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  1. I had hoped to have got to the low light comparison before now, but I had forgotten how late in got dark in the UK summer, particularly as you get north. Back in Melbourne now and it is a challenge to get out of work before it gets dark at the moment! I've managed to get an alternative photo app which allows adjustments to the exposure settings on the phone, so I can do high and low ISO versions rather than just what the phone chooses, although getting the exposure "right" is just a judgement based on how the screen looks. Again, nothing too scientific and at this stage just the Nikon J1 against the phone. J1_LowISO (100) J1_HiISO, although this was limited by me to just 800 for this test. iPhone Low ISO (100) - not sure why the phone swapped aspect ratio for this shot, but this was the alternative app. iPhone_HiISO - this was the default phone photo app which is auto ISO and resulted in a value of 1250, a bit higher than what I had set for the camera, but it is not easy to extract this data straight of the phone. Probably not a lot in it until you push past 100% when the noise reduction of the phone kicks in with a much more blotchy effect. On the other hand, the phone possibly has a bit more apparent dynamic range, but that may be in part due to the brighter image. For detail effects, I was looking in the area of riverbank immediately below the tower. I'll try and do some crops of this area later, but what is noticeable is the disappearing fence posts just behind the path. Overall, it's probably a close thing for most people unless you really dig into the details, but then there is around 6 years difference in the sensor technology. I'm sure there will be a more significant difference between a DSLR and the phone, even with a similar age difference and there will be a bigger difference for newer cameras than I have available at the moment.
  2. Week 29, a colour version of the Seven Sisters picture from the thread, 'Final few from the UK'.
  3. A few lesser known landmarks Seven Sisters, a neolithic burial mound. Silhouette (still in colour for a change!) Rolling Countryside of the Wear Valley. Penshaw Monument - no not a side trip to Greece, but a Victorian folly on a hill outside of Sunderland. I was starting to get a bit bored with the B&W conversions for dramatic effect (and noticed the artefacts developing in some, particularly when the starting point was a JPG rather than RAW). Penshaw Monument again and one last B&W conversion.
  4. After a couple of weeks resorting to black and white to get some action into grey flat skies, I think I'd want to see these in colour - there must be some nice blues, greens and yellows in there. And also bit hypocritically given my recent posts, I think there is a bit too much contrast giving sharp edges to the clouds. Looking back at some of mine, I think I may have overdone some of them and found some artefacts that aren't visible in the smaller sizes. I'd love to be able to get the clouds looking dramatic in colour!
  5. Wondering whether the ability of B&W to bring something out of flat white skies that just doesn't work in colour might get you over your dislike of B&W?
  6. There is one..., However, it is really just a theme park and only dates back to the 1970's. I'm on holiday at the moment, hence the extra time for taking photos.
  7. Much easier to achieve a reasonable look in digital ( even if it means pushing the saturation slider a long way across - sorry, Alan). Attempts at such shots in the film days always ended up looking drab and grey ( but then I never did my own prints).
  8. Didn't make it to Castle Rigg stone circle this time, but have been there before. Torrential rain probably meant that you had the place to yourself, which always adds to the atmosphere and experience of such places. There is always the sense of wonder about how and why these places were built.
  9. Week 28 Standing Stone at Mayburgh Henge. Part of the series from 'Now for the North West'
  10. And a few B&W Brougham Castle again Standing Stone at Mayburgh Henge Windermere again - the B&W makes the clouds much more dramatic. More Lakes to Dales
  11. Just returned from a few days around the edge of the Lake District. Wonderful landscapes but everything is dictated by the weather. One of the better days.. and this is actually looking over into the Yorkshire Dales rather than the Lake District. View from the tower of Brougham Castle More from the castle Low cloud across Ulswater Traditional view of boats on Windermere
  12. OLA

    And I'm busy trying to convince people the north east is nice. You seem to be getting a bit more sunshine that I'm getting.
  13. a panorama off my phone. Not bad for a scene with a lot of potential movement. Phone Pano
  14. Durham also has a nice riverside walk and some interesting bridges both Ancient.... .....and Modern. The expansion joint on Kingsgate Bridge is also fascinating.
  15. And a few from Durham. Narrow streets leading up the hill First glimpse of the Cathedral And the Cathedral, unfortunately maintenance of the tower spoils the scene slightly.