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  1. Alan, thanks for the stunning photos and also for the explanations. I am sure the couple will be thrilled. Walt, thanks for posting the vintage photo, I hope the couple were as close in the rest of their lives as they seem to be here.
  2. Thanks, Walt, I am glad you like them. I had already purchased the 80 mm macro, but if I hadn't then its performance here would have made the temptation irresistible.
  3. Maybe take a bottle of water, or a spray, next time? Lots of scope for creativity and control of the wetting/drying process.
  4. Yes, I agree, I cannot see why it is not mentioned in the manual and why it cannot be adjusted by the user to personal taste.
  5. I have seen this behaviour on my X-T2. To be honest, it does not bother me, a touch of the shutter button sorts it out. Normally I turn my camera off anyway quickly after taking a shot. If the battery saving is significant and there was a way to turn off this feature I probably would not use it.
  6. I like it.
  7. Blame the Australian distributor for that, not Fuji. I have not heard that any other territory has that, frankly, ridiculous requirement. Surely it will hit Australian sales, and will be dropped. It goes against all marketing sense, which is to lure people in with a relatively low price and then sell them extras, rather than impose a high price at the outset which is a barrier to entry.
  8. Thanks, Robert, I appreciate the response. I think you have real photographic talent and I would welcome your comments. I think I learn from commenting on the work of others, because it makes me think about what I like or do not like in a photo.
  9. Enjoy the new gear, Mike. Are you keeping the X-T2?
  10. You had several favourable comments, including from me, when you posted this photo on another site, so I am not sure why you feel that the lack of comments here is a reason to contemplate giving up photography. For the record, I commented "Very good, teacher and pupil." It is a good capture of the relationship. However, the photo is underexposed in my opinion.
  11. How often do you comment on other people's photos?
  12. The Bladerunner scene involved a mirror, not an eye. More recently
  13. That works much better.
  14. Thanks, Hugh, it is a gecko.
  15. New Fujifilm 80mm Macro

    Editor's note: very sharp and detailed image from Anthony. I like the green and brown combination. Seen here.

    © Anthony Macaulay