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  1. April 25 Fiber networks is installed by Greek workers
  2. April 24 Balloon modeling in the market Uden, Df, 35mm f/1.4g
  3. Thank you Mike.
  4. The guy with the white flag and red cross? Defender of the realm by slaying the dragon. playing with wb again
  5. April 23 Roses
  6. Did you bag your gear as carry-on, which bag? Chris.
  7. April 22 Animals
  8. April 21 Catching up wth the blog
  9. April 20 Odds
  10. Hokkaido has treated you so well. Amazing journey!
  11. April 19 Springfrost means damage on the Wisteriaflowers Df, 35mm f/1.4g Df, zf35mm f/2
  12. a second helping for today
  13. April 18 Two conversions of a single shot with the D500 and nikkor AI 400mm f/5.6 IF-ED capture nx-d there seems to be out of focus colour bleed photoshop with highpass sharpening, with corrects the soft smearing of the first rendition magpies in a walnut tree
  14. April 17 Eastermonday, on the verge of a coldspell this week with temperatures dropping below zero, will have to find cover for a number of plants. For instance the Wisteria ready to burst in full bloom will likely suffer from the frost. Geranium phaeum seedling Df, Voigtländer 90mm f/3.5, close-up lens
  15. Are these recent images Rags, i have been to Kathmandu and Nepal more than a few times starting 1973 till 2001, dramatic change over the period, and after the quakes Nepal has hardly recovered.