift an issue? Relying on autofocus with external filter? Relying on autofocus with internal filter? Focussing manually with live-view? Focusing manually through viewfinder (either with internal filter or before adding external filter)? Focussing manually by setting distance? I'm guessing the last two would need some focus adjustment. I usually shoot with an 18-55 zoom with an unmodified camera so tend to rely on the first option as the focus throw is so short and there is no focus scale. I do find that I'm sometimes disappointed with the sharpness, but I am often shooting handheld.
  10. Anyone had any experience with the current generation of flatbeds with backlit slide adapters? I'd started looking at things like the Epson V350 and then spotted a better deal with a Canon CS8800F. I believe the Canon has some sort of dust correction - Flare I think they call it, is that equivalent to ICE on Nikon slide scanners? I'll now go and wash my mouth out for using the C-word!!
  11. crowecg

    Hello from Melbourne

    While there is a crowd from Melbourne here, perhaps I can ask for some help. I'm after a location to get a shot of the CBD rising out of the surrounding generally low rise buildings. The best place I've found so far is from the top of Victoria Gardens shopping centre next to Ikea. Anyone get any better ideas? And don't make me jealous by saying you have a view like that from your window!
  12. First one is great. I think I'd like the second one with the lighting more dominant - perhaps closer in with a wider angle lens. I'd be interested to see the lighting from beneath the falls (obviously given the weather, I doubt anyone would have wanted to get wet - perhaps running the light across on a rope?) Third one, not sure about - the spot lighting is a bit insignificant to me.
  13. I find the idea of pressing a button in photoshop to get a painting looking photograph a bit corny, but a couple of times now I've got shots on film that have that soft, "painting" look to them. I once even got asked if I'd painted the picture myself, but had to admit that it was a photograph. I just wish I knew how to create such images repeatedly and "in Camera". I certainly agree with Bjorn about wanting to create the image with the camera and not spend time later post-processing to get the image I want. Actually, it might just be that I am too lazy to be able to recreate such images - I know that the first time I got that look I took the photo in the very early morning in the few minutes where it is light, but the sun has yet to rise above the horizon.
  14. crowecg

    Hello from Melbourne

    If you don't mind crossing the road, it is free parking on the other side - just need to watch carefully which spot you pick as it is a mix of 2P, 4P and resident permit.
  15. Another thing not to forget if you are visiting for the wine is that Australia is very strict on drink driving, the limit is lower than a lot of other countries and random breath testing is commonplace.
  16. Surprised you picked Adelaide and skipped Melbourne. Only reason I can think of for picking Adelaide over Melbourne is if you are really interested in geology.
  17. There is a bit of smoke from the fireworks in that shot - when it gets hazy, you can hardly see across the harbour in daylight!!! Shame really.
  18. Thanks for all the comments, I think I will give it a try. Is the last comment about an "aluminium reflector" significant? I suppose there is no point mounting the bulb in a fixture that fluoresces!
  19. I was in the local hardware shop the other day and they had some UV light bulbs - stuck in among the "party" bulbs. Would I get anywhere with one of them, an unmodified D50 and a normal zoom lens (probably an 18-55)? I guess it would need to be a close-up sort of set up so that the UV bulb dominates the lighting. Probably more interested in UV reflectance rather than luminescence. I've enjoyed experimenting at the IR end which is obviously a lot easier, simply screw a relatively cheap R72 onto the front of the lens! The UV end generally sounds a lot more expensive.
  20. I'll take one of those please!
  21. I see that the 17-35 and 18-35 are both still listed on Nimon websites and obviously from the film era, they would cover FX. I used to really enjoy my 18-35 when I shot film, but it just sits on the shelf now that I shoot DX - the 18-55 kit gets most of the work.
  22. Was it working with the R72? I get about 50% success with using the custom white balance on an unmodified D50 with the R72 filter.
  23. There probably have been products that have gone through the development phase but never made it to market - perhaps the MX rumors of the last couple of years. The engineers were probably "Yes, Yes, Yes", but the marketers said "No!" The overpricing of the D3x was probably a compromise to check the market at that sort of price point. As for me, what I'm waiting for is a D700Lite - FX sensor in a basic, lightweight body. I'm prepared to skip some of the more advanced features - 9 point AF is more than enough, just keep the AF motor.
  24. You do get some real water falls on the west side of the North Sea - these are close enough to a road to get regular tourist traffic (unless you don't want to pay then its about a 10 mile round trip).
  25. NIght shots of the harbour were always popular too, either from Kowloon waterfront or from the Peak, but it's often too hazy these days to get a good view.
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