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  1. Thanks, Mike and Dallas. There were only three of us on the course, so there was plenty to take home!
  2. Yesterday I attended an Italian cookery course on desserts. Here are some of the results of our efforts.
  3. Definitely a young person's sport!
  4. Thanks, Alan, they were experienced performers and took great care that the landing area was safe. But the first mistake will probably be the last mistake.
  5. A couple more.
  6. Some more.
  7. Last week I shot some Parkour in Central London in an event organised by the Nikon School. Here are some of the results. Please click to view large.
  8. I am going to agree with both Mike and Alan here. B/W is great when it is done well, and with the right content. But I see a lot of not very good B/W where it seems to me that not a lot of thought or skill has gone into the process, and where the subject matter does not benefit from B/W treatment. B/W is difficult to do well, and very satisfying when this happens.
  9. Thanks, Walt, it looks like the promise of the wedding photo was fulfilled.
  10. Thanks, Walt, but it does not let me see any of the photos of the couple.
  11. Alan, thanks for the stunning photos and also for the explanations. I am sure the couple will be thrilled. Walt, thanks for posting the vintage photo, I hope the couple were as close in the rest of their lives as they seem to be here.
  12. Thanks, Walt, I am glad you like them. I had already purchased the 80 mm macro, but if I hadn't then its performance here would have made the temptation irresistible.
  13. Maybe take a bottle of water, or a spray, next time? Lots of scope for creativity and control of the wetting/drying process.
  14. Yes, I agree, I cannot see why it is not mentioned in the manual and why it cannot be adjusted by the user to personal taste.
  15. I have seen this behaviour on my X-T2. To be honest, it does not bother me, a touch of the shutter button sorts it out. Normally I turn my camera off anyway quickly after taking a shot. If the battery saving is significant and there was a way to turn off this feature I probably would not use it.