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  1. ChristopherP

    Living and working with the new Nikon Df camera

    Bjørn and all contributors to this thread; I started reading this post in the beginning (dec ‘ 13). read pretty much daily and made up my mind somewhere around page 38 . I have been waiting only for the means. My only other digital camera, my wonderful D2Hs is now my backup camera. Thank you all for this wonderful thread. I have enjoyed it all as part of the journey to my own Df purchased a week ago. I have gained 3mp of DX, and my 12-24 is now an 18.5-24. Works for now. I’ve had my Df a week and am astounded by the wonderful low light performance. I want to thank you all for the many tips buried in this thread. I’ve attached a test shot of the hummer on our back deck feeder. He was brazen because he knew I couldn’t see him. It was after sunset. Little did he know, Amazing, 400mm at 1/250, f5.6, iso 6400, handheld. Lens 80-400 4.5-5.6 VR GN, near the closest focus. I did push this .33 in CNX2. A little noise reduction, and some shadow adj. This test shot isn’t much compared to the wonderful work others contributed here, but I had to thank you all, and sharing is needed to make the point. Please keep the wonderful conversation going. I look forward to your next posting Bjørn. Cheers, Christopher
  2. ChristopherP

    Nikon D2Hs Pro DSLR

    I was part of that thread, and am an amateur, I still shoot the D2Hs, I didn't move up, I have no regrets, it is bullet proof and when I find a good one used with low miles I'll buy another one. Fabled camera, there are somewhere around 6-8k out there and there aren't many leaving home. About sums it up. ;D

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