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  1. I had similar experiences with the latest ff update, i couldnt see my pictures at flickr, so i completely removed ff and then ran a clean install so now i can access my pictures again; (may have to do with your profile).
  2. Aster laevis or maybe A. tataricus
  3. November 17
  4. They no longer exist as a band i think.
  5. November 15 Spent flowers on a kenzan D500, 300mm f/2.8 postscript my 11.111th post
  6. Thank you Merlin
  7. November 14
  8. Certainly very crisp colors.
  9. Thank you Merlin
  10. November 13 Cold and sunny morning
  11. Tilburg, theatre an interactive art college.
  12. Sometimes i am in doubt whether to post an image, but i think it is the best of yesterday.
  13. November 12 Resting....
  14. November 11 misty fields at de Weebosch thank you Vivion