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  1. They only got to 5 with the Nikon 1 series (CX) 😀. I’ve still got a J1 in the cupboard somewhere.
  2. Looks nice, but my worry is that it will keep production lines so busy there will be now space for more affordable cameras. If I was after a new camera, I’d be interested in them releasing an X-E5 or X-T40. At the moment looking at the availability of Fuji models, if I needed a new camera today, I’d probably be looking at an X-T5, but I think that is a bit too much of a camera for me.
  3. very colourful. I spent much of the Christmas holiday period travelling, so haven't had a trip to the beach yet this summer. Good to see it is still only umbrellas at your beach. Here in Australia, the trend is for much larger shade structures, cabanas - about 3m by 3m and tall enough to stand in. They take up so much space and block so much of the view.
  4. crowecg

    IR Wall

    One thing I had planned for my Christmas holiday was to try and shoot more IR. Unfortunately, I was a bit too distracted for most of the trip so only tried it on one occaision. IR Wall I tend to play with IR in the harsh bright sunlight of Australian summers, but it was interesting to try the lower, softer sunshine of higher latitudes. The scene is Hadrians Wall, looking east from Housesteads fort. Camera unmodified Fuji X-E3 with external R72 on 16 f/2.8
  5. crowecg

    S & M

    following the discussion up above about getting a shot with a properly exposed moon with a properly exposed foreground, I did get a chance while I was on holiday. Unfortunately, I didn't have a long lens with me, so this is heavily cropped from the long end of my 18-55, but at least if confirms that it is possible. Now just to update my calendar for the coming months and try and remember to have a longer lens with me when the right opportunity arises. Moon260 Fujifilm X-E3 with 18-55.
  6. I liked Rogue Hero’s. Only problem was I often ended up watching it late at night after everyone else had gone to bed so couldn’t turn it up loud. Liked how the soundtrack mixed 40’s music hall with hard rock. Not sure I’d bother with the book, but that’s because I’ve read biography’s of many of those involved and as they say at the beginning most of it is based on a true story and what may seem like the crazy made up scenes are the true bits
  7. I’ve tried printing myself a photo book and think it is something I really need to do more of. There are two challenges to this, one is sorting through my photos to decide which to use and the second is deciding on a printing workflow.
  8. I’m hoping we have not seen the last of Fujis X-E line. They have a body which many would call compact, but an APS-C sensor and processor which matches many much larger cameras in performance and quality.
  9. crowecg

    Euro 24

    No, not a soccer competition, just a trip i did over the recent holiday period. I was travelling for about a month, mostly by train once reaching Europe. Started off visiting friends and family in the north of England: Newcastle 5 bridges across the Tyne. York Minster at night Then early January, Eurostar from London to Paris for the start of a couple of weeks of sightseeing and adventures. Paris281 Paris280 Despite waiting until most people should have been back at work, Paris was still busy with tourists. After Paris, TGV south, next stop Milan. Weather wasn't brilliant in Milan, but then it was more of a break the journey stop rather than a major destination for us. Milan After Milan, was Venice. Compared to Paris, it was definitely a bit quiet. Venice Sunset from the Rialto Bridge - there was a little bit of a crowd for this event, but you didn't need to wander far to get away from it. Venice Morning sun over the lagoon. From Venice, we turned north again and ended up in a little town in the Tyrol called Kufstein. We'd originally picked that as a convenient stop on the railway line to allow day trips to other places, but it was an interesting town in it's own right. Kufstein by by day form the Fortress. Kufstein Fortress by night. The day trips from Kufstein included Salzburg, a bit cold and grey and not the most exciting of days. Innsbruck, certainly looked nice in the sunshine. Munich another cold, grey day, but we spend much of it inside the Deutches Museum - an interesting collection on science and technology (unfortunately it was almost closing time by the time I reached the camera and photography section. The trip was rounded off with a few days of ski-ing Hopfgarten294 Hopfgarten295 My camera kit for the trip consisted on my Fuji X-E3 with three lenses, 16 f/2.8, 27f /2.8 and 18-55 zoom. This was all squeezed into a bag that used to take a DSLR and one lens.
  10. crowecg

    The Sun

    I'll put a few more details of my trip in another post, but I suppose I'd better add details of the locations of these shots. The village of Bamburgh, Northumberland, UK from the castle walls. Bamburgh Castle does crop up quite frequently in TV and movies - if you see a scene of people riding along the beach to a castle on a hill, then that is probably it. Innsbruck, Austria Seaham, County Durham, UK. North West Europe is a bit of an oddity in terms of dense population and latitude. There is not much in the southern hemisphere at those sort of latitudes - a bit of a comparison: Durban 29° 55' Cape Town 33° 55' Sydney 33° 50' Tokyo 35° 40' Melbourne 37° 50' Gibraltar 36° 10' Seoul 37° 30' Athens 38° 00' New York 40° 45' Hobart 42° 50' Rome 41° 55' Paris 48° 50' Vancouver 49° 20' Punta Arenas 53° 10' London 51° 30' Copenhagen55° 40' Glasgow 55° 50' Stockholm 59° 20'
  11. crowecg

    The Sun

    Spent some time travelling over the holiday period, visiting some higher latitudes than I'm used to and swapping seasons. It took me a little time to get used to the fact that at those high northern latitudes in winter, the sun didn't get very high in the sky, even at mid-day, so I often found myself shooting sunset type shots even just after lunch. At times and some locations, the midday sun never got above 15 degrees above the horizon. Afternoon sun Sun star Of course, when it actually came to sunset, there was the benefit that they were slow and lingering, plenty of time to get your shot, not like the blink and miss it sunset of more tropical latitudes. Sunset All shots Fuji X-E3 and either 16 f/2.8 or 18-55. P.S. the Exif times will not make sense, as I didn't keep updating my camera to local time where I was shooting and wasn't regularly using the app to connect to the camera (which with Fuji, can update time and locations).
  12. I can remember the excitement when, sometime in the early 1980's, newspapers began to print colour pictures. Until then, colour had been reserved for special supplement magazines. Then there was the early 1990's when colour photocopiers became widely available.
  13. crowecg

    Meet The Gimp

    Rumours are saying a new version X100VI is due to be announced on 20 Feb. 40Mpixels and IBIS being the key specs. They have been through some strange naming of the different generations of this camera. X100 X100S(econd) X100T(hird) X100F(ourth) X100V
  14. Looks great. IR works well with the harsh summer sun. I keep talking about getting an IR conversion, I really should get round to it.
  15. Some great colours too. Perhaps not as dramatic as the black & white, but just as stunning.
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