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  1. Dallas, the buy direct link actually links to a jpeg picture of the two bags.
  2. Very nice Alex. Nicely framed by the tree. Too bad that one branch covers the left tower.
  3. HansC


    Wow Bob! I've seen all of the previous stacks you've posted of the various insects. I think this one tops them all, for composition, both shape and colour.
  4. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    Thanks Colin. I kind of agree with you about the crop. While this wide format conveys speed better, if i were to crop, i'd crop according to your suggestion. I actually choose the original crop to show some of the surroundings, to give the car and its speed some context.
  5. When you think you're close enough ... move in closer.
  6. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    The first one of my first post cropped to the suggestion of Dallas. Not sure i like it better, but what do you guys think?
  7. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    Let's try another one like the last one in my first post, but without flash. This one without glowing brake disks, unfortunately (the team didn't really have to push anymore in this last leg of the rally). A bit noisy, but with everything blurred, except the body of the car. Hope you like:
  8. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    Thanks for the detailed remarks, Dallas. About the cropping, i cropped all of them in HD format. I took a while to figure out how i wanted to crop them, then i settled for this format and treated them all the same. I'll try a different format to see whether it works for me. About #2, typically, i agree with where the area of sharp focus should be. However (this is not meant to be an excuse, just my view), sponsors might not agree. On top of that, the front is actually sharp, look at it enlarged, the bonnet and grille are sharp, it's just the left front fender that is unsharp. That is caused by the fact that the car was actually moving in 2 dimensions here, i did catch the forward movement with my panning, but not the cornering movement. Thanks for letting me know, though, a good learning moment for me. #3 is indeed confusing. Again not an excuse, but a learning moment for me. I didn't have much time to adjust my settings. I did use 2nd curtain flash, but chose a shutter speed that was too fast. 1/4 wouldn't have worked here, too slow (car would have left), but i choose 1/30 (it shows at the rear of the car) and that was still too fast to get the feeling of movement. I'll do better next time. Thanks for taking the time to explain these things to me, i really appreciate that.
  9. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    Thanks Armando. For #2, it was a turn on a y-split (not sure how that's called in English) and the cars indeed bounced through the rough from one part of the road to the other in the turn. #3, i see what you mean. I gave it too little time to blur it all, the flash indeed froze the fence as well.
  10. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    Thanks for looking and responding gentlemen, much appreciated!
  11. HansC

    ELE Rally 2015

    (didn't know where to put this stuff in the new board organisation) Hi, i visited the ELE Rally around Eindhoven, The Netherlands this year. Took some photos. Delivered some to the team i took the web site photos for (http://www.becxtdsracing.nl/foto/ele-rally-2015/_530____NL starting @ photo 18). Some i took for myself. The winner, WRC Ford Fiesta: Handbreak into the turn, R5 Ford Fiesta ("my team"): Glowing brake disks, Mitsubishi Evo: Please let me know whether you like them, or remarks that will improve my pictures.
  12. Improvement if you ask me!
  13. You travel the world, don't you Ron ! And in the future no less :P Nice shot of youth experiencing old masters.
  14. HansC


    First one is exquisite Fons. Second one, nice herbie, but rather mundane shot, seems rather point and shoot to me (which is fine if that's what you wanted).
  15. Mongo, that's obviously fine. If it works for you, then all the better. But, while i'm an amateur, this statement ranks my possibilities and performance. I'm also a hobbyist, that statement ranks my eagerness and fondness of photography as a whole. So, that does include re-visiting files after a while to see what better i can do with them. Next to the example in my reply to Anthony, i've also recently discovered a pano of NY in my old files that i went on to print on a pano format diebond print. It is now showing in the master bedroom :P
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