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  1. crowecg

    Rainy Day Walk

    I had a couple of hours free on Saturday morning, and took advantage to go for a walk and take some photographs. Unfortunately it rained, limiting the opportunities, but being Melbourne, the weather changed... #1 - Wet Flower #2 - Water Drops #3 - Bee #4 - Bird by Chris Crowe70, on Flickr #5 - Street All shot with X-E3 and 55-200. Reasonably happy with the combination for the close up shots, although I wouldn't mind getting closer. I really need to make up my mind about how I'm going to get into the macro range with Fuji. Adding some extension to this lens is a possibility.
  2. etched glass? Thats a little bit different to the usual stained glass.
  3. crowecg

    Flying high

    A composite? Looks good!
  4. Keeping cows still is quite an achievement, unless your objective is to move them! On the small screen I’m currently looking on, the headless cow ( second from right in the main group) just looks like it is facing away and showing its backside.
  5. So many interesting bridges and wonderful pictures of them. I like the night shots - summer is approaching here in Australia, so not too much night photography for me, but I'm sure you will be taking advantage of the winter nights and will show us more of you fantastic pictures.
  6. Having learnt a little bit of classical guitar as a child, I'm not too scared by the idea of what the right hand is up to, but I'd never manage the left hand. Still some one good playing.
  7. Need to view big to get the most of it. Perhaps try with a graduated ND filter (but upside down from typical daytime use) to bring out the stars more.
  8. crowecg

    OS Catalina

    I gave it a try yesterday. It gave a clear warning at the start of the process about which 32bit apps were not going to work. I haven’t given the computer a good work out to see if there are any other bugs which might affect me. I don’t have a lot of peripherals attached to my system - I know such things are often a source of problems for others if new drivers are required.
  9. crowecg

    OS Catalina

    If you get to the bottom of the page: Are all of these problems common? No, these are not commonly encountered issues with MacOS Catalina. Perhaps the most common issue that may be experienced by users with MacOS Catalina is that some older apps will not work, because of the loss of 32-bit app support. The other issues discussed here are fairly rare. Mind, I just had one of my kids asking "should I install this update?" five minutes before bed time on a laptop that they need for school in the morning!😱 THey got a definite "NO!"
  10. crowecg

    OS Catalina

  11. crowecg

    OS Catalina

    Hopefully later this week. I’ve spent the past few weeks preparing for it ( finally extracting the last of my Aperture libraries ). the Apple reference is to an island off the coast of California. Not the plane unfortunately, which are fascinating. I must get round to visiting Australia’s secret flying boat maintenance depot!
  12. crowecg

    How about a selfie

    I suppose that is one thing phone cameras can do better than a large sensor camera - trying to get DoF from arms length to infinity.
  13. Another area where I see technology for technologies sake rather than being an actual benefit is touch screens in cars. They usually end up needing to be positioned away from your line of sight out of the car, aren't well shaded from the sun and quickly get covered in dirty fingerprints. Dedicated buttons that can be found and operated by touch alone are a much better option.
  14. This might be something that interests you. Reading into the details, it sounds like you are not alone. https://www.macrumors.com/2019/10/03/kuo-iphone-se-2-early-2020/
  15. Mostly dodgy real estate rather than dodgy photos. People do some stupid things with their houses. But then again, you also want your house to be where you live and are happy with, not just keeping it 'just right' for photos in case you need to sell it.
  16. Some interesting thoughts - not the Landrover approved walk through, just one persons opinion. It may be a while before he gets his hands on one given his comments, but I think I agree with his idea that a basic model would have a market with old defender owners rather than the SUV crowd that's will buy the bells and whistles models.
  17. The 11 must have made huge improvements in image quality to be able to impress you. From my experience with older iPhones, I'd have thought you would be disappointed with the noise reduction and its interference with the fine details of the image. One thing to be careful of is that iPhones have tended to limit your ability to zoom into an image to the level where these defects become visible. Once you get them onto your computer on the other hand......
  18. Very interesting. I think I prefer the older style, more contrasty look of the newer pair of pictures, but that may just be due to the limitations of the little screen I'm viewing on.
  19. Some very nice cars! And some very nice photographs of them!
  20. I have have done a bit more reading and it seems some top end hardware is now capable of 10-bit per colour channel. A bit more tries to simulate a 10-bit colour depth using dithering on 8- bit panels. I also now recall in the early days of consumer LCD at the turn of the century, hardware could be as little as 6-bit! i do prefer the hardware definition of HDR, ie a greater bit depth. I've never been a fan of photo HDR ie compressing a greater brightness range into the limited reproduction range. I was playing with a photo I took at the weekend of bright white clouds above a lake and field - the RAW file had enough data to get bother the cloud said and the foreground properly exposed, but doing that ended up with that artificial HDR look. It was intended as a upgrade to JPEG and is capable of greater colour depth, but has never received anything near the universal support of the old eight bit JPEG. One list I found says that Apple supports it, also Capture One, but Adobe is a bit mixed, Photoshop does, but Lightroom doesn't. It I see also a bit of hit and miss with web browsers.
  21. Please don't stop posting your photographs - there is so much to see and learn from them, even within the restrictions of LCD screens. This is probably a question for Dallas, Given that HDR is a current buss-word among screen manufacturers ( both phone and TVs) is there any movement towards supporting greater dynamic range on websites? Or are the screen manufacturers still playing catch up to the 8-bit per channel that we've been stuck with for years. Does Fotozones software support jpeg2000 even if not all browsers do? Perhaps that could be a specialist channel for those that appreciate and have a suitable screen/browser. However, please don't call it an HDR channel as many people overdo it as a processing technique and end up with a wired look.
  22. Even slide? If I do ever get round to shooting film, I'd probably go for Fuji Velvia. If anyone ever tried a serious b&w digital (I know Leica have tried it), I bet they'd still include JPEG. I'm surprised no image format has challenged JPEG even the updated JPEG2000.
  23. I think I still have a camera in the back of a draw where the propect of shooting behind ISO800 was unacceptable. My current camera tops out at 51200 - it can see things in the darkness than I can't! Back in film days, the camera would be put away at dusk or else needed a bulky flash or heavy tripod. Nowadays I quite enjoy handheld shooting at night.
  24. That definitely looks better than the inside of a 35mm system (at least the ones I’ve seen) in regard to places to scratch the film. And of course the backing paper gives a 50% reduction in scratching possibility compared to 35mm. Perhaps not such a bad idea after all. now to find some cameras, choose which films to use ( a mix of colour and b&w I suppose) and pick an itinerary (plus get approved by the financial controller).😀
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