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  1. Anthony


    Thank you, Hugh and Dallas.
  2. Anthony


    Catch me if you can.
  3. Anthony


    Making a real pony tail. Important to have your hair up when the action starts. And shins have to be protected.
  4. Anthony


    Power shot.
  5. Anthony


    How to take the ball.
  6. Anthony


    On Sunday I shot some polo at the Guards' Polo Club in Windsor Great Park. It is not an easy sport to photograph. The playing area (called the "Ground") is the size of five football (soccer) pitches. The action is very fast and unpredictable. One moment they are at the far end, almost out of view, and suddenly they are close. The right focal length can become the wrong focal length in a couple of seconds. It was a lot of fun.
  7. Anthony

    Air Show

    Creative and attractive plane photos.
  8. The diverging verticals are apparently part of the shape of the bottle. Have a look at other photos if you do not have a bottle handy. I agree about the waste of a good malt. The cocktail would taste the same with something of much lower quality.
  9. An indication of the dangers of using insecure WiFi networks.
  10. Anthony


    Thank you, Hugh. Having been pointed to a butterfly site, I think that this is a Grayling. https://butterfly-conservation.org/butterflies/grayling
  11. Anthony


    Not sure what type.
  12. Anthony

    On the Stairs

    I am going to go with the first image. The dark shadows add an air of mystery, while the second is just two people walking down a staircase.
  13. That is a disappointing amount of noise for a flagship camera.
  14. Anthony

    The Other Tower

    It was bombed by Irish terrorists. Excellent photo.
  15. Anthony

    Jalapão dunes

    I love the dramatic shots with the sand contrasting with the sky, the people adding scale.
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