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  1. Smart phones are very handy tools, I can take a photo at work and WhatsApp to client in seconds, scan a document, convert to pdf format and mail to a client in under a minute. BUT, you do not replace them because the new one is so much better lately, they just don't last in dayly use for more than 30 months, battery goes and need more than one charge a day, it becomes slower with firmware upgrades (I suspect on purpose to entice users to buy a newer phone 😉) For me it's a handy working tool, will hardly ever use it to take serious photos, it's just too challenged when conditions is not perfect, like it cannot handle even basic back lighting. But as a business tool it has taken way more time away from my laptop than from my dslr.
  2. It's the time of the year, saw this same enquiry on a different non-photographic forum yesterday.
  3. My favorite, stunning.