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  1. Rags


    Context: A few years ago I shot the Clover Dairy in Sonoma California I was hoping to get a high contrast white bldg among green rolling hills... Nah... Just a corrugated steel painted in the 50's cluster of bldgs and rolling brown hills A couple of years ago we had the wind whipped "valley" fire that burned whole communities and the Clover Dairy... My take of the event... Rags
  2. Rags


    I like the minimalist grace of the dunes w/o the dramatic sky, the wind waves are good too. Rags
  3. Rags

    A Tuscan sunrise

    Well done... great capture.. Rags
  4. Rags


    Nicely done Anthony
  5. Rags

    What $400,000 buys you in Durban

    $400,000 doesn't buy a house in Palo Alto, CA This is what $2,598,000 gets you there... 3BR, 2BA built late 40's... Pretty ridiculous... Rags
  6. Rags

    ANZAC Day

    Wonderful engaging shot Alan Rags
  7. Rags

    Flickr Bought By SmugMug

    I use Smugmug as a warehouse for my shots I know the founders The current Owner/CEO is the son of Baldie - the original photographer that had a son who worked for Apple. Baldie was an adventure biker who started advrider.com and that's where I found Smugmug (also dgrin.com) They had a tough time gearing up, since nobody wanted to pay for online storage They have a cost, but a free 1tb free storage is not economically feasible, hence the merger They have tours of their offices in Menlo Park, CA, where Baldies HUGH wallpaper prints are fantastic They are a nice firm and their employees attest to that. Rags
  8. Rags

    Surreal Sea

    +1 on the comments above The composition is good and the water color doesn't bother me I've shot the Salton Sea many times (it's an image treasure trove) The white pelicans are numerous and very showy (let's see some Greg... ) The story of the place is interesting... it's a 20th century ruin... Rags
  9. Rags

    Enhancing Sharpness by Auto-Stacking

    Good post Michael Rags
  10. Rags

    The Design Of Things

    Keith this is a hellava idea Soon I have to shot hotel rooms and this interior panorama stitch sounds like it might work thanks for the tip Rags
  11. Rags

    The Design Of Things

    I agree... As a RE Broker for 40 yrs; Owners never wanted to pay for promos in my experience Realtors don't get a salary so why should they put out dollars to put lipstick on a pig; For a "potential" commission on an overpriced listing... (it's complicated...) Just take the best shots you can, because that's your resume.... Rags
  12. Rags

    The Design Of Things

    Sounds good... You might like to adopt the thinking I had ..."beneficial vignettes" Rags
  13. Rags

    The Design Of Things

    Hi Dallas... I've been a RE broker since 1968 and had a company handling high end residences. I've had RE photographers take the property shots (not me) They used tripods for the interior shots (longer exposures - poor lighting) Sometimes they would leave & come back when the light was more to their liking I was not interested in what they were doing or equipment... just the results... Allow me a few comments about the shots above... I see too much lens distortion 2 & 3 (3 is passable)... maybe a longer lens & step back if you can Remember you are not taking inventory pictures... you're not there to show everything.. but just the best look possible (may mean excluding things) The new buyers will throw out the shitty furniture not pictured... Good luck in your new endeavor Rags
  14. Rags

    Surface Water Drain repair

    Ah... ha...(they're called storm drains here)
  15. Rags

    Surface Water Drain repair

    Hey Mike Re: ceramic sewerage lines. When installed they didn't rust like iron but they leaked at the joints That was considered good because it reduced the volume into the sewer system Problem is; tree roots seek water and especially water with poop... and they break the ceramic... So it is.... Rags

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