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  1. That definitely looks better than the inside of a 35mm system (at least the ones I’ve seen) in regard to places to scratch the film. And of course the backing paper gives a 50% reduction in scratching possibility compared to 35mm. Perhaps not such a bad idea after all. now to find some cameras, choose which films to use ( a mix of colour and b&w I suppose) and pick an itinerary (plus get approved by the financial controller).😀
  2. I think I have something similar. I'll have to drag it out. There is certainly an interesting pattern there. Given your line of work, I'm sure you'll be able to talk the centre management into letting you do a shoot with you other cameras.
  3. MF in Namibia, now that sounds interesting! Only downside with that will be keeping the dust out - a lot of the film I shot when I was last in Namibia has a scratch along the bottom of the frame due to a grain of sand getting stuck in one of the film guides or rollers.
  4. It will be interesting to see once reviewers get to properly test them away from the controlled environments. If you haven't come across them, try TFL on YouTube. They occasionally take press cars properly off road.
  5. There are rather a lot of YouTube videos of people wandering around those same two vehicles in that same forest clearing!🙄🙄
  6. I agree there will be some of the original Defenders markets that they’ll struggle to get back into. However I think they will sell them as fast as they can make them. I do wonder if they will cannibalise the Discovery market. in some ways I see parallels to Apple (who also had a product launch on the same day), with both not wanting to appear too cheap and dilute their brands. I think there is a large market for both a cheaper iPhone and a more basic Defender. I don’t see how a cheaper Defender would weaken the brand as there is Discovery and Range Rover above them and to be honest, is there much capability in the new Defender that isn’t already available in Discovery and Range Rover.
  7. Interesting but I think they have pushed it too far up market. here in Australia it looks like it will be priced similar to a Discovery but by the time you pick from the options list, you’ll be in Range Rover territory. i don’t think I’ll be getting one - too long for my garage.
  8. With a new update for MacOS imminent and promises this one will break Aperture, I've been siting down to extract all my Aperture libraries. However, I also took the opportunity to drag the Lorikeet into Aperture, which has a function to show the active focus point. It is on the branch in front of the wing - just down and left from the flower. I'll have to try and find if Capture One can do this.
  9. I prefer the lighter version. If it was my picture, I would probably have considered using a flash to lighten the flowers, but then again, considering which kit I have with me, it may not always be an option.
  10. Thanks for the comments. It is quite possible that the focus did pick the branch rather than the bird, I'll try to remember to look more closely in the future. I've still got a lot of learning and experimenting to do with Capture One to work out how much I need to do - however, the Fuji 55-200 is certainly much sharper than the Nikon 70-300 I used previously.
  11. One question - have I overdone the sharpening on the lorikeet? After using the Fuji Express version of Capture one for a while, I finally moved onto the Fuji Pro version before the special offer ran out. The main things I see needing the paid version for is the ability to access multiple libraries ( you could work around this in the Express version by closing and reopening) and the ability to use te levels and curves controls on individual RGB colours, which I need for my ongoing negative scanning project.
  12. Finally spring is close and I've found some time to get out with a camera. Rainbow Lorikeet Long-billed Corella This probably should be here in the bird forum, but it was flying! Bee Off All taken with Fuji X-E3 and 55-200 lens.
  13. I don't know why, but for me, somewhere warm and tropical is always a colour vision. Black and white makes me think cold and windswept. If that tree was battling raging storm under a heavy clouded sky, I'd accept the black and white, but a sunny beach......😕. I guess it must be something about the places I experienced as I grew up. Do others see things the same way? appart from that, I do like the composition.
  14. The composition looks great, but I feel they should be in colour.
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