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  1. Very creative!
  2. I agree, the first sunflower photo is beautiful.
  3. The camera processor can convert raw to jpeg at multiple frames per second. I do not know any raw convertor which can do that. Whether the new software is useful to me depends on what it can do.
  4. The key issue with the new software is whether it will provide selective adjustments, cropping and highlight/shadow recovery. Without those it is unlikely to be of interest to me.
  5. He seems to be getting used to you.
  6. Mike, Fons, thank you.
  7. Thanks, Dallas. Please can I encourage viewers to click up on the images, the quality is much better.
  8. On Saturday 2 September I went to the Cross Country Event at Burghley Horse Trials. Here are some of my photographs. I have tried to capture both close ups and context. All photos were taken with the X-T2 and the 50-140, except for the shot of the rider and horse in the water facing straight on to the camera, which was taken with the 100-400.
  9. Thanks, I have signed up for notifications.
  10. Mike, if you want to photograph canal boats, we can meet up at Little Venice, there are more there than anyone would want to shoot in a day. Here is a small sample.
  11. That is a great shot, capturing the beauty and the cruelty of nature.
  12. Great portrait.
  13. The mid range zoom is a popular lens.
  14. Ah, the lovely 14mm strikes again!
  15. An exciting project, and a very large one!