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  1. The staircase and the curve of the floor seems to reflect the shape and curves of the lower car, but the barrier seems to cut the upper car and spoil those composition elements of the lower car.
  2. You don't get many buildings like that these days. You've captured it well, even with the overcast conditions.
  3. I know it is not quite what you are looking for, but I've been using Sandisk ultra fit USB drive as an almost permanent second drive in my laptop. It fits snugly without protruding too far. I think mines the slightly older USB3.0 and only 128Gbyte, but I will probably need to upgrade to the 256 soon. Even so it is much cheaper than Apples upgrade price for hard drives.
  4. It is a wonderful time, but so fleeting. And also often so busy too.
  5. I'm not sure where it sits in quality compared to other lenses in that range of focal lengths, but it certainly makes a compact system with the X-E3. It fits nicely into a pocket, something I used to rely on a J1 for, so I've effectively replaced two cameras - the J1 and a D7000. Thanks for for the comments (and likes). I'm sure there will be more of this sort of thing and it's a good excuse not to work too late.
  6. ..and with it darker evenings. If I'm lucky at get out of work at just the right time, I can get some pictures as I walk to the station. It's an area I've taken pictures before, but with the light at this time of evening, you just want to take more! DSCF4229 DSCF4222 DSCF4218 All shots Fuji X-E3 and 27 f/2.8.
  7. You’ll have to start photographing tape measures to calculate the actual focal length. Labelled focal lengths are nominal only and actual lengths can vary as you have demonstrated. I wonder if there is a website somewhere that lists actual focal lengths for various lenses?
  8. Didn't even notice any downtime. Everything looking fine from here.
  9. The old AF model is also heavily recessed at the front too. The focus ring is hard to reach with the hood reversed, you can just manage to get a finger to the edge as it is quite thick. I think that picture is a newer version than mine given the D designation visible on the side and the focus ring is a bit flatter.
  10. crowecg


    A bit late on the original discussion, but isn't it more about the rules of composition and aren't they based around how our eyes work.
  11. I've got one in between your two, an older AF version. I must have had it over 20 years now and still use it quite a bit. Currently looking into adaptors to use it on Fuji, so it may still have some more life in it yet. I even think I know where the receipt for it is too - something to add to Mike's old receipt thread?
  12. Don't worry, you're not alone. I like the idea of DIY, but can't always get those ideas to fruition. The hobbies I do sometimes get somewhere with are a bit more active - hiking is one, which also fits in nicely with photography. This has also lead to something from work making the jump to a hobby! I sometimes make my own maps which solves the problem of always finding that where you want to go is on the join of two or more map sheets.
  13. I’m not sure from your post if you are just after a new toy or something for your work. For work you are probably better sticking with Olympus or maybe Canon. Fuji and sigma would probably be too much of a change to your workflow to be any more than a toy, even if you do get some inspiration and enjoyment from them.
  14. crowecg

    Tired Parrot

    They also go by the name crested parrot here, but you are right, it is a cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus).
  15. crowecg

    Tired Parrot

    This is from a couple of weeks ago. The poor little thing was getting mobbed by a flock of seagulls and finally settled on the wall close to me. I must have seemed less threatening than the gulls. DSCF2587 Fuji E-E3 with Fuji 55-200
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