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  1. danaa

    Going to Black and white film

    Thanks again. I just read your post on using a LED-panel and a dedicated macro lens. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that experience.
  2. danaa

    Going to Black and white film

    Thank you very much for your informative answer. I still have my complete darkroom, however not used since about 2000, so I intend to develop myself. I plan to scan the negatives on an Epson flatbed skanner. I think the question for me now is to find the system that gives me negatives that are sharp enough å from egde to edge. I still have my Bronica S2a, with 75mm Nikkor, and a 135 Nikkor. However, I suspect that the focal plane shutter make long exposure not possible due to camera vibrations. I belive that leaf shutter systems are better. However, my knowledge on lens quality of the later Mamiya, Bronica, Fuji systems is zero!
  3. Hi, I'm currently in the process of taking up old film based photography. I intend to do landcape photography by use of medium format film camera equipment. Bøack and white only. There are several options, 6x6 and 6x7…. I will not use time and money on low quality body and lenses. What would you recommend?
  4. Amyone that have some facts about the Schneider-Kreuznach Componon 1/4.0 28 mm with 15 Lamellen?
  5. Thank you, The stateemt of "Medium" = 100%" was explanatory
  6. Sorry, I do not see such on my D800. Maybe I misunderstand
  7. When I push the (+) button to enlarge the LCD-picture: When do I reach the 100% view?
  8. Any comments on the LCD screen regarding using it for critical focusing? Is it as D800? Better I hope? And compared to D810 (which I do not have).
  9. I expected you to be at Spitsbergen Bjørn!
  10. A thin cloud cover made this photo possible without using any specific "eclipse equipment", just the Lee Little Stopper. It's converted to black&white. Location, Ås, 30km south of Oslo.
  11. The genus Tilia comprises about 30 species. I addition there are hybrids and cultivars.
  12. When size and weight counts, I bring my AI 20/4 instead of the AF 20/2,8D. However, the 20/2,8D has closer focus limit. I find it difficult to assess which is the sharpest. My use is nature and land/seascapes so mostly I use f8 or f11. I use D800.
  13. danaa

    Focus point in LR

    Thanks for comments. Then we have to wait and see if the focus points shows up in the future.
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