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  1. amazing stuff
  2. thank you for the insight Bjørn, I will try to keep that in mind
  3. congrats Ron, great image
  4. really like this image, great pp
  5. thank you Joergen, Paco Golunvolo and Doug for your words of support, good luck Doug in Spain hope you have a great time
  6. love it, great for photographing magpies
  7. congratulations Mikes, super image
  8. sorry to see such bad news Frank, my thoughts are with you
  9. I love this series, really nicely done and your words give extra interest to the images
  10. very nice lighting Armando
  11. thank you Colin, your words are too kind, I really had very little to do with any of these images, just stand there and click, its the subjects that appear to arrange themselves in what I think is a pleasing image,
  12. what a wonderful Christmas gift, thank you Ron for the nomination and thank you Elsa for choosing the image I’m over the moon that you liked it, Even if there was a bit of Madrid bias in there
  13. sweet moment
  14. I fear some of those lock may last longer than the love they represent, I love the first image, that's forever
  15. like them Fons especially the second version