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  1. asaya

    My First Impressions of the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless

    Very nice review Michael I am curious about the Z7 but right now pretty satisfied with my current D800E
  2. asaya

    Workshop in Tuscany & Cinque Terre, 2018

    Beautiful work Vieri one of these trips
  3. asaya

    The Printing Nikkors: Images and Range

    Very nice Michael
  4. asaya

    Remarkable Lens: The El Nikkor APO 105mm f/5.6

    Very nice the color is fantastic
  5. asaya

    What I Have Been Up To of Late

    Wonderful work
  6. asaya

    Software and Workflow Chat Thread

    Used NX-2 for quite a while I just moved to Lightroom frankly it's a Painful struggle to learn new software even though Lightroom seems to be fairly straightforward it's the intricacies of the not so well known procceses that is painful
  7. asaya

    The State of Stacking Focus

    Michael glad to see your posting again your photography is quite unique
  8. asaya

    Cooking Demo

    What we would do for 86 it was 16 this morning in Syracuse, NY
  9. asaya

    lil sis

    Beautiful the joy of grandchildren
  10. asaya

    Bright orange Lily

    I really like this image, spider web and all
  11. asaya

    Creeping thistle

    Very nice
  12. asaya

    Juvenile Tiger, early morning reflection

    Bill beautiful work, love the facial expression of this beautiful animal
  13. asaya

    Man and Dog

    Very nice, love the glasses on the dog
  14. asaya

    Noct 58mm f/1.2 bokeh.

    Very nice I like the first one
  15. asaya

    Small World

    Very nice picture, really like the softness of the color

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