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  1. Fons Baerken


    D500 afs300mm f/2.8 @f/8 iso 8000 on tripod, manual focus I tried a long exposure at base iso which didnt work since the moon was rising too fast It was the first time i ever did this learned a few things should have shot wide open raised both the shutter and iso
  2. One of the best i have seen from you
  3. Fons Baerken

    NZ Tui

    Very nice Grahame
  4. January 6 High water on the river near Ravesteijn D800, 70-200/2.8
  5. The obstacle course had become a complete puddle because of heavy rain.
  6. Creativity is not something like fancy, it is work in itself with the all the ingredients needed to complete an assignment, so you will.
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