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  1. wgiers

    [UV] Greeting from France

    Bjorn As always great and very subtle approach to photographed subject. I was also trying water lilies in UV. Well, it was rather crueler approach to it then yours. My try bellow.
  2. Couldn't have happened to a better guy... and photo. Congratulation Klaus.
  3. Thanks for posting "Secret Garden" Bjorn, my all time favorite UV photograph. Walter.
  4. wgiers

    IR ainbow

    I like it Sten. Just curios
  5. wgiers


    Cow heaven - it is right. Great IR take. I would trim it a bit from the bottom. But it's just me. It is good as it is.
  6. wgiers

    wild sunflower stardust (uv fluor.....)

    Outstanding. Beautiful results Andrea. I
  7. wgiers

    Valmagne Abbey

    Splendid Oliver. Great pictures and perfect IR. Scenery reminds me my younger years in Italy.
  8. wgiers

    [UV, Fluor] Calcite Crystal

    Very cool images Andrea. Welcome back from long holidays. UV take really adds to mystery. It looks like small word in the cube with vicious thunderstorm lightings pearsing the air in it. IR image is very special also. I'm sure some special souls could be eager to read future from it. Thanks for great pictures Andrea. Please get some more of the crystals. How big/small are they?
  9. wgiers

    [IR-590] Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

    Great pic Bob. Pano crop looks great, but I liked original as well.
  10. wgiers

    [UV] Gazania featuring annedi

    Really, really beautiful Klaus (Andrea).
  11. wgiers

    [IR] Papaver Orientale

    ...and my take on it is...
  12. wgiers

    [IR] Papaver Orientale

    ... or do it a little from the bottom up to half of the leaf.
  13. wgiers

    [IR] Papaver Orientale

    Drop gorgeous Andrea. I second minimal cropping idea.
  14. wgiers

    Welcome to new Dandelion capicol of the world

    Thanks a lot for your comments so far. Andrea, Could it just be overprocessing ? I'm just not sure without seeing the raw nef or maybe a 100% crop that is not processed. I

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