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  1. simato73

    Old Towne

    Pretty scene. There English heritage can be felt quite strongly; in fact if you hadn't told where it is I could have thought it is some place near where live.
  2. simato73

    From the City Wall

    Yes, and for once the wall was promptly and conscientiously rebuilt. I haven't seen it myself but I read it was a job well done.
  3. simato73

    From the City Wall

    Was this taken in Volterra by any chance? PS: Yes, I just saw your other post
  4. Thank you. For me proper stitching is a critical technical aspect of panos. Nowadays almost any sequence of images can be stitched seamlessly, so if the stitching can be discerned there is no valid excuse for not going back to the software and get a better result.
  5. It is true, although if there is little water they struggle to grow. These lava fields are over 200 years old and very little is growing except where the airflow brings moist air to condense - otherwise very little rain! All the rocks are still extremely sharp, it is very easy to get hurt even touching with bare hands, and they "eat" the rubber soles of the boots! I have seen much more growth on 20 year old lava fields on Etna in Sicily than in these 200 year old ones.
  6. Thanks Luc and Alan; it is surprising how an image occasionally gets rediscovered a long time after being posted.
  7. It only works for me if I copy the URL and paste it in a new tab.
  8. I am still lacking a proper telephoto solution for my Fuji. However considering the use I now make of the camera it is more a "like to have" than a "need to have" thing. I guess I'll consider my options for a long time before eventually making a decision; not a big deal since at the moment I am not overly excited by the available options (55-200 or 100-400; not interested at all in the 50-140).
  9. I for one like more the photos of wrecked ships than the industrial equipment. Also like the ones with the church. What kit did you take on the trip: Nikon, Fuji or both? You mentioned contamination also in the context of the other settlement that you were not allowed to visit - it was shot only from the sea. What kind of decontamination was necessary to make the place safe?
  10. I hear you, and this seems to be a fairly common response from other users too, so there must be truth in it. I have taken the "middle way": buy something, but not the more expensive solution: I ordered a Kipon Baveyes for 1/3 the price a Metaboes Ultra. This way I can play with it a bit and not regret much the wasted money if I get tired of it.
  11. Dallas, I think that the reason why you see that much vignetting is that the Sigma 18-35 is a DX lens and your speedbooster is a 0.64 factor, that is the one designed to convert "full" 35mm format for m4/3. Strange vignetting pattern by the way. In my case I will not be concerned with AF or EXIF - there is no electronic connection (besides, the lenses I want to adapt are old manual focus ones, although for the most they have been chipped).
  12. simato73

    Newt nuptials

    I forgot to mention that it can be used also on the 11-27 because it has the same filter thread, only it will hard vignette at the wide end of the zoom.
  13. Hi All, I would like some opinions on the above. I have the opportunity to buy either the Kipon Baveyes speedbooster or the Metabones Ultra. (Technically also the Zhongyi II is available but it has a 0.72 factor so it does not restore a FOV as similar to the original as the other two.) I am going to use it for MF Nikkors on a Fuji X-T1. If money were no object I'd go for the Metabones. The Ultra apparently gives much improved corners over the original one. I have insufficient information on the Baveyes, especially in terms of direct comparison, however the cost is less than 1/2 the metabones, so the difference between the two has to be really big to justify the price, in my view. I want to take a decision within a few days. Does anybody have relevant information to share? Opinions and comments also welcome. Thanks.
  14. simato73

    Newt nuptials

    Just screw it on. The thread on both sides is the same. The space between the two lenses is sealed because of the presence of rubber around the thread.
  15. simato73

    Newt nuptials

    Thank you; fortunately one does not need to travel to the sea to be able to enjoy this little camera. However I am waiting impatiently for the summer to take it snorkeling, just for the fun of it (not expecting necessarily great shots).
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