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  1. I'm surprised that more people haven't discovered this amazing little camera. You have done a great job of highlighting what it can do.
  2. like them! You inspire me. I'm looking forward to the end of daylight saving soon here in Australia and getting back into some night photography.
  3. In construction, I’m seeing a lot of traffic control companies employing women because they can be a lot less confrontational.
  4. Just found the original...
  5. Mine was probably a version of this.... the original use would have been a scan of the print and I used it as the home page image of my personal web page back in the late 1990's. This is a newer copy from the negative at much higher resolution 😎.
  6. No need to worry. It nice to see someone else enjoying this great little camera.
  7. Interesting timing on ‘not cute’ #1!
  8. Just took the Fuji X-E3 and 55-200 zoom for an outing at the weekend. First effort with this combination. Previously I was shooting with a Nikon D7000 and 70-300 zoom, so given both have the same physical sensor size, I'm down by 100mm focal length but do get more pixels. Didn't have any issues with the viewfinder - it was fast enough even if I wasn't. Focus was generally OK, although it didn't always seem to keep up with a 5FPS burst - there might be the odd frame in the sequence that missed focus. The main problems I had were probably done to me not setting the camera up right. Previously shooting with the Nikon my default shooting mode had been P, with occasionally S for situations like this. For the Fuji, I've generally been in M, which isn't really where you need to be in fast changing conditions. Additionally the day was hot, but variably overcast - sometimes the sun would break through but then disappear again. Even with just the 200mm lens, I was loosing shots due to heat haze. I was also missing shots due to the changing light and not adjusting settings fast enough. Despite having a nice easily accessible exposure compensation dial, I often forgot to use it and underexposed the planes a bit. One I'll blame someone else for was the sequencing of the aircraft - they tried to make a bit of a realistic scenario but that meant there would be fast jets, which I wanted to keep the shutter speed fast for then helicopters or prop driven planes that needed a slower shutter speed to get some blur of the props/blades. It was particularly frustrating to switch from the jets to the Chinooks, which needed a really slow shutter speed to get some blade blur (under 1/200 compared to the 1/1000 I was using for the jets). It did add some interest to the show, but added to the challenge of photographing it. Perhaps I'll create a seperate thread once I get round to processing all the images - I managed to shoot off over 600. 90% of that were out of one battery charge, with the battery topped up from a USB power bank towards the end.
  9. Only choice? I haven’t tried any of the f/2 primes although they are certainly tempting. I did get the 27 f/2.8 which makes a really compact setup and some zooms. I think my next addition will be to get some macro capabilities but I’m not sure how I’ll do that yet. The 60 looks tempting from the size perspective but doesn’t go 1:1. However the 80 looks too big and heavy (and expensive) in comparison. Then there is also the option of adapting my existing Tamron 90.🙄
  10. That’s why you need to switch to mirrorless!😈 Either the wider mount of the RF or Z models, or perhaps a little Olympus espresso glass.😀
  11. Look like you are finding this to be a fascinating little camera.
  12. You should create a whole article on this. It would be an interesting read
  13. crowecg


    A few from a recent trip to Sydney. Landmarks - all in one picture! & @ night View from small park further back - a nice little pocket of green and peacefulness among the city bustle. Through the blinds - as we sat down for dinner, the setting sun was visible through the blinds and created a nice painterly image. It was a bit of a challenging trip with quite a bit of disruption on the way up - my first flight was cancelled before I even set out to the airport, the replacement got as far as Canberra before circling for about 90 minutes then returning to Melbourne and after a bit of waiting again to get rebooked I got home around 11pm before the third flight at 7am on Saturday morning eventually got me there.
  14. Wonderful pictures of an amazing place. I have been to Nepal and that that was fascinating, but I've heard that Bhutan is even more so. It would be nice to see and hear more about your trip.
  15. crowecg


    And also in colour - Skyline 3 Skyline 2 Obviously the modern shot is a morning shot and the old ones are evening, so the lighting is very different, allowing much more detail in the buildings.
  16. crowecg


    This morning I found a bit of time and managed to get back to a location overlooking the Melbourne skyline to try and recreate some shots I took a little of 8 years ago. The comparisons are interesting both in the changes in the cityscape and in the cameras available to me. This was the original shot I wanted to recreate - a crop from a 6Mpixel image taken with a Nikon D50 and 18-55 Skyline 1 And the newer image - a slight crop of a 24Mpixel image taken with a Fuji X-E3 and 18-55. Skyline 2
  17. crowecg

    10 Years Of Safaris

    Your safaris always sound so interesting - I must get round to coming back to Africa at some point, perhaps once the kids are grown up😉.
  18. crowecg

    Saltis in frame

    You are lucky to have such a patient model. As my kids are growing, they are becoming more self conscious and camera shy.
  19. Aperture did the same - you would initially get the embedded JPG preview but then it would take you to a rather flat RAW which needed a bit of work just to match the JPG. At least I don't see that now with Capture 1 and the Fuji RAWs. (I'm only using the Fuji version at the moment, so can't comment on what it might do with Nikon RAW).
  20. I thought all the big events were over and done with but there has been a barrage of new products in the last few days - all mirrorless ! first a new Nikon Z Lens; a new Canon R body plus a slew of R mount lenses previewed and a new body and lens from Fuji. There was also a Panasonic announcement a week or two earlier.
  21. Good choice!😀 I’ve been shooting with an X-E3 for a few months now too. I’m quite impressed with it and the Fuji lenses.
  22. The new one is definitely better. With the original shot, I couldn’t decide whether it needed to be softer or sharper - it may just have been because of the size I was looking at, but it seemed to be stuck in the middle and would have been better either way.
  23. crowecg


    It almost looks like a composed scene from, as Dallas mentioned, an old painting. Surprising if you found it just like that. Shame the bicycle wasn't an older looking model.
  24. crowecg

    Tagline Grammar?

    After centuries of absorbing bits of various other languages, there are definitely some divergences now in English and perhaps in another century or two Americans will be able to lay claim to their own language which is completely different to British English.
  25. crowecg

    Australia Day

    Alan, the Tasmanian fires did get some mentions here in Melbourne, but as you say after six weeks, the news is now looking elsewhere even though the fires are still burning.
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