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  1. Anthony

    The New York Times Called...

    Congratulations, Dallas, you are clearly making a name for yourself in this field.
  2. Anthony

    Surfing in Munich

    Thanks, yes it was at the end of August, very hot there.
  3. Anthony

    Surfing in Munich

    The Englischer Garten (English Garden) in Munich is said to be one of the largest urban parks in the world. The river which runs through it has been modified to produce a challenging surfing site. Although it cannot compare with the sea, it has its own difficulties, not least the stone banks which would make a collision very unpleasant. X-T2 and 18-55.
  4. Anthony

    Yurak: Dance Practice

    Very interesting story and photos, but the kids with the smartphones probably represent the future.
  5. Anthony

    At the beach

    I agree with Walter, the new luminosity masking tools in C1P are great, much easier to use than Photoshop.
  6. Anthony

    Surfing in Munich

    Thanks, Dallas and Hugh. I was certainly not tempted to join in!
  7. Anthony

    Surfing in Munich

  8. Anthony

    Window Woman

    Looking at the sky, I would say that some serious sensor cleaning is required.
  9. Anthony

    Starling in flight

    I like the presentation of the image because it looks like an old illustration, more creative than a straightforward representation of a common bird.
  10. Anthony

    Frames From My Week

    Thanks, Dallas, very interesting.
  11. Anthony

    Frames From My Week

    These are very good. I recently shot a friend's flat for an AirBnB listing, and found it much more of a challenge than I expected. Everything has to be perfect, and any dust or minor blemishes in paint seems to stand out in the photograph. One of the issues was that there was a strong afternoon sun, which affected the white balance of certain areas. From one angle a brushed steel surface looked like brushed steel, and from another angle the low warm sun made it seem slightly gold. This was fairly easy to correct in Photoshop, but other things were more difficult. One strange feature was that the blue of the sky was a different shade through different, adjacent windows. I can only suppose that the glass was not identical in each frame. A sliding glass door was partly open, leading to another shade of blue where the two glass doors overlapped. I tried to do HDR to capture both the sky and the interior, but found it difficult to get a good result. I will be interested to read your comments on Aurora. And, yes, I did use a tripod. Overall, the results were much better than my friend had before, so she was very happy.
  12. Anthony

    The End Of A Grey Day

    Dark skies can make a great photo, as here.
  13. Anthony

    Is That My Seat?

    I like this, mysterious and slightly menacing.
  14. Anthony

    Photo-Displaying sites

    SmugMug has been around for years. I was a subscriber for many years but moved on for reasons not related to the quality of the site.
  15. Anthony

    For The Aviation Lovers

    What a great experience, good light as well, thanks for the photographs.
  16. Anthony

    Todays Dove

    I don't think that the branch behind the bird is quite right... Also, the bottom of the branch is partially obscured by clouds.
  17. Anthony

    That dummy wind on lever.

    My comments were certainly not aimed at you, or at any other individual on this site. I do not even know what you shoot with, although I could probably find out by searching back. It may be that the thumb grip works really well. It seems that the camera needs something like that to enable people to hold it firmly. My point is that designing to look like a film advance lever is retro carried to the point of silliness.
  18. Anthony

    That dummy wind on lever.

    I do find it odd that makers produce cameras which, for retro reasons, are so badly designed that the users have to stick things on them to make them easier to hold properly. Adding a dummy film wind lever to rectify this defect would be a joke if it was not so tragic. Why is it that some people cannot be adult enough to accept that old designs can be improved without compromising the integrity of the original? Cameras like the Fuji X-Series and the Nikon Df do not fall into this category of foolishness, because there are ergonomic reasons for their designs. Making a thumb grip look like a film rewind lever is pretentious.
  19. Anthony


    The monochrome image is much better IMHO, the colour version is, frankly, not very interesting. The monochrome has, of course, had quite a lot of pp work while the colour appears to have had little or none. So no doubt the colour could be worked up. But the comparison shows that removal of colour can actually enhance some images and enable the viewer to concentrate on tone and mood. Having said all that, I normally much prefer colour and agree with Mike that many b&w images are poor - but not here.
  20. Anthony

    Barcelona, Casa Batlló and Park Guell

    I think that Sagrada Familia is one of the world's greatest buildings. I am not so keen on Gaudi's other buildings.
  21. Anthony

    Barcelona, Casa Batlló and Park Guell

    Thanks, Aguinaldo, she is very amused by the coincidence, and no need at all to remove the picture.
  22. Anthony

    Barcelona, Casa Batlló and Park Guell

    Extraordinary coincidence! The lady in red in §6 is a good friend of mine from London who was recently in Barcelona! We live in a connected world.
  23. Anthony

    Gouda #1

    Thanks, Mike, it is interesting that the format of the screen has influenced Dallas to compose in a format which uses less than the whole of what is already a small sensor.
  24. Anthony

    Gouda #1

    Interesting, that seems a bit of a design fault.
  25. Anthony

    The Map Project

    Fascinating project, and congratulations on such a good result. It would be interesting to know how the overlay of the photo on the map works.

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