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  1. Cloudmaker

    New York Stock Exchange

    I agree. You turned a relatively straightforward image into something intruiging and atmospheric. Well done. Cheers Michael
  2. Cloudmaker

    à l'Etoile

    I agree, Olivier. I think the framing and exposure is better, and I think the people in the foreground of the previous version were a distraction (although almost all my work is sans people, so this last observation is largely personal taste). Lovely image and I think the infrared works well to give us a new view of a much photographed place. Cheers Michael
  3. Cloudmaker

    Mid air encounter

    Astonishing vision, timing & technique, Joe. Fantastic. Cheers Michael
  4. Cloudmaker

    Cats & Dogs

    James As long as it meets the requirements, this is a good contender for the challenge. A really intruiging image. And I must be dense, because I still can't work out the title. But that's ok, maybe it'll come to me ... Cheers Michael
  5. Cloudmaker

    February Stream

    James Apart from the colours, what I really like is the contrast between the soft, smooth water and the bright, brittle ice. Lovely Cheers Michael
  6. Cloudmaker

    Banff, our Photographic Wonderland

    I quite like the curves of the shadow and tree line in #1 - it adds some movement to the image and leads the eye to the peaks at the upper right. For me, #2 is a little static in contrast. Cheers Michael
  7. Cloudmaker

    Marble Canyon, Banff National Park

    I agree with Mike on both counts. Also, is there a shadow of the photographer on the snow around about the middle in the foreground ? If so, you might like to clone it out ... Cheers Michael
  8. Cloudmaker


    I quite like #1 and #2, but #3 made me smile .... Cheers Michael
  9. Cloudmaker


    A soft, sensuous, delicate image. Really lovely. Cheers Michael
  10. Cloudmaker

    Flying to Atacama (Chile)

    #8 is astonishing. And #s 5 & 6 aren't too far behind. Thank you for sharing. Cheers Michael
  11. Beautiful how the centre of the flower "glows". Perfect for the theme. Good luck ! Cheers Michael
  12. Cloudmaker

    Winter Impressions

    I too like #3, but #4 is gorgeous. Cheers Michael
  13. Cloudmaker

    Alpine landscape

    Hi Johan I prefer the first crop. For me, the second loses the drama and colour. Cheers Michael
  14. Cloudmaker


    Thanks very much guys. Cheers Michael
  15. Cloudmaker

    On the beach

    Thanks very much, Andreas. I kinda think #1 is the weakest of the three too ... even though you were polite enough not to say so directly Cheers Michael

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