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  1. Anthony

    hibiscus bud

    I am glad you did not delete it, lovely.
  2. Anthony

    Some Aeolian sunsets

    Armando, have a look at the angle of the mast of the white yacht, in harbour. This was a few hours before the photo with all the clouds. I suspect it would not have suited you at all! Dallas, time to venture onto the ocean. Perhaps first on a large ship, to acclimatise.
  3. Anthony

    Cat Lovers

    On Lipari.
  4. Anthony

    Some Aeolian sunsets

    Dallas, Armando, Clactonian, thank you. §2 was followed by a stormy night, rather uncomfortable in a boat on a rather exposed mooring.
  5. Anthony

    Some Aeolian sunsets

    From my recent trip.
  6. Anthony

    Show Me Your Workspace

    Agreed, which is why I will use the old version until it packs up or until I buy a new desktop computer.
  7. Anthony

    Birding with the Fuji 80 mm macro

    Thanks, Mike, you are right about the decline, which was why I was glad to have the chance to photograph these specimens.
  8. Anthony

    Birding with the Fuji 80 mm macro

    Thanks, Dallas, it did seem to enjoy what was on offer.
  9. Anthony

    Show Me Your Workspace

    It depends on usage, and on the quality of the rechargeables. I have a set of Eneloops and typically recharge around every two weeks. It works out a lot cheaper than buying batteries, and is better for the environment.
  10. Anthony

    Show Me Your Workspace

    I have the old style trackpad which I feed with rechargeable batteries, as it is very greedy. Mrs A's iMac has the new style trackpad which is very nice and, as Mike says, is rechargeable. My trackpad is so old I cannot remember when I bought it.
  11. Anthony

    Birding with the Fuji 80 mm macro

    Sparrows have little fear of humans. Especially when food is around.
  12. Anthony

    Show Me Your Workspace

    Good luck with your choice. The advantage of a sit/stand desk is that you can frequently change your position and always have the surface of the desk at the right height for ergonomic typing. The thing to avoid is always being in the same position, whatever it is.
  13. Anthony

    Show Me Your Workspace

    Interesting. You might want to consider an adjustable height desk. You can make small adjustments to suit your position, including standing as a change from sitting. I have one and it has been very good for my back.
  14. Anthony


    The cloud cover in the UK was so complete that there was no point in even thinking of going out to set up. You have produced an unusual and beautiful image of the event.
  15. Anthony

    Nikon Had No Choice

    I don't think the D5 and the GFX are really competitors. I recently shot the GFX on a day's shoot organised by Camera World (a UK retailer from whom I have bought Fuji gear) and Fujifilm UK. I had the use of the GFX for the day, with a variety of lenses. I have not had time to process the images, but my immediate reaction is that they are of superb quality (the camera's work, not mine!). The camera is a lot like my X-T2 and it was easy to set up and use. Users of the X-H1 would feel even more comfortable. However, the camera is nowhere near as fast and responsive as a D5. The D5 is a superb high ISO sports, action and wildlife camera, amazingly fast and responsive. But it is not Nikon's best in term of image quality, that is the D850. I know that Michael Erlewine prefers the D850 to the GFX, but I have not done the comparison myself.

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