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  1. DaweP

    Markins L-plate for Nikon D750

    And it is here... :-) http://www.photoproshop.com/Camera-Accessories/Camera-L-Brackets/For-Nikon/Markins-L-Bracket-LN-750-for-Nikon-D750.html
  2. DaweP

    Markins L-plate for Nikon D750

    Yes, your "little bottom plate" actually belongs to the heaviest from the bunch: http://www.markins.com/4.0/html_en/camera-plate.php When I mailed with Markins trying to persuade them that making the L-plate for D750 is a good idea, I tried to emphasize that they should differentiate from Kirk and RRS by making it lighter and smaller (without sacrificing the quality). The Kirk L-plate for my current D700 has 96 g... but it increases the height of the camera by ca 12 mm. My small Markins plate P20 is only 7 mm tall (although they declare 8 mm). If they really keep the new L-plate at the promised 8 mm, it will by welcome by many, IMHO. D.
  3. DaweP

    Markins L-plate for Nikon D750

    Their L-plate for D810 has 70 g. http://www.markins.com/4.0/html_en/l-plate.php Perhaps - as D750 is narrower in the bottom part - they managed to save some more weight. This is the info I got. We shall see soon enough D.
  4. I would like to let you know that Markins L-plate for Nikon D750 is at the stage of development and should be available in December 2014. I asked Markins about it some time ago and was first informed that there were no special plans for this product. After some further communication, they promised to "consider" it. On Thursday I received this good news I know there are plates from Kirk and RRS already available, but Markins version should be lighter (less than 60 g) and with lower profile (8 mm). Those of you that appreciate weight and size advantage of D750 might find this information useful for their decision what L-plate to buy. Best wishes, David
  5. DaweP

    Hello from Prague

    Hi all, thank you for a nice welcome. Olivier: no special photos worth posting at this moment, but if you insist on looking at some, here is my web: http://dawep.net You will probably experience some difficulties with navigation (links are in Czech), but if you hover the mouse on it, text in English should pop-up and make it a bit easier David
  6. DaweP

    Hello from Prague

    Hello, I have recently joined the Nikongear community to be able to get some pieces of knowledge about, well, Nikon gear and other aspects of photography. In past (prior to the "big change" here), I visited Nikongear quite often… To be honest, the main reason was that I followed nfoto (and his invaluable knowledge on lenses ) who has moved his center of interest from his own site here… I remember that after the announcement of AF-S 14-24/2.8, 24/1.4 G, 85/1.4 G and 35/1.4 G, nfoto shared his first experience with these lenses with us, which was more than appreciated by many. Since Nikon recently announced the long awaited AF-S 70-200/4 VR lens, I hoped that Bjørn will share his impressions with us again. But I did not notice anything in this regard so far (at least from him)… Hopefully Bjørn is OK and we will eventually read the review of this lens. I do not know about any reviewer who is so well respected and unbiased… Best wishes and happy holiday to everyone. David

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