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  1. Many thanks Rags and Longhiker. Best Regards
  2. Thanks Beto Smera. Miss you my friend.
  3. Hey Tony my friend, thanks so much for your always kind words. Your shots are excellent (loved the BW) and you would work with me at any track and event with your skill). Photography to me these days is my second job. The first one in on IT market as sales consultant for high end storage, data protection, disaster recovery technology, servers, etc. But I have the freedom to travel and attend the races I have contract with teams and riders. Today I am 90% focused on bikes racing (much more emotion, better environment, big grids in terms of quantity of riders per race and more opportunity to make money). I am using, believe me, Canon 5D-3, 70-200L IS 2.8, a canon 2x TC, 24-104L and a flash. Nothing more. And I do not need more to develop the work the customers are asking and purchasing. So, I keep learning. Nice to read from, you and again, many thanks Hugs,
  4. Yes, just forgot that
  5. Thanks Alan !
  6. Many thanks Tony !
  7. Yep, at the end of the day, it is business so I must think as it since I need to make money from the shots and the net margin is the most important part of the equation
  8. Thanks The Swede.
  9. Thanks Armando. Yes, I was the official photographer of Porsche Cup in 2013 (preliminary F1 event/race), so I got the pass with Porsche and stay on track for F1 sessions and race. 2013 was nice, the F1 cars still made some noise... Abrazos.
  10. Thanks Dallas. Yes, Canon here because of gear prices differences in Brazil also easier to purchase but mainly because the Canon repair is also cheaper and most of 3rd part good service dealers can get all the Canon parts needed to replace, so, very easy (and cheaper) to maintain and fix. Also here in Brazil, 90% of track photographers gear are Canon, so it is easy to exchange gear, get a spare battery or camera if you need...
  11. This is a small part of material produced for a superbike team I work for. Not only shooting but also editing to get the results the team want to see for several different uses. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Cheers and thanks for looking.
  12. Super !!!! Wonderful image !
  13. Many thanks guys. I will post more images.. Thanks for the warm "welcome-back" Cheers
  14. Thanks a lot Dallas. Yes, decal on Porsche, a very nice gift from the driver (a great friend). He did the same other times with other cars he race. F1 is boring these days. In fact after you get used with insane superbikes racing we fell 4 whells a bit sleepy. That's why this year I am 90% focused on bikes racing. For cars, I see the FIA WEC (Endurance Le Mans cars), Indy and Nascar. There's still good races there... but nothing crazy as superbikes. Hugs,
  15. Thanks Akira.