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  1. I'm having much the same thoughts about my J1. My temptation is a X-E or X-A model and the 27 f/2.8 to replace the J1 with 10 f/2.8 as a pocketable camera. But yes, the price of other Fuji lenses is high - up at the FX Nikkor range. now there is a rumour of a new X-E3 later this year, which will be a bit smaller than the current model.
  2. I've been slowly scanning old slides and film by the macro lens method. Been using a negative carrier acquired from a cheap slide scanner($50ish and very disappointing) and aligning the carrier an camera with a spirit level. Shooting at my usual macro aperture of around f/16, I haven't noticed any alignment issues, but you may have more sensitive vision than me. Main issues for me have been cleaning the negatives, finding a suitable light source and the fact some of my negatives had degraded. Some discussion of this is in this thread and also a few of my results here
  3. Is that a face in number 8?
  4. Problem was they weren't priced as the bottom of the range. I'm sure they would have been much more successful if the J1 had undercut the D3x00 by a bit. They do more or less follow a pattern better than some other manufacturers ( being able to follow that pattern was a contributing factor in me getting into Nikon cameras in the first place), but if they are going to add mirrorless large sensor cameras, they do need to trim down their DSLR line a bit to make some space.
  5. Back to scenes from my journey to work Week 16 Part of the Cranes & Flare series
  6. After a couple of weeks of spiders, I'm back to scenes from my journey to work - it was tempting to just reshoot a few from the previous week, taken just before the spider appeared, but I tried a different section of my journey. Cranes first Crane 1 Crane 2 Crane 3 And then got to the end of the street and spotted the sun peeking between tower blocks Flare #1 - wild conversion Flare #2 - slightly more conventional Flare #3 - the original image All taken with J1 & 10 f/2.8
  7. The bridge is an interesting one - it seems to be a combination of every possible bridge bridge type. There seems to be through-truss, suspension bridge and cable stay bridge looks in there.
  8. Fuji option is very tempting, due to getting pocket camera and DSLR type camera of the same system - no duplication of accessories and lenses. However, my current gear probably doesn't have too much resale value. problem is they all look tempting - I guess I'll have to just keep shooting what I've got and saving my money until I spot an option that is too good to resist ( or win the lottery, if I remember to buy a ticket!)
  9. I think if you get away from the idea that every new model should be a significant upgrade, this isn't too bad. I don't think it should be expected to upgrade from a D7200 to this, but when you look at it from the point of say a D7000, it is quite a reasonable step. Also it has some reasonable extra features for someone coming from D5X00 or D3400 models. Whilst I will probably wait and see what the price settles out at, the bigger question for me is whether I need an upgraded DSLR. Recently, I have been using my J1 a lot, not because it is better but because it is more convenient - easier to leave in the bottom of a bag or stick in a pocket in case I see something interesting. This leaves me with a number of questions and scenarios My options: Stick with Nikon DX DSLR - invest in accessories, lenses, etc. upgrade and expand from the J1 - but is this a dead end? Will Nikon continue with this? If I'm going with a 2 camera system, perhaps look for a bit more separation between them - upgrade to Nikon FX, several of my key lenses are FX capable. Shame the DL got dropped - the idea of a DL and a D750 would be reasonable with the 2 camera system, if Nikon drop the 1 series, why not go with something else? Perhaps a Fuji X-A or X-E model? Once down the Fuji road, why not keep going and eventually change over everything? I don't think I could justify the cost of swapping the DSLR straight away, but replace the J1 and slowly build up the lenses and accessories, then eventually replace that would probably work. (and at whilst I can't make up my mind, I'm not spending all my money).
  10. Well I hope it found somewhere dry - given where I released it, it may well head for one of the parked cars or perhaps into a tram as it was also close to South Melbourne Tram depot.
  11. I had to settle for just getting four eyes in the shot as the other four are across the top of the head. Always a challenge with spiders - trying to get all eight eyes in focus! The other thing I keep trying is to get eyes and fangs in the same shot, but usually they just keep the fangs discretely tucked away. After the second photo shoot, the spider was released onto a well vegetated garden bed just behind the office and was last seen scurrying off into the bushes.
  12. Shooting the moon other than at night is something I have always wondered about. I'll have to give it a try - you have a great shot here.
  13. With fingers to give an idea of size. DSC_3283 An artistic variation using the bottom of the jar. DSC_3279 And some close ups D7E_7645 D7E_7640 D7E_7646 There is a bit of extra resolution in the close ups, so if you feel like scaring yourself, click through to the full size! The jar shots were taken with J1 & 10 f/2.8, closeups with D7000, Tamron SP90.
  14. A few more of the Huntsman spider I found in the corner of my office. DSC_3281 ....Updates to follow - Flickr isn't cooperating
  15. I wasn't involved in the transport hub part of the project - just the northern road section by-passing Brighton. It will be interesting to see how Brighton copes with the by-pass. It seemed to benefit a lot from the passing traffic, with two petrol stations, a few restaurants and bakeries and a hotel. When I was growing up in north-eastern England, there was a lot of work put into taking major highways around various small towns and villages and it invariably resulted in the loss of many small businesses in these places due to the decline in through traffic.