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  1. TomSilver

    Neptuni fields

    Love the intense green and the muted sunset in contrast.
  2. TomSilver

    Swiks on Öland

    Love the b&w shot. Note to self: Must visit Öland some time.
  3. Beautiful shots, Armando. Love the third.
  4. TomSilver

    Boot Hill

    Those new small cameras are tempting. I am the proud owner of a new OM-D, and I have to say that it is a big fun to carry this little camera with me. It cannot match the image quality of my D800, but it is in some areas better than my old D700 (of course except low-light performance). But resolution-wise, it is great. And there are very good lenses for m43rd available, other than for Sonys Nex-system. From time to time I take my old Nikon FE and wish that Nikon would made a digital version of this. The OM-D comes close. I have bought the 20mm 1.7 (which is like 40mm FX), and the whole package is smaller than the old FE with a 35mm lens. If you are interested, look at Ming Theins blog.
  5. Looks good! Do you like the new Zeiss?
  6. TomSilver


    Works absolutely flawless. For a landscape photographer, the D800 is a quantum leap.
  7. TomSilver


    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted here. Meanwhile, I shoot more and more in color, as you see below. Maybe I return to black and white, but for now I love punchy colors. I have some mountain photos for you, shot in the austrian and italian Alps. Hope you like it. 1. Sunset behind Langkofel 2. Clouds below us 3. Violet sky 4. Stars over Marmolada 5. The Path to the Tre Cime 6. Langkofel and Stars 7. Monte Cristallo I think all of them are shot with my new D800 und the holy trinity of Nikkors. Images come from my 500px site: http://500px.com/ThomasZ Tom
  8. Hi, to those of you who have ordered a D800: do you have a delivery date? Amazon germany has no information until now (23/3), and I'm really nervous. I'm going on a photography trip to the austrian Alpes on April 1st and I wish I could bring the new toy with me.
  9. Hi all, I'm a passionate landscape shooter and I'm challenged to shoot a series of portraits of a group of beautiful women. They know my landscape work and they have high expectations for their portrait shoots. Unfortunately I have neither experience in portraits nor a good lighting equipment. I don't want to disappoint them, so I'm asking for help. I shoot with a D700 and I have a descent set of lenses, but no special portrait lens. I don't like the 85mm focal length, so I'm thinking about the 105mm 2.8 AFS micro nikkor. Does it deliver good results when used as a portrait lens? Next: flash. I own a SB800. When I had to shoot portraits indoors, I bounced the light from the flash via the ceiling to my poor victim - with mediocre results. So I think I need a lightbox or an umbrella to reflect the flashlight. Also I need a tripod for this. Can you give me some buying tips? How do I trigger the flash? I don't really know how it works, but I've read about Nikons CLS. Do I need a radio trigger (if yes, which?) or is the built-in flash enough for me? Thanks in advance, Tom
  10. The lights on the horizon are anchored ships. The above image comes from one single raw file. I developed two separate processed files, one for the beach, one for the sky, and blended them together in photoshop.
  11. Really beautiful. Congrats to potw.
  12. TomSilver

    Storm on Jack

    Great shot. A big sky over water is always beautiful.
  13. Both are great, but I like the first one a bit more.
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