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  1. Dallas - This is such a nice thing to hear! Congratulations on the settlement. You have a huge draw here on FZ with the Safaris and with your great Articles, so I don't doubt that Fotozones will continue to grow in conjunction with Photographers' Travel. I have always thought that there is room in the world for multiple photography forums. Each one offers something slightly different and each one finds their viewership eventually. I have had my hands full with my own UVP Admin work and my own UV photography work, so I do not participate as much on any forums as previously. But I continue to stop in and read Articles and look at all the wonderful photographs posted here.
  2. The second foto is a particularly good & interesting 'behaviorial' shot, Joergen. I have seen birds cleaning their nest boxes but have never managed to capture it in that detail. Randy, thanks for the good recommendations for bird lenses. I've been considering that 80-400. I have always loved to photograph the birds. Well, attempt to photograph the birds. It is a very difficult art for sure.
  3. #5 is cool for the colour and the diagonals. Nicely seen! #6 also -- for the play of the man-made against the nature/clouds. Again the diagonals and colours are nice.
  4. I like your editing which brought out the details so nicely of the bricks and decorative elements. I suppose I would have to correct the horizontal tilt?? But that would cut more off the spire. However you could probably clone in some clouds to fill the empty spaces left by the tilt fix . All this would require a lot of work, so nevermind!!!
  5. I think folks would like to see an example together with the settings you were using??
  6. o u guyz r soooooo harsh !!!!! :P The SigOth and I have our picture taken in front of monuments because I need a break from "real" photography. We happen to like such fotos because they recall happy moments in our life. There is a place for snapshots even when we are attempting to be serious photographers who are above all that. I don't know about you all, but *I'm* probably just pretending to be a serious photographer, so I do not get riled up over the occasional snapshot. However, selfie sticks should be banned forever. I love the comics everyone has found.
  7. Are there settings in the XT1 which "turn on" the DR like there were in the old Fuji S Pro cameras? I don't remember what they were called.
  8. What is a good lens to rent with the X-T1? (....and thanks...) I was thinking perhaps the Fuji 16-55/2.8 ??
  9. The V2.0 allegedly is a major rewrite - I hope that doesn't completely upend the controls layout and menus because I am now very familiar with things and I'd hate to have to start from scratch. I also hope it does not "ruin" what we Photo Ninja users love about this app!! ***** Alan & other X-Trans users, you might enjoy Michael Johnston's column about his X-Trans: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2015/05/open-mike-why-i-chose-fuji.html I always enjoy his writing. Also on that blog is a guest column by a Kevin Purcell about the X-Trans: http://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2015/05/noise-for-headroom-fujis-x-trans-sensor.html The following quote from Purcell's column is somewhat mysterious to me given the photo Alan has just posted above: I can't imagine why this fellow writes that !!! Methinks that perhaps he does not edit his images properly? Oh well, not everyone likes everything - especially when cameras are involved. But I want to drag this person over here to Fotozones and point out the above fine leaf detail. I just had a successful LensRental.com experience with the new Nikon Coolpix P900 and its huge "2000mm equivalent" zoom. So I'm thinking that next up on the rental list should be one of the X-Trans cams. At this point I really need/want to try it myself.
  10. I have about 30 Presets based on different cameras and which light was illuminating the subject (UV, IR, Sunlight, etc.) and other factors. These Presets usually incorporate Light Source profiles I've built in Photo Ninja. I'm not liking Photo Ninja's current interpretation of the daylight D810 colours. But for the older cams like D3S, D700, D300, D200 the built-in daylight colour profiles seem right on target. And I've found that PN is good enough at interpreting the in-camera white balance settings for ordinary work ("ordinary" for me = non-UV photos). The built-in daylight profiles probably improve with subsequent releases because the PN team receives a lot of samples from users and continually upgrades the built-in profiles?? (Either I read that somewhere or was told that by one of the PN team members.) But really, it is so simple to record a Color Checker Passport at the beginning of each shoot to use to make a profile in PN, that I hardly use of the built-ins anymore. Just open the photo of the CC Passport, spread the grid and push the button.
  11. Photo Ninja does a great job with the X-Trans files for sure! And it was very enjoyable to see how someone else makes use of PN. I also have the Color Recovery slider set to 50. Then the Highlights slider works better it seems. The X-Trans files do certainly record massive amounts of detail in a lovely way. I like the version just before the final one for viewing here on a monitor (understanding that by necessity we must 'oversharpen' a little bit for printing as in the final version). A reminder that commonly used settings can be saved as a Preset which helps cut down on editing time. And the color patches on the Color Enhancement panel are well worth exploring in depth. Currently I've been working on how & when to reset the reference hue sliders. Problem is that PN does not supply a colour sampler to measure a colour area in a foto that you might want to change. So setting resetting the reference hue sliders is a bit hit and miss.
  12. Oh this is just all kinds of wrong!! :P I've been LMAO. Nice product photos though.
  13. Too much font play. Find a simple font. Let the photos speak for themselves.
  14. Samsung's Galaxy point-n-shoot cameras have all that: Android, Wi-fi, Social media uploads, Email, quad-core processing, editing apps, save fotos to phone or pc, no need for SD card and so forth. It has a 4.8" screen. It is really just like a Samsung smart phone except it has a zoom lens and a bit of a grip. The Samsung Galaxy camera doesn't have a phone. And the Samsung Galaxy phone doesn't have an extendible zoom lens. But otherwise they are pretty much alike. The Samsung 20mp mirrorless interchangeable lens camera has all that stuff as well. You could upload images directly to Fotozones from these cameras. Added: And, of course these cameras have MP3 players. And weather, google, internet, maps, book reader, You Tube, video editor, instragram, dropbox, calendar, clock, calculator. And voice activation and touch screens.
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