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    Hugh, I digitised them with a camera. It was a pretty basic setup, using an iPad as the light source. I think I posted pictures of it once before - I’ll see if I can find them again. As for your travels, I think you are lucky if you are able to stay. The prospect of paying $2800 to be locked up for two weeks before being released into lock down certainly isn’t appealing. It might not be too bad if there were significantly less restrictions at the end of it, but it will be a while before that is the case here in Melbourne. Edit: my set up is described here it is very ‘Heath-Robinson’ compared to Alan’s set up
  2. crowecg


    I will certainly give that a try, but it is only 35mm film, so it is never going to have the wonderful detail of your larger formats. Now I’ve done a first pass, I may try revisiting some images at greater magnification - perhaps stitching together a couple of shots for each film frame.
  3. crowecg


    Anthony, Dallas, thank you both for commenting. I’m glad you both like one, either soft or contrasts. The basic conversion sat somewhere between the two. My challenge with the edit is trying to make the castle more dominant with the bridge just adding to the composition. Obviously I can’t change the lighting, if I ever get the chance I would consider trying different times of day, although that is just not possible at the moment (Except for special advisor to the prime minister).
  4. crowecg


    Finally got to the end of my digitising of my old film - I think it has been an on and off project for nearly five years. Over 3000 images, so I'm guessing about 100 rolls. Anyway, here's an image from the final batch. I can't decide which edit to go for - something I didn't have to worry about with the original film image, but now they are digital.... So, do I go softer to capture the cold misty winter morning from when it was taken? Durham 1 Or a more contrasty image to suit the castle Durham 2 Now what next? Still lots of work processing them to a suitable standard, then perhaps revisiting some that I like to make sure I captured them properly - it can be hard working out if the missed focus was in the original film image or in the duplicating process. Or perhaps trying to get more resolution - after cropping the edge of the negative carrier, they are currently around 10MPixels.
  5. crowecg

    Aracaju yesterday

    Nice to see the wonderful colours of your area. An interesting composition, although the foreground shadows are a bit distracting, however, I’m guessing you are relying on them to hide you’re own shadow. We often make fun of them, but perhaps a job for a selfie stick, as you say this was taken on your phone.
  6. Not sure if I missed the build up as I don’t normally follow Olympus news too closely, but got an email today announcing a new OM-D 10 mk4 and 100-400 zoom.
  7. I’ve been watching the Nikon mirrorless as I previously shot with Nikon DSLR, and despite some reduction in body size, the Z lenses all look huge, even for wide to normal primes. Daniel, I’m surprised you ditched your Fuji system. I’m guessing there isn’t much size difference. I know Dallas would be reluctant to try Fuji given his reliance on Lightroom.
  8. Looking forward to hearing more about it when it arrives.
  9. crowecg

    Flat Lay Experiments

    Hopefully the work turns up for you to put that setup to good use. only one of those cds in my collection.
  10. crowecg

    An odd building

    'Do you get rocks sat on top of pillars in that area? There does look like there are teeth marks from an excavator bucket in various places so it may be a manufactured situation, perhaps an art installation?
  11. Fix up some sort of negative holder and you'll rattle through resampling your old negatives set up on there - it should keep the distance fixed and everything square. Jumping back to the announcements - I think the interesting features are the small details. It seems the Z5 has finally gone for USB-C with PD meaning it can run off a USB power bank. That will be a lot easier than needing a bag of extra batteries (and the power bank can keep you phone charged too).
  12. Seems strange that there have been a couple of major gear announcements in the past couple of weeks with barely a mention here. I guess other things are making new gear seem pretty insignificant at the moment. I guess the mirrorless market is starting to mature and people are pretty satisfied with what they already have. So from Nikon today: Z5, looks like the sensor from the Z6 in the same body as the APS-C sensored Z50; new kit lens for above; couple of TCs. And Canon a week or so back: two higher end bodies a few lenses, including some very long very slow , but fairly cheap, telephotos. (I’ve never really got into Canon as even when I bought my first SLR over 20 years ago, I could never make sense of there naming patterns). Personally, I’m waiting to see what new lenses Fuji has lined up - there are rumours of up to 4 by the end of the year. Two totally new (One being the 50 f/1 and the other rumoured to be a 70-300) and two mkII (one unknown and the other rumoured to be the 27 mkII). I’ve already got the original 27 and I’m not sure what they could add to a mkII to tempt me. The 70-300 could be tempting, but size and price will be important. The unknown mkII I’m hoping is the 60 macro finally going to 1:1. If not, I am a bit tempted by the Laowa 65 macro, but there doesn’t seem to be any local stock and whilst Laowa do have an Australian website, I suspect they’ll ship from Hong Kong and who knows how long delivery will take at the moment.
  13. Looks wonderful. I’m looking forward to the virtual feast you will be delivering us.
  14. Got spammed by Flickr the other day about a competition they are running - usual thing enter the competition and they get a licence to use your picture for their marketing, etc. The theme was "Shine a light". This is a picture I took recently that seems to suit both that theme and the current state of the world. Let the light shine in I think we are very much in a time when we are shut out from the light we previously enjoyed. Perhaps anyone else could add some more pictures on a similar theme. Perhaps we can have a few minutes of thinking of light rather than darkness.
  15. Amazing shots, and so lucky they come up to your porch - you could almost mistake them for domestic cats playing on the steps.
  16. I don’t think they’ll disappear completely should this deal go ahead. There will certainly be a retreat from certain markets and if you live in one of those markets, you’ll be stuck with the hassle of a private import or the second hand market. There will also be the risk that if they are focusing on a particular niche market, that any future products will focus on the needs of that niche and may differ from the needs of the broader market - a gross simplification, but an example might be they drop the OM-D line and just focus on the PEN line, or perhaps the other way around.
  17. That would be wide even for an interchangeable lens camera, and most would probably also show that curvature at the edges.
  18. crowecg

    Light Trails

    fuji XF 27 f/2.8 on the X-E3, so no stabilisation. Maybe next time I should take a tripod.
  19. crowecg

    Light Trails

    I was just holding the camera steady against the top of a wall, but there doesn’t seem to have been any sign of movement in the rest of the image. I would have thought there would be a bit of a bump in the middle of the picture where tram tracks come out of the side street, but it seems to be more widespread.
  20. I guess the last one was shot with the ultra-wide option - there seems to be a bit of distortion around the edges. What is the equivalent field of view? You've certainly done a good job of catching those clouds.
  21. crowecg

    Light Trails

    Also on my trip to the supermarket, I took a detour to the rooftop car park and tried grabbing a few shots of the light trails from the passing traffic. night 3 I think the location may be a bit too brightly lit and I was probably a bit late in the evening, as the traffic wasn't too heavy. Another variation got some nicer light stars from the street lights. night 4 I had tried this once before, when I lived in Hong Kong. Light Trails That was shot on film and was the view from my apartment's kitchen window, so I remember sitting there for some time counting the traffic light sequence to work out when I would get the most cars, for a single attempt. The more recent ones on digital from a damp car park were more of a shoot and pray. There are another couple of locations that I am thinking of trying for this sort of shot, so if the weather and time permit, I will get out to try them.
  22. crowecg

    Another Night Walk

    I've been making a habit recently of taking a walk over to the supermarket one evening a week. I have kept thinking that I should take my camera with me - last week I finally did, although I nearly didn't has it had been raining, but then the wet footpath has a nice reflection at night. night 5 An interesting reflection in the window - I haven't tried pulling up the shadows enough to see if I can be seen reflecting too. night 2 And a couple more abstract images - I can't decide which I prefer. The general composition of the diagonal one, I like, but perhaps the tree branch spoils it. Unfortunaltey, I only had one fixed lens with me, so I couldn't move forward under the tree and zoom out further. The square on one avoids the clutter of the branch, but just desert have the enigmatic look of the diagonal. night night 1
  23. crowecg

    Dawn at Joshua Tree

    And airport car parks! 😀 There was a spell a few years ago when I was flying down to Hobart for day or two every week. There was one day I got back into Melbourne, took the bus to the long term car park and then just couldn’t remember where I had parked. What made it worse was I could find the spot I had parked in the week before and the week before that. After that I started writing the location on my car park ticket.
  24. crowecg

    Dawn at Joshua Tree

    I’ve done the same, stashing my backpack behind a rock for safety and then struggled to find that safe rock.
  25. I think I would agree with the analysis of this from Thom Hogan, in which he suggests that Olympus will not disappear as a camera brand, but that they may retreat from some less profitable markets - perhaps even to the extent of an Asia only brand.
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