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  1. I am using the Singh-Ray Vari-ND 77mm (also with the Mor-Slo when necessary). Looks very good in my experience (which does not include filters from many brands I admit). For me it works down including 24mm (from what you say, maybe I should check again for vignetting). My Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 AIS does not cope well with any sort of filters it seems.
  2. Cheers for the chairs Fons. The stripes and the rows accentuate each other.
  3. Yes, very funny indeed. I did not know they could read the correct way either. Other that the funny part, the photo is well executed. Nice separation and background.
  4. Congratulations Alex. Nice contrasting colours, and good use of DOF. Well done. Thanks to Elsa for nominating my seascape, and for other comments to it here.
  5. Bjørn, I tried out the long exposure NR this evening. It was a good advice, as it actually helps eliminating the hot pixels. But I am still unimpressed with the sensor in that respect, as the hot pixels occur after 10-15 seconds of exposure. The sensor copes well with high iSO, but not so well at base ISO it seems (relative to other Nikon sensors).
  6. Dave: Thanks, I often find it better when there isn't all that much detail to disturb the overall impression. Here taken a bit to the extreme of course. Bjørn: Normally I don't. I do not find 30 seconds particularly long, and it has never been any problem with the D700. But it seems that this sensor is much more prone for hot pixels (if it isn't just my sample). Your tip about the NR setting is noted, it does have a side effect of slowing down an already slow session though. Thanks for commenting. Simone: True, the contrast is very low. It was not a big problem in this particular picture, but extreme in another one. Maybe I am overreacting a bit. But the extreme amount of hot pixels was a surprise anyway. The weather probably contributed to the serenity, pouring rain is not always bad for a photographer. It wasn't much wind though, so the pattern is not waves, but "paths" in the water (I do not know the correct word in English for this phenomenon in otherwise calm water). Thank you. Colin: There should not be (overly) much noise in the posted picture, I was complaining about another one not shown here. I suppose it works well with Satie, the Gnossiennes could be tried too . Thanks.
  7. I am more ambivalent. Yes, there is more life to the leaves in the sunny shot, but the trunks look better to me in the overcast shot.
  8. Never easy to get good shots of lions, as there will often be disturbing grass and bushes. This must be the cleanest I have ever seen. Not much stealing the attention here except lions. Very nice indeed.
  9. It was dark and wet, the rain was pouring down. An intense feeling of autumn. Today I was quite surprised about the performance of the Df. I had a slightly underexposed image similar to this, which got _loads_ of noise when trying to bring it up a bit. This was at base ISO. This one (the posted one) also had a bit of noise when enhancing the contrast somewhat. Accordingly I have used some noise reduction. But that was not the biggest surprise. As it got quite dark (this was at dusk), the exposure time crept upwards to 30s (no bulb mode). This did not use to be any trouble with the D700. But now, I saw an immense amount of hot pixels, never seen anything like it. Is this normal with this sensor? This is a 100% blow-up of a section of the sea. It looked like this all over.
  10. You are of course right that the D4 is a different beast. I haven't really tried the Df as an action camera yet, but the D700 I have used as such on some occasions. It seems to me that the AF-response from the D700 isn't all that bad, it is more the slower burst-mode that stops it from being a real action camera. I can believe that even the D700 has a more responsive AF than the much newer Df, but it needs to be confirmed. On #1 it seems that focus is spot on, but perhaps you had to work hard for that.
  11. The last one works best for me. The first one too, if the cut-off leg was included.
  12. Both works for me too, so which one to choose depends on the specific context. If it is as a stand alone picture, I can't decide either.
  13. I guessed as much. I wonder if it is anything you do not have...
  14. Thanks for all answers. This is an old 6x6, not 645. The 400mm needs to be confirmed, but I'm pretty sure it is a Nikkor. Conversion seems to be a long shot, judging your comments. nfoto: The camera and lenses are not mine, but I'll mention it.
  15. Thanks for your answer Longhiker. He just feels that those lenses should not go to waste. I can see that there is indeed a Fotodiox Pro adapter for Nikon F. The one I saw says ETR-Nik. Does this mean that Bronica has several lens mounts for the different camera models?