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  1. "Not everything has to be resolved at a hundred lines per mm and presented uncropped to work." Agreed ...... Thanks for showing Print on canvas and add a nice frame.
  2. ksmed


    From the archive Nikon F5-Ilford HP
  3. Thank for all the kind words.... Armando, No, he didn´t notice me at all. Only reason was a Mobile Phone I was taking Landscapes and when I turned around she was just there behind the tree.
  4. ksmed

    Second Girl From Cortona

    © Kjeld Smed

  5. In the beautiful Tuscany.
  6. ksmed


    Just some of the small things!
  7. Thanks Vivion, Seeing it on The Zone I think it would benefit from stronger crop - maybe even a 1:1
  8. To day I have tested my latest toy - Fuji 90mm. F.2.0
  9. What a smile she send me when I passed the window - I just had to go back !!
  10. ksmed

    From the City Wall

    Volterra it is. We spend 3 days just walking around in this facinating old City. A City we would like to visit again. I have heard a that heavy rain took a part of the Wall in 2014- or 15. Link to a teaser.
  11. ksmed


    I didn´t have the heart to claim it back for You !! Kjeld
  12. ksmed

    From the City Wall

    A view from the old City Wall
  13. ksmed


    A rainy dai in Volterra
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