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  1. crowecg

    September Daylilies

    I prefer the lighter version. If it was my picture, I would probably have considered using a flash to lighten the flowers, but then again, considering which kit I have with me, it may not always be an option.
  2. Thanks for the comments. It is quite possible that the focus did pick the branch rather than the bird, I'll try to remember to look more closely in the future. I've still got a lot of learning and experimenting to do with Capture One to work out how much I need to do - however, the Fuji 55-200 is certainly much sharper than the Nikon 70-300 I used previously.
  3. One question - have I overdone the sharpening on the lorikeet? After using the Fuji Express version of Capture one for a while, I finally moved onto the Fuji Pro version before the special offer ran out. The main things I see needing the paid version for is the ability to access multiple libraries ( you could work around this in the Express version by closing and reopening) and the ability to use te levels and curves controls on individual RGB colours, which I need for my ongoing negative scanning project.
  4. Finally spring is close and I've found some time to get out with a camera. Rainbow Lorikeet Long-billed Corella This probably should be here in the bird forum, but it was flying! Bee Off All taken with Fuji X-E3 and 55-200 lens.
  5. I don't know why, but for me, somewhere warm and tropical is always a colour vision. Black and white makes me think cold and windswept. If that tree was battling raging storm under a heavy clouded sky, I'd accept the black and white, but a sunny beach......😕. I guess it must be something about the places I experienced as I grew up. Do others see things the same way? appart from that, I do like the composition.
  6. The composition looks great, but I feel they should be in colour.
  7. crowecg

    Up in the Air

    And approaching Sydney this is one didn’t quite load at the time. It’s a bigger image file from the phone camera whereas the first was the smaller file from a wireless transfer of a camera .
  8. crowecg

    Up in the Air

    Given the recent air show photos, here is something from the other point of view. not only that but taking advantage of the inflight wifi to post whilst still up in the air!
  9. That's in pretty good nick for both a Landrover and a Bond car. Consider the mess he made of the Aston Martin DBS V12 in the opening sequence of Quantum of Solace ( which also involved wrecking another Landrover). Fix the windscreen and the headlight glass and this one will probably pass its MOT ( U.K. Annual roadworthiness check).
  10. crowecg

    Brecon Jazz

    What a set up! That lens would dwarf the camera.
  11. I've always wondered what that lens is like, going beyond 1x. Working at 2x will certainly be a challenge, with that almost non-existent working distance and I'd guess there will be very little depth of field by then too.
  12. #6 looks like a scary version of Mt Rushmore, with stacks of skulls.
  13. A photo from Namibia (although not one of Dallas' safaris) to get things back on topic...👨‍🎓 A scan of old film, desaturated to hide some of the horrible colour casts from that batch of developing.
  14. If he’d managed his taxes better and didn’t dump his US citizenship, he could have been tempted with a nice detached house rather than a dingy London terrace.
  15. crowecg


    With regard to my 50fps slide show, so far I’ve just uploaded the ‘out of camera’ footage. I’ve probably got enough clips to put together a bit of a story, but I think with video, I’m even more concerned about creating a cliched and amateur look. Editing tools are not a technical limitation, but avoiding the gimmicky options available such as inappropriate or tacky transitions is. The other challenge is soundtrack. In the past when I was sharing DVDs of my videos with a few family members, you could get away with ‘borrowing’ commercial music, things like splicing clips of the kids learning to ride to Queen playing ‘Bicycle Race’. I’m not sure what sort of music skiing fits to at the moment even before searching for free sound loops.
  16. crowecg


    Perhaps I would be better describing it as 50fps burst mode.😉
  17. crowecg


    I've added some more video here. I haven't really played with video for a long time. I put together a few home movies of the kids when they where small and video cameras ran tapes! I think I need a few upgrades if I'm going to play with it again, both in terms of storage and the speed of my internet connection. Upload of the longer video ( approx 15 min) took a few hours and that was only 720p. I'd hate to try uploading 4K video.
  18. crowecg

    The Mosel at Cochem

    I’ll join you on the beers 🍺
  19. I like that statement. Photography is my attempt to bring colour and stop my life being too grey, even if it is only tacking a shot or two on my way to or from work.
  20. crowecg


    Also having a bit of a play with video. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/EfBV0s_fZr0" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> https://youtu.be/EfBV0s_fZr0 shot on a GoPro attached with to a chest harness. (full size is 720p)
  21. crowecg


    Melbourne has had some cold spells and even got a good dump of snow just before the ski resorts were due to open, but come opening weekend, it rained and washed all the snow away. As a result we took the opportunity to explore a little further afield. Thanks to everyone else who has looked or commented. Akira, you'll be happy to know the X-E3 performed well in the cold.
  22. Following on from my earlier historic Melbourne post, a few blocks further east, another interesting corner. FS0 4 Swanston Street looking north. Most people shoot this corner looking towards the station in the southwestern corner of the intersection, but I think this direction is quite an interesting choice. Another interesting thing is that both of Melbourne's cathedrals were completed without spires, which were later added in the 1920's or '30's. Looking back at the picture Alan posted that started this idea in this thread, the tall towers/spires are Town Hall (left of centre), Scots Church (tallest, in centre) and St Michael's Uniting Church (second tallest, slightly right of centre). I'm not sure about the other 3-4 towers visible in that shot, but they don't seem to be current churches. ,
  23. I had another visit to the corner to try and recreate the second of the historic shots. FS0 1 - this was about it position wise, but the cars probably spoil it a bit. As I was stood in the middle of the road, I couldn't hang around too long. FS0 - from the traffic island where I could loiter safely, a little bit cleaner. I did think it was a but cliched to process them in B&W or sepia, but I think they are a bit less cluttered than the colour version. FS0 2 - colour. However, returning on my way home after it got dark, colour didn't seem so bad. FS0 3 - colour after dark.
  24. I believe there was a period in racing when they would just polish up the bare metal - saves a few lbs/kg in weight.
  25. Following my earlier snowy post, here are a few more shots from the same trip, but lower down the mountains. Remarkables - the snow shots were taken behind the ridge in the centre of the picture, with Queenstown down below in the foreground. Looking west, somewhere beyond the mountains and across the ocean is home! Steamer on the lake, the mountains of pic #1 in the background. Sunset over the lake. Slipped the camera in my pocket on the way out for dinner and managed to grab this shot. I nearly didn't bother taking the camera with me, which would have been a shame. All taken with Fuji X-E3, first three using 18-55 and the last using 27 f/2.8.
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