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  1. Anthony


    You spend a lot of time putting things away.
  2. Anthony

    Walking on ice

    Thanks, it must have been a great trip.
  3. Anthony

    Walking on ice

    Lovely colours, and a great adventure. I notice that nobody was using hiking poles. I find these very helpful in rough and icy terrain.
  4. Anthony


    Thanks, Dallas.
  5. Anthony


    A couple of herons from Battersea Park, London, last Saturday.
  6. Anthony

    Birds of prey

    Andrew, Dallas and Aguinaldo, thanks for your comments.
  7. Anthony

    Birds of prey

    Last month I went to a Birds of Prey workshop. Here are some of my photos, all with Z7II and 100-400 S.
  8. https://www.dpreview.com/news/0507902613/dpreview-closure-an-update
  9. Great trip! Please keep the photos coming. And take care!
  10. It's great that business is going so well.
  11. BBF is my standard way of shooting. It has been suggested that in the mirrorless era it is no longer useful, because the entire frame is available for AF, but I do not agree. The ability to focus without shooting and shoot without focussing is very useful. It does away with the need to half press the shutter button, which risks accidentally triggering the shutter. It makes prefocussing extremely easy. Focus and reframe is also very easy, and this is often quicker than moving the focus box around.
  12. Our Dyson cordless vacuum has required one new battery in six years, at modest cost. Its usability is far higher than any corded model I have had.
  13. But only if the new tool enables you to do something different. Otherwise, once you have mastered the new tool, you are stuck with the same problem. What do you do with the tools at your disposal. Example. I moved to Fuji eight years ago for specific reasons. I benefited accordingly (some may say my photography was no better, but that is another issue). Last year I moved back to Nikon for specific reasons. None of these moves inspired me to enjoy or create in any different way, but they did facilitate me to do things I wanted to do. Dallas has exposed his issues here, so it is legitimate to comment on them. Nothing he has said suggests that a change of technology is the answer. The answer is to be found elsewhere, but where that is, only Dallas can say.
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