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  1. crowecg


    Interesting and colourful! You’ve got some nice swirls without too much sudden jump from shutter effects.
  2. crowecg

    Shootin' In the Rain

    They’ll be great for your safaris.
  3. crowecg


    That is great. Thanks for giving it a try.
  4. crowecg


    Was it possible to get a lower angle and eliminate the top of the tree to the right? I think the tree being isolated in the vast landscape would be a good composition.
  5. crowecg

    Spooky Trees

    Added some contrast to #2, then also though about playing with the levels to lighten the background. Also gave #1 a bit of warmth and lighter background. I think the composition of #1 is slightly better, the odd diagonal in the top right corner of #2 is a bit messy. P.S. Alan, why does the Landrover look like it is being towed? Although it only appears to be connected to the bars rather than a towing point.
  6. crowecg

    Spooky Trees

    Thanks for the comments, Dallas & Luc. It is the first one that was colour, even though the second one seems to have more of a tint to it. I linked to a full size version and I’m guessing the forum software is going with a ‘fit width’ option which means you’ll always have to scroll through portrait orientation pictures.
  7. crowecg

    Spooky Trees

    Trees #1 Not sure whether colour or black & white is better - if you can spot the difference!😀 Trees #2 Shots from a day out to the snow at Lake Mountain. Even though it is the start of spring, there was a decent fall of between 5-10cm overnight. And once the cloud lifted.... Snowy Path All shot Fuji X-E3 with 27 f/2.8. Just hung it round my neck and stuffed it down the front of my jacket and hardly noticed it was there at all.
  8. crowecg

    Nikon Z6 or Canon EOS R?

    Possibly I'd stick with Nikon for the familiarity, however, if I were in the market for that level of camera (and maybe I'm mixing up the Z6 and Z7), I'd also be waiting to see what the Fuji GFX50R looks like.
  9. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Had a bit of a play with the 18-55 today. The OIS is quite impressive - never felt that I got this sort of performance from my Nikon 18-105. These are 1/2 second exposures hand held! Dark Swamp and also at a lower ISO - just trying to get an understanding of Anthony's earlier comment about being 'ISO-less' Darker Swamp Another interesting thing was getting some IR out of this combo with an R72 filter on the front. And a visible light with the same settings just to be sure I'm getting IR. This was shot with the Acros film simulation - I've still to play with colour shots to see what I can get from them. Both the 18-55 and the 27 do seem to hotspot a bit, which is consistent with what I've read elsewhere. Oh well, something else to add to the lens shopping list. I used to play with IR a bit back with the D50, but the D7000 wasn't too good with unmodified IR. One final thing, no real issues with polarised sunglasses for either the EVF or the bigger LCD (OK, there was a slight colour change at 45 degrees - but who holds there camera at that angle?). The J1 used to be terrible with sunglasses, it would completely black out in portrait orientation.
  10. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Armando, they are all straight from camera, with no extra processing. The colour shots are using the Velvia film simulation, the B&W using Acros. Only other settings I played with were ISO and DR. Dallas, Alan, I guess a new camera can make a difference. I've tried not to get caught up with the constant cycle of upgrades but maybe 7.5 years for my D7000 and 5 years for the J1 (which actually performs similar to the D50 I got 12.5 years ago) is just too much.😀 Mike Johnston over at The Online Photographer has started talking of 'digital camera' years as being like 'dog years', which I guess makes my old cameras absolute antiques. Anthony, Capture 1 is certainly high on my list to replace Aperture, in part because it can read into my old Aperture libraries. I'm glad to hear that it will handle Fuji files well. I've played with the trial versions and agree it looks quite complex, but I guess I'm going to have to take the plunge now.
  11. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Street Station Using the Acros film simulation and ISO way up high. I think that is a look I will like.
  12. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Finally got out for some shooting - just a few shots on the way to and from work. Given the sensor and processors are the same, these probably won't surprise X-T2 owners. All shot with the 27 f/2.8. Into the sun Pretty good for shooting straight into the sun - I adjusted the exposure by minimising the 'blinkies'. Reflection Dynamic range looks good - I was shooting at ISO800 to take advantage of the DR400 setting. Sunsete towers I backed off the DR for this one as the foreground shadow helps the colours above stand out. Dusky Again didn't push the DR for this and was interested in seeing the lower ISO performance.
  13. Whilst larger sensor (35mm and upwards) may deliver some qualities smaller sensors can't, many people who have already made the jump to mirrorless made the jump for side and weight. A photo I just posted in another thread about my recent mirror less move shows something you'll not do easily with large sensor cameras
  14. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    I've added some photos to illustrate the original article at the top and made some corrections. Merlin, the 15-45 would probably go well with the x-e3 if you are wanting to keep size down but want a zoom too. However, I'm going to have to get used to the two lenses I've already got before thinking about too many others. My thoughts are to stick with the more compact lenses, although how to go about replacing the macro and telephoto zoom of my Nikon system will take some thinking about - perhaps the 60 and the 55-200 will be my choice, wiht the 80 and 100-400 being just too big and pricy for my needs. It will also be interesting to see what the other new lenses on the road map are like - will the 16 f/2.8 be as compact as the 18 f/2 and how small will the 16-80 f/4 be?
  15. crowecg

    X-E3 - First Impressions

    Alan, I'm not an Adobe user, so the RAW processing isn't too scary a prospect. My initial checks reveal that MacOS can read the uncompressed RAW, but not the compressed. Unfortunately my old Aperture won't read either, despite relying on the MacOS engine. I guess I'm finally going to have to get round to replacing Aperture, but I've known that needs to be done for a number of years now. i will have to check my firmware version and perhaps can also give the Fuji app a try teathered to the camera.

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