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  1. Thank you Luc.
  2. April 30 Victor Df, Nikkor-S Auto 55mm f/1.2
  3. April 29 Countryside
  4. April 28 Foliage on tree is slowly appearing
  5. April 27 Koningsdag, Proost Willem! Instead of partaking in the festivities i concentrated on gardenwork, yes springtime although quite cold.
  6. April 27 Koningsdag, Proost Willem!
  7. April 26 Yellow house in the forest and others.
  8. April 25 Fiber networks is installed by Greek workers
  9. April 24 Balloon modeling in the market Uden, Df, 35mm f/1.4g
  10. Thank you Mike.
  11. The guy with the white flag and red cross? Defender of the realm by slaying the dragon. playing with wb again
  12. April 23 Roses
  13. Did you bag your gear as carry-on, which bag? Chris.
  14. April 22 Animals
  15. April 21 Catching up wth the blog