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  1. Anthony

    The GAS Conundrum

    That does not sound good. I hope you find a way to rediscover joy in photography.
  2. Anthony

    Sunsets, penguins

    Thanks, Dallas and Luc. We were very fortunate with the light.
  3. Anthony

    Sunsets, penguins

  4. Anthony

    New York newest attraction - The Vessel.

    Great photos of a remarkable structure. There has been a lot of controversy over photography rights in relation to this. Basically, if you enter the property with a ticket, and post any photos online, you grant a perpetual free copyright licence to the Vessel owners to use your photographs. This is discussed here https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/19/arts/design/hudson-yards-vessel-instagram.html
  5. Anthony

    New Fuji user - X-T3

    It is quite different from a DSLR, and it is certainly worth spending time understanding how the different settings work and interact. You can download settings to your computer using the Fuji X-Acquire app, and save these to an SD card. It should be possible to save different sets of settings to different SD cards. This is something I have not done, as I normally set a camera up and do not change basic settings. Exposure compensation does not work when shooting manual exposure. I found the touch screen a nuisance and disabled touch controls. Control from the mobile is a bit flakey. There is a new version of the app for this which I have downloaded by not tested.
  6. Anthony

    Antarctic Sunset

    Alan, Luc, thank you. I still have lots of images to go through....
  7. Anthony

    Antarctic Sunset

    Some more.
  8. Anthony

    Antarctic Sunset

    Some more.
  9. Anthony

    Antarctic Sunset

    At the end of a long day, Antarctica served up a spectacular light show. All these photos were taken in the space of less than an hour.
  10. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    In late afternoon we went ashore to view some penguin rookeries.
  11. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    Snow and ice, of course.
  12. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    Plenty of wildlife.
  13. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    We spent several hours moving slowly through the brash ice (loose floating pieces of ice) of the Lemaire Channel. There were many opportunities for photographers and our painter.
  14. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    Not so cute penguin chicks. The first is a Gentoo, the others are Adelies.
  15. Anthony

    Hans Hansson. The Lemaire Channel

    Cute penguin chicks.

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