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  1. Great shots of some interesting building. I don’t know if I could cope with the crowds.
  2. It was still hanging around in the garden today. Gave it a bit more space and shot with the extension tubes on the 55-200 this time - I think I'm going to like that combination for backyard safaris. Grasshopper 4
  3. I did try getting hold of one - the story is in the lock down gear thread. But after looking more closely at stock levels for the second attempt, I went for the extension tube. Whilst not as good as a dedicated macro lens for the scanning of film, I think it will be quite fun in the garden safari giving the flexibility of getting right up close at wide angles for creatures that will tolerate that to shooting from further back for those that won't or that I don't want to get too close to. One challenge I have found with the extension tube is getting used to working out if I am too close or too far away, particularly at the wide end of both lenses. At the long end, if I can't get focus, I'm usually too close, but I just can't get the feel for the short end yet.
  4. Yes, you are correct. Whilst I love finding and photographing these little creatures, I'm not that good at identifying them. I think this one was just taking advantage of the bugs on the cabbages.😀😀
  5. crowecg

    Cinque Terre

    An interesting place! I normally like colour better, but I think you were right to go with black and white here. However, thank you for including the colour version. It was nice to be able to see why you made the choice. I think the concept of manual labour is slowly disappearing from our culture. Certainly it would have been relied on heavily in the past. Nowadays, I guess it will be a combination of tower cranes and concrete pumps.
  6. Since moving to Fuji, I've been uncertain what lens to buy to take over the role of my Tamron SP90 that I've been using for over 20 years on various Nikon cameras. Whilst the Fuji 60mm is quite small and suits the objective of my Fuji system to be light and compact, it isn't a perfect solution as it only goes to 0.5x magnification. On the other hand, the 80mm, which does go to 1x magnification just looks too big and heavy to go with an X-E3 based system. There are some third party options - a Zeiss 50mm, which left me a little nervous about the short focal length and working distance; the final option I've looked at is Laowa 65mm - it goes all the way to 2x magnification, but is manual focus only and no electronic connections. So my decision.... Extension tube. I realise that it is a compromise in a lot of ways but it also offers a lot of flexibility. It offers full autofocus and electronic connection with Fuji lenses. The two main things I wanted some macro capability for are bug hunting and scanning negatives ( I know I said I'd finished, but I found some I'd missed). Magnification on my 18-55 ranges from just under 0.5x at 55mm to nearly 1x at 18mm. The 0.5x magnification at 55mm gives a little bit more resolution with my setup after cropping on the 24 Mpixel X-E3 than I was getting from the 16 MPixel D7000/Tamron SP90 set up (I was being a little bit conservative with framing to allow for straightening). However, there is noticeable barrel distortion from this Fuji setup - I might get away with it where there is not obvious straight lines in the frame. As for bug hunting - see here for some examples. At 18mm, the working distance from the front of the lens is only 4mm! However, going wide and getting up close does give an interesting perspective and appears to give more depth of field. I guess that is why Laowa are making things like the 24mm 2x macro probe and the 25mm 2-5x ultra macro. The other lens I have to play with is the 55-200. The 16mm of extension gives a magnification in the range of 0.28x - 0.35x, which isn't a big jump at the longer end, but does bring the minimum focus distance down to what I feel is a more useful range when wanting to shoot bugs and flowers. I haven't played as much with this lens yet, but do think it will be useful when I want a bit more magnification, but want to keep some distance too. I'll update once I've shot some more with this. Overall, I think I will get some use from it - it is small and light enough to stick in a bag or pocket when out and about, although it doesn't come with any end caps, so I'll have to give a bit more thought about how to pack it to keep the mount and electrical contacts clean. I found mine a little stiff on the lens side. Oh, and there is a 27mm that I haven't tried yet either, but I'm not expecting that to be a set up I will use.
  7. Finally shooting macro on Fuji. Grasshopper Grasshopper 1
  8. Finally got round to making some lockdown gear purchases. Turned out to be quite a challenge. My first attempt was a Fuji-Nikon adapter - I cancelled that after about 6 weeks when the dealer still couldn't tell me when they would be able to dispatch it. The second attempt was nearly as bad - despite the online postal tracking, things almost went awry with my purchase taking over a week just to get across Sydney (which isn't under lockdown) before taking another two weeks to finally reach me. It might have taken even longer if I hadn't submitted a lost parcel complaint and some customer feedback questionnaires with scores of 0. As my long term objective has been to get some macro capability for my Fuji system, my new purchase was the Fuji MCEX-16 extension tube. Now time to play!
  9. Let's hope next year is everything this year is not. Great picture too.
  10. Very dramatic! Looks almost alien.
  11. crowecg

    Here Kitty Kitty

    I guess this is one of those ‘cute’ looking cats that you photographed on your porch a little while back.
  12. For years we’ve all wanted the dynamic range for shots like this, but this has me thinking, would less dynamic range be better? I’m imagining a bright hat among shadows and silhouettes. I do like the concept though.
  13. crowecg

    Remembering Sheldon

    Such a sad event, especially as it involved someone who had a passion for such animals. I understand your caution with elephants after seeing them up close many years ago in Namibia. Whilst many people would not believe it, they have an amazing ability to creep up on you - I remember waking one morning to find elephant footprints only a couple of metres from my tent! I’m sure Sheldon wouldn’t have wanted to see the elephants harmed, especially if the animal involved was the matriarch of the herd.
  14. A few shots from the garden - that's as far as I can take the camera at the moment. Succulent Going to seed Pea Herb The Nikon D7000/Tamron SP90 combination continues to serve for macro. My current temptation to get a macro capability on the Fuji is Laowa 65 - anyone had any experience with any of their other lenses? Whilst I wait for a local dealer to get stock, I'm also rather tempted by their circular fisheye, which looks quite nicely priced. I suppose I really need to have a day shooting manual focus to see if I can cope with manual only. I think it is over 23 years since I've relied on manual focus for anything other than macro work.
  15. crowecg


    Oh, it's not too bad. Melbourne's weather is playing its part in making everyone want to stay indoors anyway.
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