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  1. Good move Dallas. Many thanks!
  2. Dallas, I am glad you came to this understanding and thank you for being honest about it. These changes are all good and will help to get the spirit back.
  3. One good mid-range zoom that I find balancing very well on the Df is the 24-120mm f4 VR. I have no problem holding the camera and lens with my right hand only.
  4. Bjørn, could you set the aperture on lens, or did you have to use the dial?
  5. +1 for getting Erik Lund back. His contribution brings a lot of value to NG!
  6. It would be cool to have a color close to 18% gray card.
  7. Olive tree by a swimming pool
  8. Pepe and Dallas; Many thanks for making the Safari such a wonderful experience. Our high expectations were well exceeded. Elsa; It was very nice meeting you in Cape Town; and yes we will be back. We are now back home with a lot of catching up to do - paid work and tons of photos to sort out. Here are a few from the trip:
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