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  1. There are a couple of stations between Flinders St and my home that maintain much of their original look from when they were built around 100-150 years ago. Perhaps a subject for another days shooting.
  2. It's not looking its best at the moment as much of the building is clad in scaffolding - I'll have to head back once it's stripped and see how it looks. The announcements are a lot more legible than the used to be. Unfortunately Flinders St isn't my regular station when I'm heading to work, that would be the former Spencer Street station (now known as Southern Cross) and that looks completely different to what it did even from when I first arrived in Melbourne. I've posted a few more from last night here.
  3. I might just cope if it was part of a journey to get somewhere - and I had a balcony cabin so there is somewhere to sit the camera on a tripod and watch the waves and clouds! But the idea of a floating holiday camp generally sounds awful.
  4. They still have the British one in such a prominent position? I'd have thought it would have been dumped to the end of the line by now.
  5. BMW

    I reckon a modular digital system with a waist level finder would be a great idea. One reason DSLR's get so big is that the circuit boards and LCD all get stacked behind the sensor at the back of the mirror box. Shift the circuit board of to one side, put the LCD on the top and you could keep the flange distance of a DSLR for a mirrorless package. You could also get away with a single LCD - a simple prism over the top LCD could convert you easily to an EVF. It wouldn't even need to be the fancy penta-prism as you could correct the reversal electronically on the LCD when it detects the prism is present. Interestingly, a lot of the shots I posted of last night, I was shooting as if it was a waist level camera. Unfortunately the J1 has a fixed LCD, so pretty much point and pray, but the positioning braced against my stomach I think helped with the crazy low shutter speeds I was using.
  6. Station - NW Station - NE looking towards the famous dome that dominates the intersection of Flinders & Swanston Street. Here it comes this is my train home! Then had a bit of a play with the reflections on the rest of the journey. Reflection 1 Reflection 2
  7. Another late night this week - waiting for a train home. Week 18
  8. I guess this is a similar idea to the tricks Apple is using with the dual lens camera in the iPhone 7.
  9. Nice dramatic look. Rode a few of these on hops across the North Sea.
  10. Birding this week - got the photos in early bit problems with syncing through Flickr have delayed posting. week 17 Part of birds series
  11. Had a morning out with my son the other day - kitted him with an old camera and 28-200 lens and we went for a walk around the local duck pond. He got some pretty good stuff, considering the gear I'd given him. Here are a few of mine from that day. 1 - Duck rearing 2 - Pigeon Landing 3 - Ready to Launch 4 - up close 5 - Ready to Launch #2 6 - In the mirror 7 - White faced heron All D7000 with 70-300, so sometimes a bit soft from the lens, also slightly foggy weather so ISOs were creeping up at times, but other problems may just have been my lack of skill.
  12. I'm having much the same thoughts about my J1. My temptation is a X-E or X-A model and the 27 f/2.8 to replace the J1 with 10 f/2.8 as a pocketable camera. But yes, the price of other Fuji lenses is high - up at the FX Nikkor range. now there is a rumour of a new X-E3 later this year, which will be a bit smaller than the current model.
  13. I've been slowly scanning old slides and film by the macro lens method. Been using a negative carrier acquired from a cheap slide scanner($50ish and very disappointing) and aligning the carrier an camera with a spirit level. Shooting at my usual macro aperture of around f/16, I haven't noticed any alignment issues, but you may have more sensitive vision than me. Main issues for me have been cleaning the negatives, finding a suitable light source and the fact some of my negatives had degraded. Some discussion of this is in this thread and also a few of my results here
  14. Is that a face in number 8?
  15. Problem was they weren't priced as the bottom of the range. I'm sure they would have been much more successful if the J1 had undercut the D3x00 by a bit. They do more or less follow a pattern better than some other manufacturers ( being able to follow that pattern was a contributing factor in me getting into Nikon cameras in the first place), but if they are going to add mirrorless large sensor cameras, they do need to trim down their DSLR line a bit to make some space.