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  1. Week 38 - I had a busy week last week, but many photo opportunities along the way.
  2. Speed is definitely better. However, getting a 403 forbidden error when trying to create a new thread. Given that everyone else seems fine, it must be something to do with me. Update: Error must be associated with links out to Flickr. Obviously I've replied with text here, but I can't reply or create a thread with the links. I've tried the "log out and back in again".
  3. Another month - spring is on the way! Week 36 Night scenes are on the way out, as they sun is getting higher in the sky as I walk home. Week 37
  4. I guess in this case the bottle neck will be the USB cable. Are Fuji cameras using USB3 or just USB2? given this bottleneck, it may be faster to stay in the computer, particularly if you have a machine and software capable of throwing such tasks off to say the graphics card an d fast ssd disks. It might be useful in the field when only carrying a light laptop, but a decent desktop set up would show up the USB limitation.
  5. I don't think it is a one better than another thing - certainly not elitism. I think it just might be easier to code on a Mac, as a lot of image processing functionality and RAW processing is built into the OS, making it easier for lesser developers to get a toe into the market without a lot of heavy investment. However when it comes to support such developers may not fully understand the background to the core functions they are calling upon.
  6. Don't forget the new hardware announced too. X-E3 body, xf80mm macro and gf45mm!
  7. Still shooting IR? although the response looks a bit fainter, probably due to the overcast sky. IR levels do drop quite considerably once the cloud comes in.
  8. Good to see you still going strong. I've just realised that I have reached week 35 in my challenge, which must put you at over 245 photos by now. What a challenge!
  9. I've had to change my route and walk a bit further along the river to get something different. I thought I had caught some good light for week 35, but found when I got the picture not the computer that it just didn't look like I had imagined - the sky just remained too light no matter what I did. So I just kept playing with the curves and went a bit crazy to get this.... Week 35 The curve actually ended up looking almost like a sine curve to get this effect.
  10. When I did a few b&w conversions during my recent holiday, I found it quite obvious if I started the conversion from a JPEG or RAW, particularly if I was really trying to stretch the contrast a bit.
  11. I'm guessing this one was an infrared shot.
  12. Despite owning a dedicated macro lens, I'm seriously tempted by some diopters for my longer lens. You're shots are convincing me to go ahead.
  13. Seems like it isn't creating much of a stir here, but its announced! A few new features look interesting like built in focus stacking, but may not have quite hit the mark - reading the specs it steps focus fro a set point to infinity, rather than between a fixed range. Then things like this and the 8k still need extra software to actually get there.
  14. Perhaps the coating (or lack of) on some of those Russian lenses might let some UV through too. Another thing to try....... Maybe a selection of band pass filters might be an alternative to a proper repair. UV-IR block filters look like they aren't too hard to get hold of to get you back to a 'normal' camera. UV pass filters seem a bit harder to come by. In the mean time enjoy your IR.
  15. Looks good. Some people pay a lot of money to get that sort of conversion done! IR can be something that works on those bright days when the light can be a bit too harsh otherwise - but they are still a month or two off!