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  1. June 22 garden details
  2. June 21 Summer solstice or about, garden details Df, nikkor-ud 20mm f/3.5
  3. An alternative take here the 10,5mm f/2.8 is mounted on Df, in postprocess a circular crop was applied.
  4. June 20 Heatwave continues Ir-D5300, 10,5mm f/2.8 fisheye
  5. Wonderful images.
  6. Thank you Dallas, playing it by day
  7. June 19 Fleeing the heat is todays' mantra
  8. June 18 Was away this weekend in relaxed Drenthe
  9. Df, indeed a great camera what lenses Rick?
  10. June 16 straight in camera raw conversion, not my habit. D500, 35mm f/1.4ais Thanks for all the likes
  11. Indeed a female blackbird nesting in a copper beech, i noticed and respected
  12. June 15 spot the bird D500, Voigtländer 90mm f/3.5
  13. Great IQ on these images.
  14. Still a fan of your work.