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  1. For years I was exclusively a stills photograher. Then I began making educational video training programs for the Internet. Started out using HD 1080p cameras. Video quality was only so so. Then I purchased a Fuji X-E2. Wow, was I impressed with 4K video. 4K video what such a step forward that I was willing to open up my wallet and buy a new camera just to get it. But these days I'm shooting M4/3, APS-C, and a couple of different full frame cameras that are from 4 to 12 years old. I just have not seen enough revolutionary new features in new cameras in the last few years to entice me to upgrade.
  2. blurmagic


    . LR and PS go hand in hand. Lightroom is good for "global adjustments" your your image file. While Photoshop layers is the ultimate tool for making "local adjustments". I guess it depends on your style of photography - for mine, I can not function without layers capabilities.
  3. Wow, that's the best bokeh I've seen in a long time. CREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. . Dallas, I too shoot HDR photos. The quickest and easiest way for me to shoot them is to shoot 3, quick, ISO bracketed (+_ 1) jpg photos. Why? Because you can shoot the ISO bracketed photos with the camera handheld because only 1 exposure is needed.. As far as I know, only Fuji X cameras have ISO bracketing. Might be a time saver for you (less post processing) and make for a quicker and easier capture. The best Fuji X body for this is the XH1 (because it also has IBIS).
  5. I have a free acount and have only uploaded jpg images. Does anyone know if you can upload RAW files and TIFF?
  6. Great looking site. Just curious, your Smugmug site has been up for a few months now - how are sales going? Have you made enough from sales to pay for the Smugmug fees??
  7. . I have the Fuji X-T2 camera too. I also have newer Panasonic m 4/3 camera. It does the focus bracketing AND the stacking itself internally. While I have Zerene Stacker and have used it a lot, it's just so much easier and quicker to do my focus stacks automatically with my Panasonic camera.
  8. I particularly like the interior shots. Incredible dynamic range. Impressive how you could get the exposure perfect for both the interior and the outside sky/clouds. Is this an HDR image?
  9. blurmagic

    The Outhouse

    What an interesting story!
  10. I too shot various interchangeable lens medium format film cameras back in the day. Although my favorite medium format by far was a TLR (Minolta Autocord). I preferred it over my Hassy and Bronica rigs. Have you considered using TLR cameras? Being cheaper, TLR might be the logical next step for your B&W film photography students.
  11. Alan, are you shooting all medium format now, or are you also shooting 35mm film? In the dark room are you printing strictly black and white, or are you developing and printing color film/slides too? What print sizes are your favorities?
  12. That's quite the assortment of old manual focus lenses. Lately, I've been buying up cheap Bronica medium format lenses and I using them on an SQ/Pentax adapter. The look and bokeh of some of these old, 5 or 6 element, manual focus lenses is very nice. Also, they are really easy to take apart and CLA.
  13. Dallas, sounds good! When you have the time, would you please tell me what my new duties and responsibilities include? Thanks, Dave
  14. Mike, sorry to see you leave the Fujifilm community. Dallas, I'm available to take over this moderator position. I've shot Fuji bodies since the S-1 Pro came out 15 years ago. I still own an IR converted Fuji S-3 Pro, X-E2 and X-T2. I've owned or used many of the current Fuji X lenses. Dave
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