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  1. It should but it doesn't seem to in my case. Something must have gotten corrupted. I can't remembering this happening before. Bob
  2. I don't see an "open as" pop-up. My choices are "save file as" or "open image" Either way a the pop-up screen for profile mismatch comes up and shows the file as Adobe RGB. I click keep existing profile, it opens and show me an 8-bit file. I am not choossing "Raw" Bob
  3. I noticed something puzzling while processing images for a client. I open the raw files in Aftershot Pro or Capture One and make adjustments. Then export as a 16-bit tiff in ProPhoto RGB. When I open the tiff in Photoshop CS4, it presents me with the settings screen for raw images. It also reports that the embedded colorspace is AdobeRGB and is 8-bit! What just happened? Also, when I bring in a tiff rendered in Capture One, CS4 also opens the raw file adjustment screen only now the image shows as a high contrast sepia toned images. I have PS set to have the working colorspace as ProPhoto RGB and to respect existing profiles. Do I need to reinstall my apps to fix this? Bob
  4. ...not so good when I need to get client work out quickly, otherwise learning new things is great. When it comes to rendering a raw file i've greatly preferred the output from Bibble/ASP to Photoshop. Much better. But I have learned that Capture One can also produce results as good or better than ASP. I did that project on Capture One Pro 7 trial. Later I decided that Capture One Express was sufficient for my needs an bought it since they were offering a special at $50. The Pro version seems to be geared toward the studio shooter working with tethered cameras. My last version of PS is CS4 so I don't know how good or bad the later versions are but right now, Adobe is on my fecal roster so I don't intend to find out. I only keep PS for local adjustments, layers and masks and the ability to work in LAB color when needed. So, ASP or CO 7? I will be doing some testing to see which I like best. I also have started to test some software from smaller and open source developers. PhotoNinja, Pixelmater, Photoline, GIMP w Gimpshop, RPP, RawTherapee and others. Maybe one will emerge to challenge Photoshop someday. My criteria would be 16-bit color, LAB mode and easy layer handling. Some of the new players are only 8-bit at present. GIMP is only 8-bit now but a 16-bit release is promised for version 2.10. I do have a lot of professional photo apps, so why would I do this? Because I'm curious and I like learning new things! Bob
  5. I just downloaded and installed the Corel ASP upgrade to Despair had set in recently when I had shot a project with the D600 and found that ASP could not render it. I thought, "oh no, this really is the end!" So I ended up downloading a trial of Capture One Pro 7 to finish the project. In the meantime I had installed Nikon CaptureNX2 (Ugh). Reminded me of why I banished Nikon software from my computer. This version didn't crash or hang very often. I finished that project. But now the ASP upgrade came through after I had given up all hope of using the Corel product. Most people thought they would just let ASP wither and die and use the technology in it's other apps. What's going on here? I'm getting too old to be learning a new software package every few months. Bob
  6. Thanks Dave for the offer, but I've found a US supplier of the seeds so will give them a try next spring. I'd like to try a multi-spectral approach to them. Bob
  7. This is a beautiful rendition here, Dave. I to would love to grow this variety here in the Northeast US even if it means bringing it in for the winter. I tried once to grow the Himalayan Blue Poppy here but failed - too damp I think. But this Poppy must love dampness given the climate in Wales. Bob
  8. In the US there was a segment of the CBS show "60 Minutes" recently that featured Rodriguez. Before that, unfortunately very few Americans had ever heard of him. I hope that changes and he finally gets the recognition he deserves in his own country. You can see the "60 Minutes" clip through this link https://secure.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/rodriguez-60-minutes-sugar-man_n_1947767.html You need to sit through a short ad for FIOS first. Bob
  9. RKPhotog

    Family portrait

    The foreground looks awfully light for my tastes. Darkening it a little would give the image an more anchored feeling. I'm OK with the noise. Bob
  10. RKPhotog

    New webpage a mess!

    Not happy with it. Having the "main feature page" be the home page feels wrong to me. Can I get my old skin back? Bob
  11. Nice capture of a beautiful creature. Where was this taken? I've only seen them in remote wilderness lakes in the Adirondacks. Very elusive animals so you are lucky to be able get this kind of shot. Did you set up a blind? Bob
  12. RKPhotog

    Carrying filters

    I've tried a lot of methods - filter wallets, stack caps, etc. - and came to the conclusion that it's best for me to use the round plastic cases that most filters come with. Some of the wallets have clear vinyl windows in contact with the lens. Vinyl is not chemically inert in this situation and might damage lens coatings. I have several expensive interference type filters with many dialectric layers on the glass and don't want to take a chance ruining them. I have also seen filters stored in wallets for along time where the vinyl has adhered to the surface and fungus developed. Maybe the better ones have polyethylene or polypropylene windows that would be OK but I don't wand to take a chance. Stack caps work great, but too much time is wasted screwing and unscrewing to get the filter you need. Bob
  13. For me, the last one is the best. It tells more of a story. Bob
  14. RKPhotog

    Young couple

    I think the jewelry detracts from the image. I understand that you may not have control over that. Bob
  15. I see it has a hot shoe. Is there a dedicated flash system? No mention of this anywhere that I have found. One should not underestimate Fuji's ability to produce great lenses. Some of my favorite large format lenses were Fujis. Bob
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