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  1. crowecg

    Tagline Grammar?

    After centuries of absorbing bits of various other languages, there are definitely some divergences now in English and perhaps in another century or two Americans will be able to lay claim to their own language which is completely different to British English.
  2. crowecg

    Australia Day

    Alan, the Tasmanian fires did get some mentions here in Melbourne, but as you say after six weeks, the news is now looking elsewhere even though the fires are still burning.
  3. The new Mac mini can run three screens - daisy chain two off the USB-c like you already do and add the third to the hdmi port.
  4. crowecg

    Tagline Grammar?

    Meanwhile in Germany, young people are foregoing the capitalisation of their nouns!
  5. nice to see these beautiful scenes with skies so free from pollution - both light and dust!
  6. crowecg

    More Sea Birds

    Gulls are relatively easy birds to shoot - they are fairly big and generally quite habituated to human.
  7. crowecg

    Australia Day

    Another day of cloys to 40C, with a number of bushfires burning in the surrounding countryside. Interestingly at the other end of the country, Townsville is in the middle of a couple of weeks of torrential rain.
  8. crowecg

    More Sea Birds

    On a recent Australia Day outing, I had a chance to give the Fuji 55-200 a bit of a workout with the various sea birds along the beach. Hooded Plovers which often result in sand dunes along our coast being off limits due to their ground level nesting. Pacific Gull - these are big, and whilst I have cropped this a bit, the wingtips just dip out of the frame - the following frame with the wings in the upper position had the tips just out of the top too! Silver Gulls these are the most common along our coast and seemed to have found something interesting in the top of the bush as they were frequently gliding in, landing and then taking off again. Silver Gulls x2
  9. crowecg

    Australia Day

    The Australia Day public holiday marks the end of the summer holiday period here in Australia, with people heading back to work and kids back to school. We took advantage of the long weekend to have few days out - one to the hills and the other to the coast. The trip to the hills involved some cycling along the Warburton Rail Trail - around 40km of disused railway line no used for cycling, walking and horse riding (We didn't do it all). Cycling We also took a drive up to the summit of Mount Donna Buang and a brief walk around the rain forest tree top trail. Rain Forest The coast trip involved a bit of time on the beach at Flinders and some stops along towards Cape Schank. Cape Schank Cape Schank Lighthouse Waves Lone Tree - Whilst sitting on the beach, this lone tree on a distant headland attracted my attention. Unfortunately by the time I realised the shot I wanted, the tide was coming in and I couldn't get close enough, even at 200mm, so I've had to crop. Lone Tree B&W A B&W version also appealed to me, although it is a bit hazy. Perhaps an excuse for a return visit. Camera: Fuji X-E3, Lenses: 27 f/2.8, 18-55 and 55-200.
  10. crowecg

    Tagline Grammar?

    And it's also breaking the possessive apostrophe rule.
  11. crowecg

    Spouting Rhubarb

    Rhubarb crumble? Yes please, and don't forget the custard.
  12. You can sort of see where they are trying to go with this - to address the m4/3 isn't a pro system crowd, but then a lot of such people are stuck with the view that a pro system needs to be 35mm frame and have a mirror. Adding the grip won't be enough to satisfy them.
  13. crowecg

    Tagline Grammar?

    Just when you think you have got the hang of it, you get "it's" and "its" ( if the autocorrect will let you🙄)
  14. I’ve recently got this lens too and have been shooting a few bird shots too. As it’s still summer here in Australia, they are mostly sea birds at the beach. I’m quite happy with the performance. I’ve lost a bit of length at the long end compared to the Nikon 70-300 I had previously, but the Fuji is much sharper so I don’t need to do as much work processing the pictures. i will have to get around to making my back yard a bit more bird friendly. Are you your shooting with a body that allows remote shooting? Perhaps set the camera close to the feeder then retreat to trigger the camera remotely.
  15. Perhaps some of the slow down is due to the increasing maturity of the camera market. The developments in new cameras are increasingly smaller and smaller changes. I think many of us are now satisfied with the cameras we already have and aren’t chasing after some new features or more megapixels. As such, images and techniques are probably of more interest, but I suspect they will never generate the excitement of new toys.
  16. the Uploader is allowing recognising TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, GIF but not RAW as far a I can tell (Fuji .RAF or Nikon .NEF).
  17. It it was a little warm today - missed the worst of it while I was at work. I saw one review site comparing the size against the Fuji GFX50R! It looks like you can go medium format in a smaller lighter body!😁
  18. Lens and flash announcements too. The 150-400 sounds like a safari monster!
  19. Multi- shot 3D imaging? And given that depth mapping is already a feature in iPhones, it will probably appear there first. With 3D data separating the backgrounds becomes much easier.
  20. Formal announcements seem to be landing for this, although quite a lot has already been leaked. A lot of multi-image type functions such as super hires mode, focus stacking and live ND, they sound quite interesting. shooting speeds sound like they have caught up with the now defunct Nikon 1 series. big, ugly body with grip. unfortunatly I'm not looking for something new at the moment.
  21. crowecg

    Big Bash

    I thought it was an interesting scene, but I wasn't able to stop long to make sure I got the best shot without risking getting trampled by the crowd. I've walked past it very often and tried a few different shots of it. I was sure I had posted it here before but the only one I can find is actually just the shadow pattern on the footpath. Only the English could come up with a game that in the traditional form requires five days of good weather in a country that can only rarely stretch to three days of good weather in a row. Thanks to you all for looking and commenting. Given how much I seem to like shooting at night, I really should plan on going out on an evening just to do that rather than grabbing a few shots while I am out.
  22. These days it can be more of a case of things can never be disassembled and serviced at all, by anyone. I've been very lucky then, as I've ran most of my cameras beyond 5 years.😀 I've not took the risk of buying second hand, but agree with not rushing out as soon as things are announced.
  23. crowecg

    Big Bash

    Last night we took a trip to the cricket. As I didn't take a big bag of gear, the game itself wasn't much of a photo opportunity. Export-0 The journey home provided more photo opportunities. Exit Stair case leaving the stadium Footbridge (I think I may have shot this one before - can't remember if it was day or night). Monague St Flyover - I've definitely shot several around here, but this might be a new angle! All shot Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8
  24. crowecg


    There was an interesting post that fits into this discussion at TOP. https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2019/01/the-biggest-flaw-i-see-in-other-photographers-pictures.html
  25. I've been giving this some thought too as I am hovering around 900 images. I could perhaps just clear out some older ones to keep under 1000 or move over and make better use of it as an online image backup. As you say, it is quite a reasonable price for cloud storage.
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