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  1. I agree. You turned a relatively straightforward image into something intruiging and atmospheric. Well done. Cheers Michael
  2. I agree, Olivier. I think the framing and exposure is better, and I think the people in the foreground of the previous version were a distraction (although almost all my work is sans people, so this last observation is largely personal taste). Lovely image and I think the infrared works well to give us a new view of a much photographed place. Cheers Michael
  3. Astonishing vision, timing & technique, Joe. Fantastic. Cheers Michael
  4. James As long as it meets the requirements, this is a good contender for the challenge. A really intruiging image. And I must be dense, because I still can't work out the title. But that's ok, maybe it'll come to me ... Cheers Michael
  5. James Apart from the colours, what I really like is the contrast between the soft, smooth water and the bright, brittle ice. Lovely Cheers Michael
  6. I quite like the curves of the shadow and tree line in #1 - it adds some movement to the image and leads the eye to the peaks at the upper right. For me, #2 is a little static in contrast. Cheers Michael
  7. I agree with Mike on both counts. Also, is there a shadow of the photographer on the snow around about the middle in the foreground ? If so, you might like to clone it out ... Cheers Michael
  8. I quite like #1 and #2, but #3 made me smile .... Cheers Michael
  9. A soft, sensuous, delicate image. Really lovely. Cheers Michael
  10. #8 is astonishing. And #s 5 & 6 aren't too far behind. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Michael
  11. Beautiful how the centre of the flower "glows". Perfect for the theme. Good luck ! Cheers Michael
  12. I too like #3, but #4 is gorgeous. Cheers Michael
  13. Hi Johan I prefer the first crop. For me, the second loses the drama and colour. Cheers Michael
  14. Thanks very much guys. Cheers Michael
  15. Thanks very much, Andreas. I kinda think #1 is the weakest of the three too ... even though you were polite enough not to say so directly Cheers Michael