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  1. Mike, can you post a full size version?
  2. Alex, I for one am not bored, please keep posting your excellent images.
  3. Anthony

    OS Catalina

    I see it is open source. What are the chances it could be updated?
  4. Anthony

    OS Catalina

    I think both Dallas and Mike are correct, it is just that their needs are different. Like Mike, I have installed Catalina with no problems. I knew that my old version of Microsoft Office would not work, but as it is years since I paid for that I feel it does not owe me anything. But if I was running a business on my Mac, I would definitely wait until I was sure that there would be no problems which would interfere with the business.
  5. Anthony

    OS Catalina

    Out of interest, which plugin is that?
  6. It amuses me to see how many supercars are driven around Central London. Large areas now have a 20 mph limit, the rest are 30 mph. The advantage of a supercar is that you don't need to use the heavy clutch, as you can stay in first gear. Except when you have to slow down for the lights, heavy traffic, etc. So I think the buyer of this super lens will probably have more fun than the average Ferrari driver.
  7. If you have the money and think you can use the performance, then get it. The results are capable of being spectacular. Just like the decision to buy a Ferrari, or a private jet plane. We mere mortals have to suffer frustration.
  8. Anthony


    Excellent photos of a great city. I confess a particular liking for §1.
  9. According to Apple, your face information is kept only on the device and is not included in backups. More here https://www.apple.com/business/docs/site/FaceID_Security_Guide.pdf
  10. Actually, I suspect some of these are down to photographers with some sort of a sense of humour.
  11. Anthony

    Brugge Windmill

    Agree, the second one stands out.
  12. Not really, Dallas. Stroking the screen is much more fluid than pressing the Home button. If I don't want to pick up the phone (normally I do, of course) I just touch and side up in a moment. I like the facial recognition system so much I bought a new iPad just to benefit from it. I use the iPad in landscape format for documents in meetings, supported at an angle on the folded case. The Home button would be on the side at an angle, which would make it inconvenient to press to wake every time I need to check a point. It is much easier with facial recognition. I accept that we are all different.
  13. I have just read that the iPhone 11 has a different touch screen from the previous model, so I do not know if my comment about the camera is still relevant.
  14. But someone might be able to use your phone to impersonate you and gain access to more important information. Identity theft is a huge issue. The latest iPhone software has a camera icon on the lower right of the screen. Even if the phone is locked you can directly activate the camera in less than a second by pressing on that icon. Although this immediately activates the camera, it does not give access to the rest of the phone without the password/face recognition. I think this is a much safer way to proceed.
  15. I think you might have set it up wrongly. This is not how it is supposed to work.
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