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  1. It's a problem in most lines of business - when there is a cheap alternative, people will go for it. They'll expect the same quality and often end up disappointed, but they will not like it if you say I told you so! I see this a lot in my real job and often end up having to pick up the pieces after someone as gone with the cheaper option.
  2. crowecg

    Ole J

    I ended up buying Nikon because the product names in USA and world wide were similar. I didn't have a clue about which Canon model I could read about on the internet was related to which model available in the local camera shop.
  3. I find wide is good in an urban landscape - I enjoyed using an 18-35 on film. However, long can be better in other environments - I once shot a whole 3 week trekking trip in Nepal on 70-210 zoom and wasn't disappointed (especially after having to sit through other peoples slide shows with the standard wide shot listing all the tiny little peaks surrounded by miles of sky).
  4. Anyone had any experience with the current generation of flatbeds with backlit slide adapters? I'd started looking at things like the Epson V350 and then spotted a better deal with a Canon CS8800F. I believe the Canon has some sort of dust correction - Flare I think they call it, is that equivalent to ICE on Nikon slide scanners? I'll now go and wash my mouth out for using the C-word!!
  5. crowecg

    Hello from Melbourne

    While there is a crowd from Melbourne here, perhaps I can ask for some help. I'm after a location to get a shot of the CBD rising out of the surrounding generally low rise buildings. The best place I've found so far is from the top of Victoria Gardens shopping centre next to Ikea. Anyone get any better ideas? And don't make me jealous by saying you have a view like that from your window!
  6. First one is great. I think I'd like the second one with the lighting more dominant - perhaps closer in with a wider angle lens. I'd be interested to see the lighting from beneath the falls (obviously given the weather, I doubt anyone would have wanted to get wet - perhaps running the light across on a rope?) Third one, not sure about - the spot lighting is a bit insignificant to me.
  7. I find the idea of pressing a button in photoshop to get a painting looking photograph a bit corny, but a couple of times now I've got shots on film that have that soft, "painting" look to them. I once even got asked if I'd painted the picture myself, but had to admit that it was a photograph. I just wish I knew how to create such images repeatedly and "in Camera". I certainly agree with Bjorn about wanting to create the image with the camera and not spend time later post-processing to get the image I want. Actually, it might just be that I am too lazy to be able to recreate such images - I know that the first time I got that look I took the photo in the very early morning in the few minutes where it is light, but the sun has yet to rise above the horizon.
  8. crowecg

    Hello from Melbourne

    If you don't mind crossing the road, it is free parking on the other side - just need to watch carefully which spot you pick as it is a mix of 2P, 4P and resident permit.
  9. Another thing not to forget if you are visiting for the wine is that Australia is very strict on drink driving, the limit is lower than a lot of other countries and random breath testing is commonplace.
  10. Surprised you picked Adelaide and skipped Melbourne. Only reason I can think of for picking Adelaide over Melbourne is if you are really interested in geology.
  11. There is a bit of smoke from the fireworks in that shot - when it gets hazy, you can hardly see across the harbour in daylight!!! Shame really.
  12. You do get some real water falls on the west side of the North Sea - these are close enough to a road to get regular tourist traffic (unless you don't want to pay then its about a 10 mile round trip).
  13. NIght shots of the harbour were always popular too, either from Kowloon waterfront or from the Peak, but it's often too hazy these days to get a good view.
  14. If you have another night or two, head a bit further up the road and try the fruit and vegetable markets too. When I lived there I always found the light and colours of the fruit markets fascinating, but never really had the equipment to capture them.
  15. A bit of a cliche but.... Dirty old scan of a print!
  16. crowecg

    Namibia #2

    And a couple more:-
  17. crowecg

    Namibia #2

    Looking at Google Earth, there seems to be a bit more life in the old village recently! Again, it's an old scan, so apologies for various scanning artifacts and noise. Looking closely, it's probably a bit over-exposed too. This is in the Huab River valley, I spent best part of 10 weeks down there. It's not too far off the standard tourist circuit. This typically comprises:- Start Windhoek head west Swakopmund, Namib-Naukluft National Park and in particular to the see the dunes at Sossusvlei. There is also a famous ghost town out that way. Up the coast to Cape Cross (If you can get over the smell of the seal colony, the history is interesting - don't know if the original cross is still there, but it was dropped off by the early Portuguese explorers in the 16th century) Continue north to the Skeleton Coast - see a shipwreck or two Turn east through Damaraland, passing the end of the Huab valley Continue east to Etosha for a bit of wildlife and then back to Windhoek
  18. And guess what, there is a lot of BSD code hiding under all the bells and whistles of Mac OSX
  19. If you buy from the Apple Online store, a wired keyboard with numeric pad is a no cost option.
  20. crowecg

    Missing Images

    I see that there is now a comment at the bottom of the page about missing images. Now we know! Thanks.
  21. crowecg


    Next year's Namibia trip sounds like it will be fun, I had a great time when I was there about 10 years ago. The landscapes are amazing and there is plenty wildlife too - you just have to make sure you go out to see it before breakfast - it just disappears after that, don't know where it could go in such empty terrain, but it finds somewhere to hide! It's an old scan, I should really get round to getting a new scanner and re-doing it. A larger version can be found here or see it on Google Earth.
  22. crowecg

    Missing Images

    I think embedding images in the post rather than links to images on other servers is the change rather than the blocking of viewing embedded images.
  23. crowecg

    Missing Images

    Agreed - as it is you don't even get the little broken image symbol. There is no indication that there should be a picture there other than everyone else discussing it.
  24. crowecg

    Missing Images

    OK, makes sense now and only certain people can post attachments too? I suppose you have to do something like this if you want to avoid filling your pages up with advertising. It is a bit of a shame that I miss out on Bjorns images as I find them quite interesting.
  25. crowecg

    Missing Images

    There have been a few recent threads where I don't see the image, although other people can. This includes some of Bjorn's posts in the IR/UV forum, as an example. It isn't happening in all forums, at this stage, it seems a bit hit and miss to me which ones I see pictures in and which I don't. I've been trying using Safari and Opera browsers and the results are the same (obviously on a Mac). Anyone else got the same problems?
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