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  1. That is something I like about the Fuji system too. I can fit multiple lenses and a camera in a bag that used to only contain one camera and one lens. And with the 27 pancake, my X-E3 is about the size of some old compact cameras. given Fuji’s current supply issues, I’ll admit to glancing at the Nikon Zf and Zfc, both look tempting, but the lenses, whilst I am sure they are excellent, don’t tempt me from a size perspective.
  2. I think it would be classed as more just a compact than a rangefinder as it doesn't have any viewfinder at all, just the back screen. I'm not really sure what this trend of cameras with just screens and not viewfinders should be classed as. They are going to have to come up with some compact lenses, not just a manual f/8 pancake, if they are wanting to take on Fuji.
  3. crowecg


    Finally got something reasonable after several months of trying - a properly exposed moon in a night cityscape! night318 Took a bit of playing with the highlight/shadows and black/white point sliders, but it all worked with a single exposure. I think thin hazy cloud drifted past the moon at the right point, so the moon brightness dropped a bit - looking at the EXIF, I should have been about 5 stops overexposed for the moon with this. The shallow depth of field probably helps with hiding the noise in some of the foreground elements. This is the ferris wheel that formed the foreground for the moonshot picture. night320 And something else lighting up the night sjky - the casino flame throwers! night319 All shots Fuji X-E3 with 70-300 zoom.
  4. It is always interesting to read about your pursuit of photographic excellence. I don’t have the skill or the patience to achieve what you do.
  5. I do have a R72 filter to use with SFX, although I was considering using it as an excuse to also get a lighter filter, perhaps a 590 version. However, it might also be something to put off until spring time when there is more sunshine and the trees get their leaves back. Also not sure exactly what I would shoot with the SFX yet either. The Tmax3200 might be first up, give that a try with my usual evening destinations along Southbank and Flinders Street.
  6. Nice to see some of your work again. It must be wonderful to see your images in full size or maybe in print, but they still look good even after the compression and resizing imposed by the internet. The price of medium format is certainly getting more competitive, especially the Fuji models some of which are not too much more expensive than top end 35mm cameras. How do you manage the Hasselblad with the bellows? I thought it relied on leaf shutters in the lens?
  7. Perhaps I need to look at my scanning and processing after I get the film back. I do sometimes wonder whether I'm using a bright enough light source - with this roll, I did briefly experiment with a brighter source, but it wasn't even enough, so I reverted to my previous approach, using a white screen app on my iPad. Looking at ht histogram of my scans, I was finding quite a bit of space at both edges and moved the black and white points into the centre to better use the available data - I had just assumed that was the films limitation, but perhaps not. It has been a long time since I had shot film, so I'm not sure of the 'look' of various films. I've also tended to try and get a quite contrasty look out of this, but I'm not sure if that is a typical characteristic for HP5. I think I may have been mis-using the term 'dynamic range'. After reading your post and seeing your examples, I've revisited some of my scans. I'd initially posted this one in the other thread as an example of shooting 35mm on an APS-C(DX) lens, but as you said the sun isn't burnt in and spilling over and despite shooting straight into the sun, there is still some detail in the shadow under the trees to the right. B+W-3 I also went back and played with processing another shot into the sun - here peeking out form behind a building - and went a little crazy with the sliders. However, I was able to find that the edge of the building can be seen across the disk of the sun. B+W-6 As for some of the crazy things I did with the slider, rather than a straight line or even an S curve on the curves panel, I went with 540 degrees of sine curve, so there are two different tone levels that get a maximum. I then also superimposed a U curve on the luma curve. It has brought out a bit of noise, but I think this is softened a little by the presence of the film grain.
  8. yes I think digital is a long way ahead in terms of resolution, dynamic range and sensitivity, but I do find something more ‘Natural’ in the look of film. That might of course just be because that’s what I’ve grown up with.
  9. Autocorrect 😠
  10. Got the film back now and copied it into my computer. As noted above, a DX lens on a 35mm film camera has it's limitations, but other than the shots I deliberately set at 18mm, I didn't see any adverse effects at the longer focal lengths. B+W-3 Also shot a few with a Tamron SP90 that is nearly as old as the F70 B+W-5 I'm unsure about how much more I'll play with this set up. Aside from the expense of shooting film (this cost me around A$1.15 per frame after film costs and developing), there was one hiccup with the camera. When I first dragged the F70 out of the cupboard a couple of years ago, put new batteries in and fired off a roll of film, I got a lot of double exposure frames where the camera hadn't wound on properly. As the film I used for that first try had been sat in the back of the cupboard next to the camera for more than 10 years, I thought it might just be the fault of the film, perhaps it was a bit sticky and not winding out properly. With the brand new film I used this time, I still got one double exposure, so it is probably the camera to blame. So do I keep trying? Perhaps if I look for some interesting films? Maybe some Tmax3200 for some night-time film shooting? Or Velvia? Or I've also seen Ilford SFX200, which has quite a spill over into IR, but without the other hassles of IR film?
  11. As noted in another thread, I've put a roll of film through my old Nikon F70. Took a while to get around to finishing the roll and get it developed. The first place I tried only did C-41, but eventually found another place that can do B&W and E6 as well, and it wasn't too far out of my way to drop in. So, here are some of the results B+W-1 B+W-4 I digitised the results by photographing the negatives with my X-E3 and Loawa 65mm macro lens. I'm not sure if it is my subsequent processing or the characteristic of the film (Ilford HP5) but they do seem a bit more contrasty than what I tend to see from digital B&W. However, there is defiantly not as much resolution or dynamic range - but perhaps that is what gives it the look. I'm not sure whether I'll try another roll or just work on trying to get better B&W look from my digital camera.
  12. crowecg


    if I’m guessing the same person, they tended to do the crazy colours in infrared. mine are just visible light but processed with a double peak in curves.
  13. crowecg

    Fun at Dusk

    I like how you have managed the lights and the darkness. I thought you were somewhere that changes from day to night quite quickly.
  14. crowecg


    Just before the end of daylight saving moved all the times around, I grabbed these sunset shots on my way home from work. Now sunset is something I need to get away early to catch instead of a sign that I am running late. Sunset 1 Sunset 2 Then I was playing around processing them and my fingers slipped and I got these more psychedelic results. They give an interesting alternative to the typical sunset. psycho sunset 1 psycho sunset 2 They do appeal to me in some strange way? What do you think?
  15. crowecg


    Bunjil takes the form of an eagle in Australian Aboriginal culture. There is a statue in Melbourne at the boundary between the CBD and Docklands - it was originally a quite open area with the eagle looking out towards the river and the roads approaching the CBD from the west. However, recent development has started to crowd him a bit. Bunjil 1 Bunjil 2 You can see how much the area has changed if you look him up on wikipedia
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