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  1. I would guess that when I first arrived just over 15 years ago, there would have been only a few exceeding the Cathedral spire. I'll have to revisit my photos and find some more old skylines. The building is Swanston Square on the old brewery site. The internet tells me the face is William Barrak, a significant Aboriginal figure from early Melbourne. These are the first few shots that I've bothered adding a little sharpening and clarity to since going Fuji. Normally, I haven't needed anything of the sort, but the lighting was a bit soft - only just after sunrise with an overcast sky. And Hugh, there is something about civil engineers! 😉
  2. If you are after heavy processing, be careful of relying on some of the cross platform benchmarks. Some of them don’t run long enough to thermally stress the processors. You will probably find that the fanless processors in the iPad will throttle back earlier than a laptop.
  3. Whilst scouting out the barracks (see here if you are wondering why), I thought I'd better get some other photos too, so as not to look too suspicious.😎 DSCF4353 This is Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance. For all the tall buildings visible from here, planning restrictions prevent towers from as much as casting a shadow across this view. DSCF4364 And closer. Then turning around .... DSCF4361 DSCF4367 Shot with Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8 or 55-200.
  4. crowecg


    Here we go... DSCF4325 1 Is that what you were thinking of or even lighter? My thought is that it isn't quite as strong an image, but I can understand that there is a large area of black in there too which may not appeal. Perhaps a tighter crop like the other picture is needed, but then I'd loose the cranes and I only had one lens with me and couldn't get them in from the other side of the river.
  5. Looks good. If you do go back for more, remember to watch out for the shadows - too early or too late and long converging shadows could give your game away.
  6. I think a lot of the iPad Pro features are now available on the lower cost iPads too nowadays. You can even use the first generation apple pencil. Unless you really need the screen size or the processing power, take a look at the rest of the range too. Unless, of course, come September, some of the new OS features are indeed restricted to the iPad Pro.
  7. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    I had a chance to walk past this morning and I don't think it will be possible anymore - there is an extra taller wing to the barracks that looks like it will block the view. I'd be standing on the road behind the righthand chimney on the Lindt picture. And from another angle, probably down below Lindt's right shoulder, assuming he used a similar posture to modern photographers.
  8. I’m with the don’t clone side, but I’m probably a bit too lazy and impatient to make a good job of it if I did want to do it.
  9. crowecg


    I did try it, but wasn't sure about it. As you've asked, I will give it another try.
  10. Perhaps this could be a challenge everyone could try - your hometown 100 years ago and now.
  11. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    They are both at the point where Studley Park Road crosses over Yarra Boulevard. The first of these two new shots is from the small hill between Studley Park Road and the entry ramp from Yarra Boulevard and the second shot is from where the crowd of people in the first shot are standing (at the opposite end of the bench to the shots that started the post). It is a zoomed in view of centre right of the big image right at the top. Google Map Link
  12. crowecg


    Having failed to capture some decent sunset pictures the other evening (as noted in the later entries to this post), I decided to go for sunrise instead. DSCF4322 DSCF4323 OK, I cheated a little bit - the white balance is set to 'daylight fluorescent', which makes it even more golden looking.
  13. Following Alan's challenge to recreate a historic view of Melbourne, I started searching the State Library's online photo archive to find a slightly easier one than blagging my way onto the roof of Victoria Barracks. This one caught my eye, as I walk through this scene each day when I walk back to the station from my office. The library catalogue suggests a date of 1870-1880 and looking at the smoke from the chimney of the Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, there must have been a fair breeze blowing that day. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out quite so easy. Whilst I reckon I could find the spot where the photo was taken from, the current view isn't quite as attractive.... DSCF4349. I did try a shot from in the other side of the bridge, but didn't have a wide enough lens and have had to put together a bit of a panorama instead. city But then a bit more library searching came up with this image... This is probably right in the middle of the intersection, but nearer in terms of angle to what I can access today. The library catalogue dates this between 1910 and 1914. The tram route now comes straight along out of the picture, but if I keep an eye on the traffic lights and take the wider lens with me, I might just get something close to this second image.
  14. crowecg


    Looks like an interesting site. Not sure I want it emailing me every week, but I've book marked it for future reference and picked a couple of articles to read now.
  15. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    After a day of broken, wisppy cloud and plenty of sunshine, I thought tonight might be a good night to get back and catch a sunset! However, about 45 minutes before sunset, the clouds coalesced into a solid blanket and left a bit of a disappointing evening. However, I wasn't the only one out photographing the view tonight. DSCF4289 DSCF4313 Oh, and whilst waiting, I calculated that the sun was actually going to cross the horizon 30 degrees to the north (right) of this view. I'll have to head back in early December to see it set behind the tower blocks.
  16. Namibia is defiantly on my revisit list too.
  17. Can you just stick with your current plan (less the phone payments) and keep using your 7plus?
  18. Occasionally they seem to realise that not everyone is going to buy an overpriced premium product. Their current iPad line seems to have got the message, but their iPhone line missed the boat when they dropped the SE. As for computers?🤪
  19. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    I think the chances of me talking my way onto that roof are pretty slim. I'm not sure the view in that direction would be much good either due to some nearby tall buildings. Perhaps an an easier project will be for me to browse the STate library photo collection to find a picture from an easier location.😀😀
  20. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    Alan, I was fascinated by the picture you posted and spent some time looking for other landmarks. I learnt a few things along the way - like St Patricks Cathedral took over 70 years to build! Here is the nearest I have to a similar view, from the roof of the Shrine of Remembrance as it is unlikely that I will ever get onto the roof of the barracks. The location of the old photo can just be made out behind a tree on the left side of the image (look for the flagpoles). Looking at the more recent view, probably most of the left half of the old picture would now be obscured by towers located where the foreground buildings are. The right side view will still extend across the river as that right (east) side of St Kilda Rd is all parkland, however, the view would be blocked by the buildings on the north side of Flinders St. This dates from 2011, so I'll have to have a day out to get an updated version.
  21. crowecg

    wet and windy

    Wet and windy here in Melbourne too! It looks good. Did you clone out out the support or mask the original background? Or is it just very well hidden?
  22. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    Unless I have an excuse to get out of town, the trip computer in the car usually lists my average speed as around 25km/h. Public transport isn't too bad where I am, but it is very much focused on getting into the CBD. I think think in my time here, the skyline has climbed from around 20-30 floors to 60-70 floors with some reaching 90 floors.
  23. crowecg

    Skyline by Night

    On an evening filled with family taxi duties, I'd just spent two hours to travel 20km and decided I needed to take a break from the traffic before heading home again... DSCF4278 There must be close to 20 tower cranes visible in this shot! This is a similar location to the earlier skyline photos and the first time I put the Fuji on a tripod. Used the phone app as a remote trigger, trying both the simple button mode and the more advanced live preview mode. And a bit closer.... DSCF4281 Unfortunately, there was a bit of a light haze, which shows up the light pollution and when trying to bring up some of the mid-tones, the sky lightens a lot.
  24. It seems to have cleared now. I'd better get back to posting pictures.
  25. I'm on Safari 12.1.1 which was probably part of the 14.5 update. You out might be right about a cache issue, as I can work around the problem by opening in a private window (although that comes with the issue of having to log in every time I visit). However I have tried clearing fotozones content from my cache & cookies, but that doesn't seem to solve it. If it was a cache further down the line, why would my phone and iPad be ok? Anyway, I'm also waiting for Flickr to finish their maintenance so I can get to my pictures.
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