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  1. This is brilliant! Who were they?
  2. Second for me too, for the reasons Alan gives.
  3. Unfortunately, accidentally nudging the controls is a Fuji hazard.
  4. AFC is not ideal with Fuji. With Nikon I use AFC all the time, with Fuji I get much better results with AFS.
  5. I find that the image needs to be clicked on to show the quality of the lens - much more detail emerges.
  6. I like your aircraft shots. The capture of the propellors is very attractive. As for CH, it depends on what you are shooting. The ability to capture sports action is important to me. Aircraft in formation are very different from the erratic action of a basketball match. The X-T2 is much better than the X-T1 for action, but not as good as a D500. I look forward to testing the improved firmware.
  7. I have been on a number of photo trips, and have never had to face that sort of nonsense.
  8. Strong set with which to finish the month.
  9. Interesting series, Luc, thanks for posting. I had not thought of Marseilles as a place to visit, and you have changed my mind.
  10. Thanks for commenting, Rags. The location is in the heart of London, at the junction of two important canal systems. It is close to a major railway station. Many of the boats are houseboats, which rarely move. It is not surprising that the moorings are rather crowded compared with somewhere more rural. The area is well used for recreational purposes. In the summer there is a big festival.
  11. And we see different things. Thanks, Mike and Dallas.
  12. From my day out with Mike Gorman. Please click to view larger size.
  13. Nicely seen!
  14. No photos, because the action was too unexpected. But, as an eye witness, I can vouch for what Mike says. And he then picked himself up and calmly drank his coffee. The defective chair was withdrawn from circulation.
  15. I agree that rentals may increase sales of exotic lenses. I have rented lenses that I would never consider buying, and I am sure that many others do the same. That may well translate into rental companies carrying more stock.