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  1. Super, it will surely generate business for the farm.
  2. I like the crop. I find that the runner on the left distracts from the key element, which is the energy and focus of the athlete in blue. There are, of course, no right answers.
  3. Looks like a great day. Would you consider cropping the left side of §1 to exclude the athlete in white? That might give a stronger emphasis on the athlete in blue, who is really going for it.
  4. I have tried to take a shot like this several times, without success. You have nailed it, especially with the shadows.
  5. I would add ON1 Photo Raw, currently my favourite for rafs.
  6. Armando, Fons, thank you. Closer would have been in the water, not really where I wanted to be in the circumstances.
  7. That is really special. Just two colours (mostly), shades of blue and shades of orange/red.
  8. Ann, Erv, Alan, thank you for your comments. It is natural to side with the underdog, even though we, as apex predators, have more in common with the crocodile than with the wildebeest. It is sad to see the animal die, but that is nature, as Erv says, and that is why the emotions are complex. Australia, of course, has the biggest crocs; I remember swimming in a natural pool there where there was a sign saying "No Crocodiles". I just hoped that the crocodiles had read the sign.
  9. The wildebeest in the water was struggling. "Croc's got it" said our guide. The other wildebeest continued crossing – the odds of survival had just tipped in their favour. The crocodile's plan was to tire out the wildebeest, and then to drown it. The wildebeest's only hope of escape was to drag the croc to the shore of the river, where the croc might release its grip. According to the exif data, the struggle lasted almost 40 minutes. The wildebeest did get free, but, fatally, a long way from the shore. Probably the croc let go of the leg in order to move in for the kill. The croc sprang, and missed. The exhausted wildebeest turned to face its tormentor. The croc sprang again, and took a death grip. It dragged the wildebeest under the water and, a few seconds later, the struggle was over. The crocodile swam away with its prize. The rest of the herd finished crossing, and grazed peacefully on the other side. In the Land Cruiser, we fell silent, even our experienced guide. Watching an animal lose its life after a long struggle arouses complex emotions, perhaps more so when the animal is a mammal and the predator a prehistoric reptile. I was a long way from the action, so these images are heavily cropped.
  10. Fons, Thomas, thank you for your kind comments.
  11. Every year over a million wildebeest migrate through the Serengetti and Masai Mara, following the rains which bring the new grass. They are accompanied by Zebra and various species of antelope, and the local predators await their arrival. One of the obstacles they must cross is the Mara River, which runs in Northern Tanzania and in Kenya. There are several established crossing points, and great herds of wildebeest congregate at these before deciding whether to cross. Sometimes they decide to cross, sometimes they decide to move elsewhere. Nobody can predict what they do, but once a decision is made, they all follow it. The crossing is dangerous, in some places there are treacherous currents, and often crocodiles await. Please click to view large.
  12. The b+w has been straightened, which is an improvement.
  13. What happened to the top of the head?
  14. Thanks for the update, Mike, I am not keen when places get too crowded. I did handle a GFX at the Birmingham and my thoughts are the same as yours. It is too big for me. You must have made an impression on the man from Cameraworld, especially as you were not buying!
  15. How was the show? Did you make any acquisitions?