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    Big Bash

    Last night we took a trip to the cricket. As I didn't take a big bag of gear, the game itself wasn't much of a photo opportunity. Export-0 The journey home provided more photo opportunities. Exit Stair case leaving the stadium Footbridge (I think I may have shot this one before - can't remember if it was day or night). Monague St Flyover - I've definitely shot several around here, but this might be a new angle! All shot Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8
  2. crowecg

    Big Bash

    I thought it was an interesting scene, but I wasn't able to stop long to make sure I got the best shot without risking getting trampled by the crowd. I've walked past it very often and tried a few different shots of it. I was sure I had posted it here before but the only one I can find is actually just the shadow pattern on the footpath. Only the English could come up with a game that in the traditional form requires five days of good weather in a country that can only rarely stretch to three days of good weather in a row. Thanks to you all for looking and commenting. Given how much I seem to like shooting at night, I really should plan on going out on an evening just to do that rather than grabbing a few shots while I am out.
  3. These days it can be more of a case of things can never be disassembled and serviced at all, by anyone. I've been very lucky then, as I've ran most of my cameras beyond 5 years.😀 I've not took the risk of buying second hand, but agree with not rushing out as soon as things are announced.
  4. crowecg


    There was an interesting post that fits into this discussion at TOP. https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2019/01/the-biggest-flaw-i-see-in-other-photographers-pictures.html
  5. crowecg

    I'm Going With Flickr Pro

    I've been giving this some thought too as I am hovering around 900 images. I could perhaps just clear out some older ones to keep under 1000 or move over and make better use of it as an online image backup. As you say, it is quite a reasonable price for cloud storage.
  6. crowecg

    Under The Dome

    You are certainly getting your eye in for architectural photos.
  7. crowecg


    Whilst rocks fascinate me, I find them really hard to work well as a photograph. I think they are the one form of landscape where I find a figure is worth including.
  8. crowecg

    Sure seems real quiet around here?

    Lost in the woods?
  9. crowecg

    Pelicans & Gulls - Gippsland

    Pelicans are a common occurrence along the Gippsland Coast #1 - Lone Pelican Pelican Couple #3 - Incoming #4 - Landing #5 - Formation Some Gulls from the same trip can be seen here
  10. crowecg

    Pelicans & Gulls - Gippsland

    I think I've been slowing down a little bit and generally shooting in a more manual mode making use of the various knobs and dials. The rest of it must be down to Fuji. They call them thongs here in Australia. It can lead to a little confusion at times when discussing beach wear☺️
  11. crowecg


    Over the holiday period we had a few days away. We stayed at Port Albert, a small village which was once one of the colony of Victoria's busiest ports! First stop on the way down was at Agnes Falls Agnes Falls Looked quite nice, but access was only to the top of the falls. Another trip was to 90 Mile Beach. 90 Mile Beach This extends from just east of Port Albert all the way to Lakes Entrance - ironically, the opening of the channel at Lakes Entrance was one of the factors in the demise of Port Albert. On our return trip, we spent a day at Wilson's Promontory. Picnic Beach - Wilsons Promontory We walked along a series of such beaches - I could have kept going even further, but didn't have enough gear with me.
  12. crowecg


    Looking at them in a few different screns, I think you are probably right - I've probably been a bit too focused on avoiding blown highlights.
  13. crowecg

    More "Dancing"

    Nice to hear that you are experiencing some revival in interest in traditional culture when so much of the world is drifting towards a homogeneous (non-)culture. Also good that you are documenting it.
  14. crowecg

    Author Unknown

    Being in the right location is a big help in getting the shot. Looks good. Never tried parachuting, but did have a spell interested in rock climbing, so the height shouldn't be a problem.
  15. crowecg

    The New York Times Called...

    Looks good. Hopefully brings you more high end work.
  16. crowecg

    Red Back

    I was doing a bit of work in the garden this afternoon and moved a couple of old empty plant pots. Inside I found this red back spider. Not quite up to Alan's standards shooting hand held stacks, but Red Backs are an Australian icon. The first image was from my phone, so has that over-sharpened look. Redback_1 (iPhone) It was quite active inspecting it's web after I first disturbed it, but when I returned later with a proper camera, it was settled and didn't want to move much at all, so I was a bit constrained in the angles I could get. Redback_2 (Nikon D7000, Tamron SP90) Looking closely, the spider seems to be a leg short!
  17. crowecg

    Food chain

    Perhaps there are some other chicks elsewhere who are benefiting from this.
  18. crowecg

    A bit of a fire yesterday

    Glad to hear you are safe. My son was watching the cricket in Hobart on TV and the sunset looked very colourful.
  19. crowecg

    Gulls - Gippsland

    Some gulls from a recent trip to Port Albert in Gippsland. Gulls in Line Pacific Gull - Adult & Juvenile Pacific Gull - Juvenile Pelicans from the same trip can be seen here
  20. crowecg

    French Car Festivals

    A few pictures from the French Car Festival today. Obviously 2CV's are a big feature. Voiture20 Together with Citreon DS Voiture21 And a little less common, some old Peugeots. Voiture22 The standout is probably this Delage Devaux Spyder. (It's not old and not French - my mistake) Voiture23 And some old & new - Alpines. The new must be one of the first to hit these shores. Voiture24 Voiture25
  21. crowecg

    Welcome To 2019!

    Dallas, you'll like this one... https://dilbert.com/strip/2019-01-01
  22. crowecg


    A couple of shots of tonight's sunset. Port Albert, looking towards Wilsons Promontory. Fuji X-E3 with 18-55
  23. crowecg


    I'm home now and having a bit of a play with them on the computer, but still can't lighten up the foreground without washing out the colour in the sky. Probably needs some masks applying, but I haven't got round to learning how to do that yet.
  24. crowecg

    55-200mm f/3.5-4.8R LM OIS

    First comments based on an hour or two with this lens. Similar feel to the18-55, including the unmarked aperture ring. focus isn't the fastest, but seems to get there without hunting. IS seems really Good - mnanaging to handhold down around 1/15 to 1/30 at 200mm. I'm using it on an X-E3, it's not too big and heavy, but I don't think I'd be wanting anything much bigger on it. The lens sticks out below the bottom of the camera - if you set it down on the table, it rests on the lens, with the camera body up in the air.
  25. crowecg

    Christmas Eve - Aussie style

    We had a few hours to spare this afternoon and the sun was shining, so we took a trip to the beach. It seems we weren't the only ones who thought this is a good way to prepare for Christmas. Beach #1 Beach #2 Actually, this was quite a quiet day - Mornington, which is about an hours drive south of Melbourne is a popular day trip and much of the housing from here down to the ocean is dominated by holiday homes. This crop shows a view back towards the city. Skyline Crop

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