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  1. crowecg

    It's taken years....

    Shortly after I first arrived in Melbourne I took a picture of Flinders St station from across the river in Southbank. The station was all lit up, but the sky was not quite black, still a deep blue. I really liked it, but it was only a 2 MPixel image. For years I've wanted to get back and take a bigger version, but never quite managed it. One time, I was just a bit too late and the sky was already black (see here) and another time, the station was wrapped in scaffolding for renovation works. However, this week I finally managed it!!!!😁 So, here is the new version: Flinders St Station And this is the original: Original The angles are a little bit different, but growth of the trees in the intervening 13.5 years made that necessary to avoid blocking some of the key features of the station. I also grabbed a few other shots whilst there. I think this one works better as black and white as the colours of the city lights draw my eyes away from the bar on the island below the bridge. Island Bar
  2. crowecg

    'Old' Hong Kong

    I'm sure the fact that some places also tried to get the develop and print done in significantly less than the typical one hour didn't help either.
  3. crowecg

    Spooky Trees

    Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8. It is a nice compact combination - I'm glad it works well.
  4. crowecg

    Mesa Verde, Cliff Palace

    Interesting to see something of pre-European Americas. Even here in Australia, so much of taught history focuses on Western Europe up until European colonies developed locally in th 18th Century.
  5. crowecg

    'Old' Hong Kong

    It was some C41 film that had faded. There was one batch which was probably due to bad processing as they were all processed together. I’ll have to do a bit more research into whether any brands have been worse than others. I think the boats might be the same but the journey will be about quarter of a mile shorter!
  6. crowecg

    'Old' Hong Kong

    Just counting up - I'm at 1600 frames at the moment and I think I'm around half way. That will give me about 3000 over a 15 year period. That will be about 10% of what I've shot on digital in the 15 years since switching. I suspect I may have some more images becoming black and white. Around 10-15% of them seem to have some colour fading that I just can't seem to be able to correct.
  7. crowecg

    My artillery!

    Its all stuff that even Alan wouldn't buy. That's why it is collecting dust in the back of the drawer. Unfortunately it's generally not high end stuff that has any resale value. I did look into trading some in once, but the sort of prices I was offered as trade In were no better than the deals you could get with a bit of careful shopping around. I've also had spells of thinking about IR conversions but never got round to it. So as a result the gear is of such an age that there isn't any really any value left but it's not old enough to start gainin value again (and old digital bodies probably never will).
  8. crowecg

    My artillery!

    Just counted up - 5 bodies and 9 lenses, but that is probably because I haven't got rid of old stuff. Much of that probably hasn't been used in years.
  9. crowecg

    'Old' Hong Kong

    I've had another burst of digitising my old film archive recently. Here is a selection of black and white images from Hong Kong. They were shot on the Kodak CN (C-41 process) black & white film. I think I only ever shot one roll of it - without control of the printing process, it was a bit average. Now scanned, I've had the opportunity to play with the contrast a bit and got a better look from it. Despite being from only 18 years ago, they have the look of being much older (which has the benefit of being a bit more forgiving in terms of spotting out dust and dirt from the negative). As I used to live in the New Territories, a day out would often include a trip across the harbour. Old-HK 6 Although I've titled this series 'Old', the banks still look quite modern. Old-HK 7 Heading west from Central district things start to look much older, although newer tower blocks can sometimes be seen along the street. Old-HK 4 Old-HK 8 Old-HK 1 I'm not sure if most of the shots were from a single day, but there was a trip to Lantau too. Old-HK 2 Then back to Kowloon at night. I'm not sure that black & white is the best format for these night scenes given the bright colours of the neon signs, I'll have to keep working through the old films and see if there is anything like this in colour. Old-HK 3 I'm not sure where the detour into the botanical gardens fitted into the sequence, but the look of this picture could add may years beyond the real age of the shot. Old-HK 5 Hopefully I haven't overdone the contrast, but I certainly feel they look better like this than the original prints I had from the time I took it.
  10. crowecg

    The End Of A Grey Day

    Probably good thing you used Lightroom rather than the photo app. You may have noise but at least you avoided the excessive smoothing and noise reduction that the built in app would apply.
  11. crowecg

    B&H Not Shipping Lithium Batteries?

    I can get it to checkout for shipping to Australia. the warning is about checking whether it is permitted to import wireless equipment. I guess that may Be a generic warning because of radio frequency licensing differences in some countries. it must be a problem with the courier they use to ship to SA.
  12. crowecg

    French Car Festivals

    So what do you think of this one? I'm not sure if it was an original or a conversion. Possibly the latter as Aussies seem to have a thing for utes (pick ups / bakkies ). Voiture31
  13. crowecg

    Photo-Displaying sites

    Quite a coincidence that you posted this the same day that Flickr announced some major changes to their plans. I may need to start looking at other options and this could be one of them.
  14. crowecg

    French Car Festivals

    Velvia jpegs. I do need to sit down and play with some RAW files - I've got Capture 1 Fuji Express installed ready and it can handle both compressed and uncompressed RAW. But then again, with the sort of jpegs coming out of the camera.....😎
  15. crowecg

    French Car Festivals

    25 years old to get the plates here in Victoria. That means the sorts of cars I learnt to drive in could get them👴

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