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  1. Hehe.... Luc touched a nerve... I'm with those that don't appreciate large ships (although not as expressive about it) and not the ocean... I prefer riverboats to destinations that suggest you bring your own toilet paper Rags
  2. That's really neat... Rags
  3. Hehe... we can always hope... Rags
  4. An Unacceptable Tax Return.... The Internal Revenue Service has returned the tax return to a man after he apparently answered one of the questions incorrectly. In response to the question, ... "Do you have anyone dependent on you?" the man wrote: ... "7.1 million illegal immigrants, 1.1 million crack-heads, 4.4 million unemployable scroungers, 3 billion welfare mothers and kids, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 450 idiots in Congress and a group that call themselves Politicians!" The IRS stated that the response he gave was unacceptable! The man's response back to the IRS was..... "Who did I leave out?"
  5. Thanks for looking in Chris and Anthony; it is very distressing.... Rgas
  6. I agree Ann, thanks for looking in Rags
  7. Well done Anthony... You had a great angle The last one is the most challenging The spritzle fools the AF... Rags
  8. Thanks Alan Rags
  9. Hi Fons... These were taken in 2013 before the quake. I went back in Apr 2016 to shoot the damage. It was extensive. Some from 2016... This is the building image #1 taken pre quake (home of a symbolic religious princess) Business goes on They have the money to fix (donated from other countries) - but the politicians don't know how to proceed Rags
  10. Thanks Chris Rags
  11. Rags
  12. Religious Varanasi...
  13. ^^^
  14. An Irish art painter by the name of Murphy, while not a brilliant scholar, was a gifted portrait artist. Over a short number of years, his fame grew and soon people from all over Ireland were coming to the town of Miltown Malbay, in County Clare, to get him to paint their likenesses. One day, a beautiful young English woman arrived at his house in a stretch limo and asked if he would paint her in the nude. This being the first time anyone had made such a request he was a bit perturbed, particularly when the woman told him that money was no object; in fact, she was willing to pay up to 10,000 pounds. Not wanting to get into any marital strife, he asked her to wait while he went into the house to confer with Mary, his wife. They talked much about the Rightness and Wrongness of it. It was hard to make the decision but finally his wife agreed, on one condition. In a few minutes he returned. "T'would be me pleasure to paint yer portrait, missus," he said "The wife says it's okay. I'll paint you in the nude all right; but I have to at least leave me socks on, so I have a place to wipe me brushes."