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  1. Amazing!!! You have gotten that critique also!! I am looking at my walls, and the photos I have on the walls. Three of them have a very specific focus: An eagle nest, and eagle in flight, an a tern in flight. And three are like yours: One is a real mix of tundra colors and shapes (lots of lichens), one is some sandstone and shadows, and last is a few hundred fish in a very small stretch of shallow water) less than a cubic yard of water. Grotesque and strange.
  2. Merlin: Should I compliment you, or the lichen? Just joking. I was going to say that a couple of these would make really great poster-sized prints for a wall. But really, there are more than just a couple. I can visualize three of them in a group on the wall. I also really like the red lichens. Again, probably just a personal preference, with no consideration for "artistic" qualities. Someone criticized one of my photos for not having some sort of central focus, or point of interest. I like these for that same reason. You can spend a lot of time "just looking," and changing your gaze from one point to another. Walt
  3. I am glad to see a closeup of the sage. I am still curious about the "fuzz structure." This is really fascinating. I guess it will take my seeing this in person to get my curiosity satisfied. You will have to share some photos when it starts to shed. Thanks for the photo. Walton
  4. This is hardly a comprehensive review. However, my first impressions are really positive. I just received my copy of this lens, purchased new from Olympus for the sale price that is about what most used copies sell for. This lens gives me the same impression that I got from testing the Olympus 75mm f1.8. It is VERY SHARP!! I have done my usual job of taking all sorts of photos both indoors and out, and have enlarged the images to examine fine print (inside) and distant landscape details (outside.) I will probably use this lens more than the 75mm lens. It is a definite candidate for leaving on at least ONE of my mft camera bodies.
  5. Thanks Merlin. I need a bit more flexibility (my joints, not the camera,) and need to get on the ground and shoot horizontally. Of course, the LCD helps a bit. But I still need to confirm focus, and cannot do that from a distance. I used a 7.5mm lens (totally manual, with no electronics) for the one or two horizontal shots I made, and I really like that perspective. But the lichens in this batch are about two feet under the snow, and we have a wind chill of about minus 26 right now, so maybe next October.
  6. As long as I am making this lengthier, here are a few more lichen patches: I am not sure about this lichen. It is similar to Reindeer Lichen. But seems to be bushier." I thought I had my lichen problem solved with a book I found while doing searches. It was used, and loaded with photos. I was about to hit the "purchase button" and I looked at the price. Only $165, used. So I am still stuck with online sources when I can find them. One of my sources had a link to Alaska Lichens. But when I clicked on it, it said "under construction." This lichen is hard to properly photograph. It is so bright that you have to underexpose to eliminate nothing but blown highlights. And here is one final one, that has some bright bearberries in the midst of at least TWO different varieties of lichen.
  7. Thank you Merlin. Here are two other lichens that are common here: The big, leafy looking one is some form of Peltigera. There are at least two different ones here, and it is hard to find texts/photos of lichen in our area. I have no idea what the longer strands of lichen are. And another shot of Peltigera. It looked in horrible conditioin a few weeks earlier before the other foliage had died out.
  8. I seem to have an attraction to Pixie Cups--lichens that is. I had never seen them before, and they are not so terribly visible until the fall, after much of the other vegetation has succumbed. I am not completely satisfied with these images, but maybe I will be around here next year to photograph more of them. All of these are from a spot very close to Saint Mary's, Alaska. This first image was photographed with an Olympus EM1, and a manual 7.5mm fisheye lens. The following used an EM1 camera with a 12-50 Olympus macro lens at 50mm. Another closeup shot with a 12-50 lens on an EM-1 camera.
  9. An interesting way to deal with animals in a zoo. I probably would not have guessed this without your saying so. I will have to think a bit more about your processing. I mostly like it, except for the zebras. But maybe that is in part because of the "sidewalk" in the image. I really like the elephant, and the Kingfisher (I think it is.)
  10. I agree with Dallas. A nice view. But I can remember clearly seeing the solar observatory at Kitt Peak from my office in Tucson. I think the air is not as clear as it was in the 70's. What is your opinion on this?
  11. Another set of "nice rocks." I enjoyed them; they reminded me of some of my past locations in the high desert. Thanks, Walton
  12. Another nice batch..... and another image of those beautiful silver sage heads. I like your rocks, too....
  13. Yes, the sunlit ones are really nice. Would you have a closeup of one of the brighter heads? I made the "mistake" of going to your website. I see that I can spend a great deal of time there. I really enjoyed many/most of your photos. A lot of wonderful images. Thank you, Walton
  14. Buy the Olympus 40-150 F4-5.6 instead. I think it is enough sharper that you can enlarge an image to be the same size as the Lumix at 175mm and still get a sharper image. And you will save a few bucks, too.