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  1. WEEK 47 - Spider rescued from the bath room ceiling. Weather is definitely warming up as these guys are getting a bit more common.
  2. Finally updated to High Sierra. So far everything seems to be working fine. I did did do the Aperture extraction before upgrading, but it does seem to be running just as well a before the upgrade, so the extraction will probably just serve as a backup for now. I did consider getting the Aperture Exporter app, but after trying the free demo, I realised that it doesn't really do much that you can't already do from Aperture using the custom settings in export. The only benefit the exporter would give would be exporting originals and versions in one pass. also had a quick look at the new version of Photos, with new advanced tools, like curves. Unfortunately not good enough as it will not allow the start and end points to cross, which I use for converting old film negatives.
  3. I'm guessing you like the detail in the buildings. You've got me wanting to try a version somewhere between the two - a bit of silhouette, but not loosing all the building detail to black. I'm guessing you are talking about the canopy in front of the exhibition centre - google street view link. There seems to be a constant cycle of build and rebuild - lots of changes even in the 12 years or so that I've been here, although I see it as an odd building here, another there. I guess when you are away for a long time, it can seem so much more dramatic.
  4. wonderful colours!
  5. Probably more of a 'too hard' thing.
  6. Australian magpies are also a lot more tuneful than their European namesakes.
  7. Nicely framed by the branches - just be careful, older men hiding in the bushes with their cameras might get into trouble
  8. I'm sure I posted this scene before in the weekly challenge - but the water was looking so calm that morning, I decided to give it another try Week 46 Also had a play with a couple of other versions using Silver Efex Pro. Version 1 Version 2 Which do you prefer?
  9. I've had problems too. If I include more than one link to Flickr, then I get 403 error. I get round it by adding one link, posting, then coming back and editing the post and adding one link at a time. Three pictures means one post and two edits. Strangely, it only seems to be Flickr links. I can get away with a Flickr link and a link to another thread.
  10. Forgot to mention the photographer must have also played a major part in getting these images, not just by getting up early.
  11. Forgot to mention the photographer must have also played a major part in getting these images, not just by getting up early.
  12. Amazing how far technology has come - in years gone by, you wouldn't have thought of getting the camera out for another hour or so and then perhaps still have needed a tripod.
  13. If I'd had enough sun to get a good IR shot, I think that first landscape might have been quite interesting and maybe indicated the regrowth rates. I guess this all ties in to the geology. We get plenty of tree ferns out to the north-east. Don't get out west enough to see a lot of the grass trees.
  14. Hard to tell whether you are experiencing spring or autumn. Good to see you still going strong - only two months to go!
  15. Getting close to the end! Actually had a few photo opportunities this last week, such as a day out walking. Also shooting my son's cricket team D7E_9421