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  1. Good move Dallas. Many thanks!
  2. Dallas, I am glad you came to this understanding and thank you for being honest about it. These changes are all good and will help to get the spirit back.
  3. Bjørn, could you set the aperture on lens, or did you have to use the dial?
  4. +1 for getting Erik Lund back. His contribution brings a lot of value to NG!
  5. It would be cool to have a color close to 18% gray card.
  6. Olive tree by a swimming pool
  7. Pepe and Dallas; Many thanks for making the Safari such a wonderful experience. Our high expectations were well exceeded. Elsa; It was very nice meeting you in Cape Town; and yes we will be back. We are now back home with a lot of catching up to do - paid work and tons of photos to sort out. Here are a few from the trip:
  8. Bart, thanks for explaining. I rarely fill up the buffer so the outlined strategy should work, but on the other hand card failures are very rare.
  9. Does using a slower card as backup in the second slot slow writing to cards or do the firmware make the backup copy in the background without slowing down capture rate? If it is the latter, then buying a huge slower second card as backup makes sense. You can go on shooting on your fast first card and just format it if you run out of space. You will obviously then only have one copy, but that is just what you had in the first place when using the second slot as overflow.
  10. Roland

    Herdla Workshop 2012

    and here are a few from me
  11. For me this was a fantastic event. I think I learned more in 3 days than during the last 3 years (and if I may say so, I learned quite a lot during the last years). I am a not so experienced amateur and this workshop really helped me improve my photography skills. The focus was on ‘what’ and ‘why’, but I received plenty of advice on ‘how’s’ as well from my fellow participants. It was great to experience how an amateur could work side by side by with seasoned professional on a leveled playing field - everyone improving and learning. As a learning experience, it cannot get any better than this. Thanks to everyone, and a special thanks to Petter for organizing!
  12. I take the sofa as I caused the overflow. No problem. Please confirm if/when I can sign up (pay).
  13. Darn, I just freed up my calendar for this. Please let me know if someone backs out and I will pay straight away (the payment page still says there are 4 spots left). Or will you overbook? Last person paying sleeps on the sofa :biggrin:
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