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  1. D4S is very tempting indeed. I am still trying to hold on to my principle of skipping one generation/iteration. Anyone else in the same boat as considering D4 & D4S as within a generation? :dontknow: I'm still using my trusty D3 which still serves me well. D4/S will require computer and memory upgrades (it's crawling now).......!
  2. Those are some big improvements over D3 for sure.... :~(
  3. Thanks for commenting... it was underexposed for reason that didn't want to use flash on such on young baby and didn't want to get rid of it for her looking straight into the camera. Salvaged it has.
  4. Change is certainly and constantly coming...
  5. 6-wk old baby giving me the look while in the arms of her daddy....
  6. welcome, new old members...lol
  7. Welcome...it's good to have another member from Down Under.
  8. Thanks for the review, Mac... It's definitely a pleasure to shoot with X100. I love it...
  9. No way I will give up 24-70 for 24-120 simply for the image quality. I still keep my 28-70 but it will be gone in a few days' time (sad to let it go but 24-70 is what i'm using now).
  10. I've gotten one myself few days ago and I'm enjoying it. The simplicity just allows one to focus on taking photos rather than getting bogged down with those "nuisances". Same goes with the silent mode whereby no sound and no flash allow one to be as discreet without being a nosy person. Comparing it to my old Ricoh 500GX Rangefinder. Aren't there some similarities? :yahoo: The joy of taking photos (not commercial) sure does return. Will keep you guys posted while i'm recovering from my short turnaround trip.
  11. It's so weird that there is hardly any announcement for this little big lens...! :thumbup:
  12. Thanks, guys for your advices. I think I'll keep my 85 and 105VR. :cheers:
  13. More often that not, images of flowers are always in colour. The roses taken below are actually cream in colour but it was too dull. When I took the shot, I have visualised that I wanted it to be in monotone. Thanks for dropping by.
  14. Good shot, Fred. Thanks for sharing. I was there in Hobart in March and love the serenity found in the surrounding water with some mountain views. Melbourne isn't any good with the rain fall! We achieved the April's average rainfall in a day of wet weather! Talk about global warming! I would have gone out taking some shots if not because of the backlog of images to process.
  15. That would be covered by 70-200. :smiling: Creaminess of 85 is definitely a primary factor to keep the lens but I haven't been using it. Thanks, Michael. Thanks, Bjorn. Your input is very much appreciated. :cheers: