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  1. I do not think that a "premium" brand such as Nikon would find it too difficult to have a clear policy that stated that their fully warranted "service life" for a product was limited to a specific time. Outside of this period, and in the event of non-availability of spares the product could be serviced and cleaned at the risk of the owner, if this was clearly stated. The "shelf-life" of the camera would then be a function of manufacturing quality - owner care and good fortune. Recently a 50-500 Sigma lens I owned was unable to be repaired for lack of spare parts. However the agents arranged an upgrade to the models latest successor and I was required to pay in an amount appropriate to the use I had consumed of the previous product. I felt this was totally acceptable and represents substance to the term" customer -care". I believe that Nikon marketing could benefit from a similar approach....
  2. It would seem that in some cases Nikon Japan decides these issues by curtailing the "service" life of the camera. I only discovered this when my D2xs was refused by Nikon SA as being "out of service life". I was forced to challenge the refusal to service the camera and this was corrected (with an apology) as the service life of this camera only ends in July 2014, as per Nikon policy. The point is that I can understand that after some time the spares for a particular model may no longer be available, but it seems to me to unreasonable for the company to refuse to accept a particular model for just a routine service and clean by virtue of its "service life". I requested a list of the service lives' of the Nikon products but was informed that this is not available to users. Again this seems to be unreasonable as the decision to purchase a particular camera on the second hand market would be an issue should its "service life" be terminated.
  3. I appreciate the comments. I find the differences between monitors and their settings very confusing. This was shot using nef format and when I converted to jpg format and moved it to the web the differemce in colour and "brightness" was significant. Is there a standard for setting monitors with respect to the contrast and brightness settings? Thanks again for your opinions.
  4. My original post was failed to give the correct link. Apologies to all. I trust this one works better.
  5. The link on my submission does not display the image #46. What did I do wrong?
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