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  1. crowecg

    Air Show

    Ahh, the challenges of aircraft photography - getting a fast enough shutter speed to catch the movement of fast jets, but slow enough to get blur or props and rotors.
  2. The power pole provides a nice dividing line between the two buildings. I like how it catches that time of evening, I guess Tasmania manages a long lingering dusk that the more northerly states miss.
  3. And the Nikon Zf landed overnight. Looks quite nice.
  4. Fuji cameras are notorious for having seemingly random interactions between different settings that lead to erratic behaviour. Everyone who has used a Fuji for any length of time will have a similar story to tell. I had a problem at little while back where the flash refused to fire - turns out you need to go into the drive menu and have ‘still image’ selected and not continuous shooting.
  5. Yes, that will certainly be an interesting one, especially they haven’t even hinted at anything close in X mount.
  6. Due 3pm uk time, so another couple of hours to wait for that and Apple not due until around 10am pacific time, so I’ll not see that until tomorrow morning.
  7. Fuji announced the expected GFX100 II and a few lenses, a portrait and two tilt shift. They were pretty focused on speed, making a big thing of the 8fps together with video up to 8k. As well as the stuff due out over the next couple of months, there were a couple of lenses added to the road map, a power zoom for video, and most interestingly a 500mm telephoto! They seem pretty certain that the speed will be of interest to wildlife and sport photographers. if only they also had a 500mm telephoto for X mount!
  8. Rumours are calling it g9II and also mention a couple of new lenses to go with it.
  9. Also rumours that Nikon will be releasing a Zf, full frame manual dials type of camera, but that will be a week or so later, possibly on the 20 September.
  10. It can be frustrating as their hardware is good quality stuff, which you are demonstrating by still using it after so long. There can be things for both sides of the obsolescence argument - whilst PCs can still run some 20 year old software, it can be hit and miss on whether it will work and requires windows to have a rather bloated code base. Apple’s regular clean out of old code (often helped by a change in processor architecture) makes things more efficient but if you are using specialist software from a small developer who decides not to update it, you are stuck. whilst the new Apple architecture will scare some people because of the lack of upgradability, they are certainly impressive performance and power consumption. I’ve done some comparisons over the past year or so and found my iPhone SE will outperform most of the ‘business’ laptops in my office. I’ve also compared an M1 Pro MacBook Pro against some ‘portable workstation’ (various HP Zbook) and whilst it is possible to configure the Z book with better graphics options than the MacBook, the MacBook will beat the Z book up to at least i7 and with a fraction of the power consumption.
  11. And there is a Sony pro-video announcement that day too.
  12. Sounds like 12 Sept is going to be a big day for announcements. There’s Apple’s iPhone event, a Fuji X-summit, a Panasonic announcement and I think I even saw something about some big car announcements too. I think they are in a few different time zones, so the various announcements will probably be spread out over the day (or the following day for those of us in Australia or New Zealand).
  13. As part of my job, I get a lot of plans for new apartment blocks and the occasional house crossing my desk and open plan living space is a common feature. One thing I don’t like about them is the bedrooms opening onto that living space. I think there needs to be some separation, particularly if you are considering a family living there. your photos look good and show that place well.
  14. I’d noticed a few spring flowers when I was out and about last weekend and the weather had been quite mild, but winter is definitely back this week!🥶 I keep trying to convince myself that I’ve got most things covered now with lenses for my Fuji, but you are putting temptation my way. That 30 definitely looks like a good lens and is pretty compact too.
  15. crowecg


    The buildings dwarfing the Flinders St station were part of what I was thinking about with these shots. And once years ago, the station, cathedral and the town hall just around the corner would have dominated that part of the skyline. Melbourne is constantly changing, even just the little corner of it that I see on my walk from the station to my office. In the 10 years I’ve worked from this particular location, I’ve had to change my route two or three times because of redevelopments.
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