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  1. I lived through the 1968 "Hong Kong Flu Pandemic". 1,000,000 died worldwide on that one. They didn't have social distancing and masks for that one. Also no stay at home orders either. So far, this new virus has killed 300,000 worldwide (with many believing that that number is exaggerated - e.g. many people in the USA killed in auto accidents, heart attacks, and strokes being mis-classified as death from the virus). In the USA, this whole virus issue has been politicized. Individual states are allowed to make their own stay-at-home rules. Here in Wisconsin, last Friday the Wisconsin Supreme Court removed all of the stay at home rules ruling them unconstitutional. Now, my wife can finally get a haircut. Now I can finally get my teeth fixed and get my broken glasses fixed. Now, I can go to huge botanical gardens and take flower photos (even though my favorite 40 acre garden has never in the past had more than 40 or 50 visitors to it at one time). In the more liberal states of California and Michigan, their governors have gone too far in issuing detailed and onerous restrictions. For example, in Michigan, residents can go boating/fishing in kayaks and canoes but not in little row boat. In California, rental properties on Lake Tahoe can only be rented to health care people, first responders and the like - regular folks are fined $1,000 USD if they rent a cabin reserved for people who work in the "essential" jobs. I'm just glad that I live Wisconsin and not one of these other states who believe they can take away most of your freedoms! Personally, I'm an oldster with a number of "underlying medical conditions" and I will continue to stay at home mostly. When I do go out, I will continue to wear gloves, N95 or N100 masks, etc. However, let the young people go to work, go out and socialize etc. This flu isn't as serious for them as it it for me, and why make the young people suffer? Let the young do their thing, and if you give us unhealthy olders information on how we're at higher risk, most of us will volunarily do what is needed to not die from the virus.
  2. . I'm expecting the economic collapse to continue to the point of full blow depression. Personally, I've done much to prepare (including owning some prime farm land). For those who aren't yet ready, my favorite prepper on YouTube is "Viking Preparedness". His latest video just posted today is exceptionally good. You can stay in your home and continue to watch streaming movies and DVDs; or actively prepare for what will be upon us sooner than later.
  3. Amazon.com and Ebay.com are still open where I live. And the Postal Service is still delivering....
  4. blurmagic

    Corona Virus

    Don't belittle the extent and danger of this new virus. The governor of the state of Ohio in the USA just said that they have 100,00 cases in his state. It can no longer be contained. It is very lethal. Aerosolized virus from infected persons just talking and breathing has shown to travel 15 feet. That's the new "social distance" parameter.
  5. blurmagic

    Corona Virus

    It was just reported that actor Tom Hanks tested positive for coronavirus.
  6. Great bokeh! No distortion! Realistic colors! Lovely model!
  7. . I agree for 99% of the photographers needs. However, because I'm a bokeholic, I only shoot full frame sensor bodies with extremely fast prime lenses. For folks like me, M4/3rds sensors don't cut it. Note, I do use a Panasonic GX85 with Panny 42.5 f/1.7 lens when making product photos where I need maximum DOF without focus stacking. I guess that everything has it's rightful place.
  8. blurmagic


    I don't get it. What's the subject of this photos?
  9. Wonderful colors and sharpness. If I went to a carnival with $10,000 worth of gear, I think I'd take a bodyguard (or two) with me.
  10. . Indeed, this website is getting better each year, and it has been enjoyable here in 2019. I'm here for one reason - there are 3 members here whose photography opinions I hold in high regard. I have learned a few things from their posts. However, I ask myself, is it worth $25 per year to stop by every week or two to see what these members are talking about? I currently pay about the same amount to subscribe to two other photo websites. On one (Flickr) I can post an unlimited number of huge photo files. It's much cheaper photo storage than paying $10 USD per month for either the Google or Dropbox clouds. The other, I subscribe to in order to be able to sell my used gear there. Each year I save much money selling gear at that site over what it would have cost me to sell it on Ebay. Rather than a donation, I see such requests for support as a a value proposition. But it's not clear to me yet what exactly I'd receive with a supporting membership here. The new groups here hold promise, but being that my main cameras are not used by anyone else here, and the fact that I mostly build/create/adapt my own lenses, I don't see much value in starting a new group here in which I would be the only member.
  11. . I never go wider than 35mm on full frame. Wider than that and I get dizzy/headaches. If I absolutely need wider, I'll do stitching with images from my 35mm or 50mm lens.
  12. I prefer the vertical format. It makes the wheel look even larger and scarier than it probably really is.
  13. Dallas, what are you asking for the 75mm lens?
  14. I disagree! I have not used any viewfinder for years. I focus with a Zacuto viewfinder over the LCD screen on the back of the camera.
  15. . Akira, I like your new camera. I have shot nearly every camera there is. I currently shoot: Panasonic M4/3, Fuji X Aps-c, Pentax full frame, and Nikon full frame. The Sigma FP will be my next camera. It is the future of cameras.
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