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  1. Fanie


    Thanks Mike, I think they are pretty much in the same league, although the jackal may be slightly bigger.
  2. Fanie


    Thanks Dallas, big 5 and situated in the Waterberg Limpopo.
  3. Fanie


    While having a sun downer after a game drive this Jackal came up to a few meters from us. Taken in the Welgevonden Reserve ZA.
  4. Spotted in Atlanta GA, my only comment? Taste differs
  5. Cool idea Dallas, I am looking forward to see what comes up.
  6. I just spent three days in NY, not my cup of tea but my wife loves it. Very expensive, and there is no saving in buying anything at B&H compared to our local prices, unlike a few years ago. Will try to post some images with time, have some work to catch up on first.
  7. You will also find the super rich like old Soros funding organisations to disarm the population, so they can keep control of the masses once they are in rags.
  8. It's the time of the year, saw this same enquiry on a different non-photographic forum yesterday.
  9. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    I Looked at the photo on my Samsung Note6 the first time, laptop the second time. Going back to the Note, its still unsharp, but when you click up its fine.
  10. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    Having a look on my laptop now, he sure looks much better.
  11. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    Hi Mike, somehow the cat is not as sharp as the surroundings, was it moving?
  12. Fanie

    Low angle, baby rhino

    A good Ranger is worth their weight in gold, as demonstrated here, excellent photo.
  13. Fanie

    Mini Horn section

    That is why buying a good condition used vehicle is my preferred way of buying vehicles. Just bought a low km one owner Discovery 4 for the same money you would pay for a new Corolla with aircon and electric windows, but you get three times the car that can go anywhere, in luxury. Just budget for the running costs, it will be more than a Corolla :-)
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