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  1. Fanie

    The New York Times Called...

    Well done Dallas
  2. Fanie

    I'm not bad, just broke and hungry

    You will also find the super rich like old Soros funding organisations to disarm the population, so they can keep control of the masses once they are in rags.
  3. Fanie

    This Forum Is In Danger Of Closing

    It's the time of the year, saw this same enquiry on a different non-photographic forum yesterday.
  4. Fanie

    Male Lion On Dead Elephant

    My favorite, stunning.
  5. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    I Looked at the photo on my Samsung Note6 the first time, laptop the second time. Going back to the Note, its still unsharp, but when you click up its fine.
  6. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    Having a look on my laptop now, he sure looks much better.
  7. Fanie

    Dave on the Gate

    Hi Mike, somehow the cat is not as sharp as the surroundings, was it moving?
  8. Fanie

    Low angle, baby rhino

    A good Ranger is worth their weight in gold, as demonstrated here, excellent photo.
  9. Fanie

    Mini Horn section

    That is why buying a good condition used vehicle is my preferred way of buying vehicles. Just bought a low km one owner Discovery 4 for the same money you would pay for a new Corolla with aircon and electric windows, but you get three times the car that can go anywhere, in luxury. Just budget for the running costs, it will be more than a Corolla :-)
  10. Fanie

    The Day Of Reconciliation

    Great! It was the right thing to do. May Fotozones also bless and reward your effort.
  11. Fanie

    Adding to my yard list

    No problem Mike. Regards Fanie
  12. Fanie

    At last.... or completely lost?

    I beg to differ on that one, without Canon and Nikon there, not many people will go, I wonder if the show would be viable at all.
  13. Fanie

    Evolution of US Teaching... :-)

    My kid, 3rd year engineering student, download the lecturers class notes from the intranet to his IPad, then takes notes on the IPad alongside those of the lecturer, and take a picture of the blackboard if required and this is all compiled in a single document, downloaded to his laptop at home for future reference. Completely different from how we did it in the 70's and 80's :-)
  14. Fanie

    At last.... or completely lost?

    Hopefully that day will never come.
  15. Fanie

    At last.... or completely lost?

    You could get all that from players in that segment of the market, why would you want a Nikon specifically that can do that? Do you feel they would be better at that technology than the existing crowd? What baffles me is they have queue of people lining up for a D400 and it's not coming, the only competition there is Canon's 7D. I would buy one if they ever bothered to make it.

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