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  1. I am not a South African lawyer, so please do not rely on this as legal advice, but here are my thoughts. The South African wording you quote is very similar to the wording in the UK Copyright Act (breach of copyright?), but the UK Act does not include the words "subject to the provisions of paragraph (b)". The UK Copyright Act 1956 was repealed in 1989; current UK law awards copyright to the creator even when the work has been commissioned by a third party (various exceptions apply). So under UK law you would be entitled to the copyright in the photographs unless you had agreed otherwise. I have tried to find what is meant by "subject to the provisions of paragraph (b)", but none of the online resources I have found discuss these words at all. All say simply that the copyright in commissioned works belongs to the person commissioning, in this case the Estate Agent. I find it hard to understand how the words "subject to the provisions of paragraph (b)" would apply in practice, but it does seem that in any event they would only apply in the case of a proprietor of a "newspaper, magazine or similar periodical". That does not seem to cover an Estate Agent publishing property particulars. So subsection (b) would probably not be relevant. This is consistent with the various online comments which state that the commissioner, not the photographer, owns the copyright to commissioned photographs. So I fear that in the present case you do not own the copyright in the photographs, and the Estate Agent does. This is obviously very disappointing, and means that suing for breach of copyright would be risky. There are currently legislative proposals in South Africa to change copyright law, and one of the proposed changes would be to reverse paragraph (c), so that the photographer, not the commissioner, would own the copyright. I do not know how this would affect photographs made before the new law came into force, but I would expect that the change would only apply to photographs made after the law changed. As I said, I am not a South African lawyer, and before making a decision you may want to consult a South African lawyer. Alternatively, there may be some South African photographers' society or group which has issued guidance, or could answer questions. This must be a problem that many other photographers have faced. Going forward, it would be a good idea to include in your contract specific wording giving you the copyright in commissioned works, at least until the law changes. This wording should be set out up front - including it on the invoice would be too late. You may want to get the wording from a lawyer, as there may be legal pitfalls to avoid.
  2. Interesting, how can they get in without registering?
  3. Beautiful shapes and textures.
  4. I have been using Jpeg Mini but I missed the special pricing. I agree it does an amazing job. I did run a comparison on a photo saved with this and with Capture One by opening them as layers in Photoshop and selecting Difference. There were a few faint white lines indicating that there were differences, but when I selected Normal and turned layers on and off I could not see the difference even at 100%. If I was making a print I would choose the Capture One version just for the reassurance, but for other use Jpeg Mini is my choice.
  5. Indeed. But are we interested in the best available or the merely decent? Each of us must make his or her own choice.
  6. Excellent colour photography.
  7. The sensor in the Canon R falls short of Nikon and Sony according to this https://www.dxomark.com/canon-eos-r-sensor-review/
  8. Anthony

    Forever and always

    It is better than the alternative.
  9. Anthony

    The monochromes

    Chris, your postings of your recent photos are outstanding. Where and when was the trip?
  10. Anthony

    Lions - Day

    Thanks for posting, Chris. The lion and lioness at the water hole is an outstanding photo. Needs to be printed large and put on your wall.
  11. Thanks, Dallas I need to check this in person to see if it is comfortable for me. I use the waist belt when carrying a lot of gear. It puts the main weight of the bag on the hip girdle, which is much more effective at load bearing than the shoulders. But there are many circumstances where this is not necessary, so the removable belt and the strap stowage generally are very good features. I use either a backpack or a messenger bag. I do not like the sling bag, the pressure on the chest is very uncomfortable for me. Glad that you are not increasing your tsetse fly risk!
  12. Looks like a great bag. It is 10 years since I bought a backpack, so I am tempted. What is the weight of the empty bag? Would the front compartment hold a 13 inch laptop? I am not keen on bags where the laptop is stored between the user's back and the camera gear, as that could mean a lot of weight on the laptop if the bag is laid on its back. Having the main opening at the back of the bag helps with this problem. From what I remember, tsetse flies are attracted to dark blue, so some insect repellent might be a useful accessory.
  13. Anthony

    Rainy Day Walk

    The Fuji 80mm is stunning, but pricey. https://www.fotozones.com/live/index.php?/forums/topic/63180-first-outing-with-my-new-fuji-80mm-macro/&tab=comments#comment-518781
  14. I have a custom feed My Unread Content which shows posts since my last visit. Typically that would be from the day before, but sometimes from the same day. Opening a post from that takes about 4 seconds. Returning to that via the back button or by clicking on the feed button takes about the same time. Opening a post from that feed in a separate tab also takes about 4 seconds, but means that returning to the feed is pretty much instantaneous, as it remains open in the original tab.
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