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  1. Early one this week as the end of the week is going to be busy. Week 26 Probably could do with going back with a tripod and remote release.
  2. I don't think the Nik collection is quite as close to death as some people are making out- I think there is an OS upgrade or two in my copy at least.
  3. Just used a SilverFx preset. We certainly had a nice day and I ended up shooting more with the 18-105 than the 70-300.
  4. They were throwing them the little cubes that you can see in the mouth of hippo#4. Looked like lumps of compressed hay, probably with added nutrients.
  5. Had a trip to the zoo, so lots to choose from this week. Week 25 I was thinking it would be a giraffe this week, but the hippo won out in the end.
  6. Had a trip to the zoo with my daughter this last weekend, and we included a special up-close encounter with the giraffes. Giraffe #1 Giraffe #2 Giraffe #3 Giraffe #4 Giraffe #5 We also got lucky in choosing a spot to stand at hippo feeding time! Hippo #1 Hippo #2 Hippo #3 Hippo #4 The gorilla was actually the only one that really needed me to get the 70-300 out. Gorilla
  7. He now seems to have kicked off a bit of a scare campaign regarding MacOS upgrades and the loss of 32 bit compatibility later this year - with a few other articles pretty much repeating what he as said. Flicking through the photo related apps on my computer, everything I have should make the transition - and most of that is already outdated including Aperture, DxO 9 and the Nik collection.
  8. That would be greedy - they would be for the days I don't feel like driving the Range Rover Sport that I also dream about.
  9. I suppose it is a bit like deciding if I want a lotus Elise or F-type Jaguar
  10. If only I could get into such debates.... new cameras don't come around that often for me. Photography has to fit in around many other things, so I don't get too hung up about the gear I have and just enjoy getting a chance to be able to use it.
  11. Sometimes, if I am reading these threads at work, certain image hosting sites get blocked (imagur is one), so it is left to my imagination as to what people are discussing. I was actually a little disappointed when I finally saw this image (but that is not a bad thing for you, Alan). Knowing the sort of flare I get from my cameras and lenses, the sprite was much smaller and softer than I expected - it must be a good lens if that is all you get! Otherwise, an wonderful composition achieved without any photoshopping - kids watching a little sprite that the parents don't see.
  12. I really like elephants - especially after getting very close to them in Namibia some time back.
  13. Already June and good to see you still going strong.
  14. Left this weeks effort until the last minute - shooting the moon on Sunday night Week 24 With a few others here....
  15. There had been a few clear nights in the run up to the full moon this week, but last night the cloud appeared just when I had time to head out for a few pictures. Trying to get moon with surroundings... First attempt was the usual over exposed moon. With a little more cloud Using a flash to balance the exposure - probably off camera flash would be useful to backlight the branches. And whilst waiting for a gap in the clouds, I looked the other way... City lights - a lot of light reflecting up off the clouds.