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  1. Anthony

    First outing with my new Fuji 80mm macro

    Thanks, Swede, also thanks GB111, apologies for the late reply.
  2. Anthony

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Yes, we cannot escape the laws of physics.
  3. Anthony

    Capture one?

    Capture One 12 which is the latest version. I do not use the Catalogue.
  4. Anthony

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Hmm, have you seen the Fuji 200mm? Monster lens and monster price. Sadly, both put it out of the question for me, despite the stellar image quality. 😞
  5. Anthony

    Some initial images with X-E3

    Welcome to Fujiland, Akira. I am very happy with my decision to Fuji, and so is my back. The Fuji lenses are excellent, although it is generally considered that the f1.4 lenses are better than their f2 equivalents. Capture One does an excellent job of demosaicing Fuji files, noticeably better than Lightroom. I find with C1 that I rarely need to do anything other than tonal adjustments to taste. As a result, there is a lot about C1 I still have to explore.
  6. Anthony

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    This has not been an issue I have had to deal with, but I have done a few tests. My iPhone XS works as you describe the 7P, but the screen will not go black if the phone detects me looking at it. Even when the phone is in front of my face, if I keep my eyes away the screen goes black after 30 seconds (the duration I have set). Face ID works within an arc from the front of my face, and I would expect that a cradle in the middle of the dashboard would be outside this arc, but this would need to be checked. And, of course, a driver should not spend too long with his eyes on the screen........ I think you would need to try this out in the shop and see if the screen behaviour works for you.
  7. Anthony

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    I think it would be no worse in that respect with any mobile phone. Reaching to touch a screen seems no more distracting than touching a sat nav or changing a radio station. The XS should be slightly better because Face ID is easier than fingerprint ID or entering a passcode. Using an app would be far more distracting.
  8. It is a very good lens, but a little slow if one wants to capture action. I very much like the first image.
  9. Anthony

    Tagline Grammar?

    Each version is grammatically and stylistically acceptable. Compare "The thinking man's crumpet" https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/oct/08/joan-bakewell-this-much-i-know-thinking-mans-crumpet-not-insulting
  10. Anthony


    A heavy m4/3 body seems doomed to failure.
  11. Anthony

    iPhone Upgrades - Xs or 8 Plus?

    I have had the iPhone XS for several months, and I can safely say that it is the most slick and enjoyable phone I have ever used. I occasionally use the previous model with the home button, and it now feels primitive and clunky in comparison. Is it worth the money? For me, absolutely yes. It works at arm's length, but I have not tested it at further distances as it is necessary to touch the screen or to raise it in order to activate it. I don't think there is a phone on the market which can be activated beyond arm's length. In the UK it is fine to use a phone in a cradle, including as a sat nav. Personally I try to avoid using a phone as a hands free while driving, because it is far too distracting, much more so than a radio or sat nav.
  12. Anthony

    The New York Times Called...

    Congratulations, Dallas, you are clearly making a name for yourself in this field.
  13. Anthony

    Surfing in Munich

    Thanks, yes it was at the end of August, very hot there.
  14. Anthony

    Yurak: Dance Practice

    Very interesting story and photos, but the kids with the smartphones probably represent the future.
  15. Anthony

    At the beach

    I agree with Walter, the new luminosity masking tools in C1P are great, much easier to use than Photoshop.

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