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  1. Thanks, I will look for a suitable lamp app.
  2. Interesting, what did you find worked best?
  3. Lovely at full size. Impressive quality.
  4. Very interesting set of photos, thanks for posting. Minus 26 is very chilly.
  5. Fons, Mike, Dallas, thank you for your comments. It was a great experience photographing these events close up, and a little scary at times.
  6. Towcester Races

    Editor's Note: This shot is amazing. It's the first time I have seen an equestrian shot quite like this, it literally pulls me into the action. Part of an all round fantastic series by Anthony seen here.

    © Anthony Macaulay

  7. Some more.
  8. On 30 November I shot some horse races at Towcester. There were six jumping races, half hurdles (low brushwood fences) and half steeplechase (higher fences), and a flat race at the end, for which the light was too bad for decent photography. We picked various fences to shoot, depending on the type of race and the light. Each of our fences was jumped twice in each race, with the action taking about five seconds the first time, and ten to fifteen seconds the second time as the horses spread out. That meant a total of less than two minutes shutter time for the whole afternoon. Most of my photos were taken with the 50-140, a few with the 100-400. I regretted forgetting to pack the 16 and 35, because there were some good opportunities for wide angle shots which I could not exploit.
  9. Thanks, Merlin.
  10. Very true. What does Diana think?
  11. I go the opposite way. The originally posted colour version was a vibrant depiction of a dynamic woman, and the colours in the background helped to drive this impression. The B+W version is, to me, muted and not very interesting. I commented on the colour version because it produced an immediate response in me. This photo provokes no response in me, and I am only commenting because of the contrast with the colour version.
  12. Nice photo, the 90mm is great for portraits.
  13. Very nice rendering. The lens becomes more tempting.
  14. Good to see you back, Tony.
  15. Well shot, with lovely colours.