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  1. 'Modern' doesn't necessarily mean 'dull'. The Leica 50 Summicron APO is such an example; its bokeh has a curiously gentle and non-descript quality; it doesn't add, subtract or distract from the subject in-focus. The degree of resolution and exactness of color correction are so great and the fall-off so quick, especially at ƒ/2, that the isolating effect on the subject is nothing short of stunning. The combination may not be to your liking, but it is a (?new) reinterpretation of what a lens can do. I especially have to concur about the Z* 1,4/35 (Classic), a much under-appreciated optic. People were caught up with its middling MTF numbers and missing the 'point' of its design. Its color fidelity, skin tones and artful rendering made it my favorite of the four ZF lenses I once owned.