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  1. I cannot talk about Sigma, but Adobe is not good at demosaicing Fuji files. This has been extensively discussed on the internet. Some people do not observe a difference. Others do. Iridient has been very successful with its demosaicing program. My personal observation is that Photo Ninja and ON1 Photo Raw do a much better job on Fuji files than LR/ACR. Mark me down as someone who is not impressed withLR/ACR.
  2. The bed of gravel is no reason not to post, and in fact provides a dramatic contrast to the beautifully exposed fox. I think this is the best of the images in this thread.
  3. Walton, you are posting some lovely wildlife photos at the moment, I hope to see more. "Kit" is indeed a North American term for what we call cubs on this side of the Atlantic.
  4. OLA

    The North East is awesome, not necessarily for the weather.
  5. The statue photo is outstanding.
  6. Good to see you and your lady wife in that setting. What a great trip.
  7. Making a mess is half the fun. Armando, unleash your inner child!
  8. Lovely results. Drops of liquid are such fun (but can be messy!).
  9. It is the price you have to pay for going to such beautiful places. More, please!
  10. You were well rewarded for your early start.
  11. Great shots, as Mike says, "those eyes!".
  12. Here is one in the entrance hall of a restaurant in Amman, queueing behind a more basic form of transport.
  13. Glorious. You won't get such a clear view in most places in the UK, even the countryside has light pollution.
  14. I now, mostly, select lenses for Fuji shooting based on how I think the results will look, without referring back to 135 format lenses. I never use AOV as such, too much trouble to remember. Occasionally, I slip, I hope that is permissible, as I am still shooting with both APS-C and 135.
  15. Rags, the first is a very US centric joke. Most countries have different sizes and colours for different denominations of banknotes. Makes it a lot easier to work things out, and also allows for variations on the joke. Here is a true story which could be added to your list. Many years ago in the UK, the milkman would deliver milk to the doorstep of most houses every day. Mike G will remember this. One day, my mother left a note for him asking that he deliver a half pint of double cream. He actually left a half pint of single cream on the doorstep. When she next saw him, she asked why. "Oh," came the answer, "double cream only comes in quarter pints, for half pints we only have single cream".