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  1. I don’t think it is necessarily any worse than any other modern vehicle with electronic engine management which shuts itself down to avoid damage. Another problem is diesel particulate filters which are a common cause of cars going into limp mode. Unfortunately it is not possible to build a modern car without these features (commercial vehicles can sometimes bypass them but can feel very agricultural in comparison to a passenger vehicle). it is probably time form me to start thinking about a new car, but at the moment I just can’t think of one that appeals to me but isn’t ridiculously overpriced.
  2. And some nice Namibian scenery too. There are a few other videos from those not lucky enough to make it to Namibia - they just got a drive around Ledbury and Eastnor in the UK. I wouldn’t mind one apart from the price and being too big to fit in my garage.
  3. Nice to see some invisible light pictures here again. I used to shoot quite a bit of IR a few years ago, but subsequent camera upgrades resulted in downgrades in IR capability. As you mentioned, cameras of the Nikon D40/50/70 generation worked reasonable well unmodified. I could shoot my D50 handheld with a 720nm filter and in the bright Australian sunlight could even get decent autofocus using the 18-55 kit zoom. The D50 could also set a decent custom white balance into the IR range to allow jpg shooting. When I upgraded to a D7000, I thought the better high iso performance and live view would improve my IR shooting capability, but other problems made things worse. The internal IR block filter out paced the gains from high iso performance; light leaks through the view finder lead to significant metering inconsistencies; the white balance range was more limited; and the 18-105 zoom that came with it hotspotted. I have done some very limited experiments since moving to Fuji mirrorless. I think there is better potential than with the D7000, but my lens selection includes some notorious hot spotters and filter sizes are all over the place. I’ve got an adapter on order so I can press my old Nikkor 18-55 into service for some more serious experiments (if I’m allowed outdoors before all the leaves fall off the trees for winter).
  4. crowecg

    Corona Virus

    It’s not just the ‘poor, uneducated’ who are causing problems in these times. Locally, the biggest hotspots are some of the wealthiest suburbs. There are also a lot of young, well educated people who are under the impression that this is an old person’s problem as evidenced by the gatherings on beaches and in parks.
  5. crowecg

    Corona Virus

    Saw some news yesterday - rubber bullets and whips are out near J’berg already. Then again, the Aussie police could do with something like that to clear our parks and beaches. Sun shines and people head out to the beach or park for a picnic.🤯
  6. I did my masters at Durham. I picked it because it was ‘local’. As a city, Durham has some contrasting socio-economic groupings. At least on a night out, I didn’t have to worry if it was a ‘student’ bar or a ‘local’ bar - I could get away with either.
  7. I’m liking the colour shots in this thread better than the b&w shots in the other thread.
  8. crowecg

    Corona Virus

    Shut downs are starting in Australia now. They had been bragging about keeping the football going - Aussie rules seemed to be the only first class code playing this weekend.
  9. Bottle shops are about the only place here that isn’t rationing 🤪
  10. crowecg

    The bull

    I find the bull is a bit too low in the picture for me. My eyes are searching around to find the purpose of the image.
  11. crowecg

    Corona Virus

    I think Dallas has a bit of a point about the media coverage. Looking at this, Particularly the green line on the bottom right graph, a lot of the media coverage seems to have forgotten that most people are recovering. But then news services have mostly been about selling advertising, providing information has just been a means to that end.
  12. The mk1 golf might be worth hanging on to for resale to the uk, especially after they drop the EU regulations later this year. Australia is a bit fussy about private imports and I’ve heard stories of customs stripping them down to check the brakes and head gasket don’t contain asbestos then delivering you a box of bits to put back together.
  13. Isn’t it just a rebadged Smart? I think the prices will fall a long way before there is any chance of them rising. I have heard that there is a bit of a market for more ordinary cars that are still on the road on SA but are much less common in the UK where most examples will have a severe rust problem if they are still on the road. Things like 30 year old Fords.
  14. crowecg

    An early evening

    Following Dallas’ thinking, perhaps a crop of the left third would help focus attention to the moon. I think the right too thirds would also work as a stand-alone too. I think there is something in the juxtaposition of the masts and the tall buildings. Perhaps a little crop top and bottom for that.
  15. I think it was an attempt to deal with an EU regulation about achieving an average emission level over the range of cars a manufacturer produces.
  16. New stuff from Fuji due in a few days too!
  17. crowecg

    Rough Sea II

    Waves like that could easily knock such a small kid off their feet and drag them in. A little bit bigger and as you fear they could take an adult. Drownings are a regular feature of the Australian summer at the beach, even without the help of sharks, crocodiles and jelly fish.
  18. crowecg

    Rough Sea

    Very dramatic! I like it, but find the shadow on the top right wave a bit distracting. However I know that there isn’t much you can do about it - you just have to take what the ocean gives you.
  19. crowecg

    Challenge: Old

    Had a brief trip to Sydney and managed to find a brief interlude in the torrential rain - unfortunately not during daylight 🤨 Hall at night - one of the buildings making up the University of Sydney quadrangle. I this one dates back to the early days of the 20th Century, although it is styled to look much older.
  20. crowecg

    More Old Melbourne

    Other way round, north side of the river looking west, so Flinders is behind me. It is the old boat turning circle, just below Queens Bridge. The river is probably the only thing in that view that would have been a recognizable landmark around that time.
  21. crowecg

    Challenge: Old

    Wow! That certainly fits the bill for “old”.
  22. crowecg

    Night Spider

    The spider is still in the garden and the Nikon battery was charged, so revisited.... Night Spider 4 First one is from a little further back, so cropped a bit. Night Spider 5 Second one was closer, with a 2/3 stop exposure compensation set. Probably could do with a bit more depth of field as the head is drifting out of focus. Both shot Nikon D7000 with Tamron 90 macro. Set the exposure manually 1/80s, f/8, but left flash on auto, auto focus with the help of a small flashlight to illuminate the spider. There is definitely a bit more magic to the Nikon auto flash control compared to Fuji.
  23. crowecg

    More Old Melbourne

    I think Melbourne won’t quite be as bad as Sydney - I think Melbourne’s CBD streets are generally a bit wider and with the regular grid pattern, they will be around 15 minutes every day when the sun shines along the length of the street (perhaps except the east-west streets in the depths of winter). it’s also spreading to South Melbourne/ Port Melbourne - there are two towers under construction out past the exhibition centre and another couple due to start soon nearby.
  24. crowecg

    Night Spider

    I think I have been spoiled by Nikon’s amazing flash capabilities, which seems to just work. I still have a bit of learning to do with the Fuji flash system. if anyone has any suggestions about the Fuji flash system I’d be glad to hear them. Ultimately however, I think a continuous led light is probably the way to go for mirrorless macro work.
  25. crowecg

    More Old Melbourne

    I think there will be changes in just a few years. I know there are plans for more towers behind the exhibition centre in the centre of the picture - there are at least two already under construction.
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