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  1. Clactonian

    Welcome To 2019!

    Despite your negativity I will wish you and Fotozones colleagues a Happy and Photographically Rich New Year.
  2. Clactonian

    For a bit of fun...

    Now that is REAL photography!
  3. Clactonian

    Museu do Amanhã

    From a strictly personal point of view, yes Aguinaldo, but it is as ever your image to be presented the way you like. It is an intriguing structure any way that you photograph it.
  4. Clactonian

    Museu do Amanhã

    I wonder if it would have been even more dramatic if you were closer to the museum with that wonderful lens Aguinaldo.
  5. Clactonian

    Not what I was expecting

    I recently bought a Sigma 150-600 sport lens so that I could join my pals on wildlife shoots. Here is the result of my first outing ... not quite what I was expecting! 'Drifting on the Tide'
  6. Clactonian

    Not what I was expecting

    You're right Chris. Second shot ...
  7. Clactonian

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    Despite my beef Mike, I actually enjoy camera clubs, and belong to two. I've met some good friends and one or two of us go on interesting photographic jaunts occasionally. We have also had some really interesting speakers. Whatever, it get's me out of the house!
  8. Clactonian

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    Just to be clear Dallas, I'm not knocking the professionals that run the courses. They are all trying to earn a living. It's the amateurs that attend those courses and then parade their photographs as original masterpieces when they are nothing of the sort.
  9. Clactonian

    What Did I learn In 2018?

    Your stoic resistance to GAS is understandable as the breadwinner, and I can recall similar self restraint with my family responsibilities over the years. Now well past retirement age and with some disposable income to play with I am able to give into my craving from time to time (well quite often actually) but whilst still maintaining some modicum of restraint. I know that I actually appreciate my equipment more now, knowing that I have had to be patient over the years and that nothing is going to suffer as a consequence of my purchases. So what did I learn photographically this year? A couple of things both relating to club photography. Firstly that the internal club competition league is a farce and therefore to jump ship, stop trying to please judges and their random scoring methods, and to take and print photographs that actually please me. I still participate in the competitions but on my terms and not others. Secondly to avoid the growing trend amongst club photographers of using 'bought' photographs. More and more professional photographers are now leading courses, either day shoots or over several days (yes a bit like your safaris), taking amateurs to established view points or locations, so we are seeing more and more of the same images all set-up by the professional. The amateur just presses the shutter and his tripod is in the same holes left by the previous photographer. The same problem exists with studio nights where the lighting is set up by the professional, the model is posed and the amateur takes his/her turn to press the shutter. As part of the learning process this may be fine but for heavens sake stop trying to pass the resulting images off as your own work. Oh and as a third point, to burn the soapbox on which I'm frequently to be found standing! Seasonal greetings to you Dallas and to all our colleagues on Fotozones.
  10. Clactonian

    Not what I was expecting

    Thanks Vivion. We were blessed with wonderful light before it clouded over and we missed the sunset. I will definitely be printing this one as you suggest. Now what paper shall I use?
  11. Clactonian

    From my room with a view.

    Room 50, The White Horse Inn, St Wolfgang, Austria. A beautiful part of the world and one of my favourite hotels and rooms.
  12. Clactonian

    Jokulsarlon sunset

    Just loving this one Vieri. Still trying to get my SL to produce results like this. I think it might be a long wait!
  13. Clactonian

    POTW #2.10 Ribbons Of White & Grey

    Ed's notes: Somehow I forgot to make this POTW last week. It should have actually been put up earlier, but I have an excuse. This is one of a series of really excellent architectural shots from Mike. I chose this one because of the human element and the way the building frames the person. Great stuff, Mike!

    © Mike Bareham

  14. Clactonian

    POTW #2.10 Ribbons Of White & Grey

    Thanks Dallas and Rick for your kind comments.
  15. Clactonian

    I Must Apologise

    Apologise Dallas? Why? I am retired and struggle to keep my camera club website up to date and run a couple of newsletters. You are doing a great job, just relax. I think Hugh is right about the time of year influencing posts and I have noticed other forum that are suffering similarly. You have a loyal band of subscribers who I am sure will be back when they get the chance. Oh and thanks for the POTW accolade. It must have been a slow week!
  16. Clactonian

    DJI Osmo Pocket

    Novel but of no interest to me. I'll stick to still images.
  17. Clactonian

    Was there a fire drill?

    Still occasionally use my ageing Mission Cyrus kit, Amplifier, Tuner, CD and Speakers, but more often stream from my computer to a gorgeous pair of M-Audio monitors. Great sound.
  18. Clactonian

    The Book Worm

    We are blessed with some beautiful coastal areas in East Anglia, on the eastern side of the UK. They are not spectacular in the sense of towering cliffs and great rollers but with many estuaries and quaint seaside towns they nevertheless provide a varied and interesting landscape, well worth photographing. This photograph was taken from Bawdsey in Suffolk at the mouth of the River Deben. The lady sat reading on the shingle bar for a couple of hours whilst my colleague and I mooched about taking photographs. I couldn't resist one of her.
  19. Clactonian

    Ribbons of White and Grey

    I've just spent a very enjoyable few days in Lyon, France. It's a great destination at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone Rivers with plenty to see and do, and some glorious restaurants. Thoroughly recommended. The first image below was taken at the wonderful Gallo/Roman Museum adjacent to the two Roman Amphitheatres. The second and third are of the extraordinary Confluence Museum.
  20. Clactonian

    Fuji lenses with moisture inside.

    They have a good reputation Mike so I think you are probably correct in your assessment.
  21. Clactonian

    Fuji lenses with moisture inside.

    I'm with Dallas on this one Mike. I'd want to see them before sanctioning repairs.
  22. Clactonian

    They landed in Lyon

    The Confluence Museum, Lyon
  23. Clactonian

    They landed in Lyon

    I can do no better than quote the website ... "Unmissable in Lyon, the musée des Confluences tells the story of mankind and the history of life. Unprecedented in the world of European museums, it sets up a dialogue between all the sciences to better understand the world."
  24. Clactonian

    Ribbons of White and Grey

    Why thank you Vivion.
  25. Clactonian

    G9 back home!

    Good service from Panasonic Mike.

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