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  1. Anthony


    The original, the monochrome version looks over processed and has lost the attractive soft mistiness.
  2. Anthony

    Wet Crow

    It is a juvenile, but bigger than it looks in the photo.
  3. Anthony

    Wet Crow

    Showing its underwear.
  4. There is nothing around that I want at the moment. This is worrying; I don't want to lose my GAS. Perhaps I will return to normal when life returns to normal.
  5. Anthony

    The Blacksmith

    I don't think that this is exclusive to Fuji. It is to do with the underlying electronics of the sensor, not whether the array is Bayer or X-Trans. I am getting to the limits of my technical knowledge!
  6. Anthony

    The Blacksmith

    Thanks, I was on a family visit, so no chance of any sort of setup! I used the same technique as I use in a church, which is to make use of the (almost) ISO-less nature of the Fuji sensor (made by Sony). This means I can shoot at a low ISO and then bring up the shadows in pp, and have the same quality of boost to the shadows as if I had shot at a high ISO. The benefit of this is that it enables the highlights to be preserved. I did not want to blow out the window, and I definitely wanted to capture the flames and the red hot metal. I believe Nikon sensors are also made by Sony, so the same technique may be useful with Nikons. The main downside is that the image is almost unusable for preview purposes without some initial exposure adjustment. Here is the embedded jpeg included in the raw file with no adjustment applied.
  7. Anthony

    Peeling Paint

    Agree, a definite improvement.
  8. Thanks, Dallas, an interesting explanation. Typically how long would it take for you to produce this photo starting from taking the product out of the box?
  9. Anthony

    The Blacksmith

    Thank you, Mike. The shadows are already boosted quite a lot. It was very dark in the forge, pretty much as you see in the photo. I did not have a flash, but perhaps that would have changed the atmosphere.
  10. Anthony

    The Blacksmith

    Portrait of a demonstrator at the Black Country Outdoor Museum. Despite appearances in this posed shot, he was a friendly and helpful person. The main activity in this forge was making chains. In the olden days this forge would have been primarily used by a female chain maker, and situated in her back yard. The men did heavier work, but chain making was certainly very hard work.
  11. Anthony


    Mike, you are right. Here is how to make a non-edible pinwheel. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pinwheel/
  12. Anthony


    Thanks, Dallas, a pinwheel is a pastry in the shape of a firework which rotates around a pin in the middle. We used to call it a Catherine Wheel. Hope the baking goes well. Remember - photos or it didn't happen!
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