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  1. Wonderful set! The depth and bokeh are amazing.
  2. Great bokeh! No distortion! Realistic colors! Lovely model!
  3. . I agree for 99% of the photographers needs. However, because I'm a bokeholic, I only shoot full frame sensor bodies with extremely fast prime lenses. For folks like me, M4/3rds sensors don't cut it. Note, I do use a Panasonic GX85 with Panny 42.5 f/1.7 lens when making product photos where I need maximum DOF without focus stacking. I guess that everything has it's rightful place.
  4. blurmagic


    I don't get it. What's the subject of this photos?
  5. Wonderful colors and sharpness. If I went to a carnival with $10,000 worth of gear, I think I'd take a bodyguard (or two) with me.
  6. . I never go wider than 35mm on full frame. Wider than that and I get dizzy/headaches. If I absolutely need wider, I'll do stitching with images from my 35mm or 50mm lens.
  7. I prefer the vertical format. It makes the wheel look even larger and scarier than it probably really is.
  8. Dallas, what are you asking for the 75mm lens?
  9. I disagree! I have not used any viewfinder for years. I focus with a Zacuto viewfinder over the LCD screen on the back of the camera.
  10. . Akira, I like your new camera. I have shot nearly every camera there is. I currently shoot: Panasonic M4/3, Fuji X Aps-c, Pentax full frame, and Nikon full frame. The Sigma FP will be my next camera. It is the future of cameras.
  11. Wow, the 3D pop is incredible! Would love to be able to see larger versions of your Nocton images.
  12. blurmagic

    Lions - Night

    Chris, the ultimate compliment for your wonderful Lion photos will be that I'm sure that these images will be stolen with abandon. So, you might want to be sure to copyright protect them.
  13. blurmagic

    Lions - Night

    Chris, absolutely outstanding photos, maybe the best lion photos I've ever seen! You must have been close to these lions. From a personal safety standpoint, do you have a big rifle with you when photographing lions? Dallas, on your photo safari's in big cat country, do you have an armed guide/guard/security along in case a big animal attacks the photographers? If so, I'm curious as to what calibur of gun they have?
  14. blurmagic


    . LR and PS go hand in hand. Lightroom is good for "global adjustments" your your image file. While Photoshop layers is the ultimate tool for making "local adjustments". I guess it depends on your style of photography - for mine, I can not function without layers capabilities.
  15. Wow, that's the best bokeh I've seen in a long time. CREAMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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