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  1. Merry Christmas Dallas with best wishes and good luck for your new adventures in 2020. Not forgetting Seasons Greetings to all Fotozones participants.
  2. Clactonian


    This brings back happy memories of a visit to Clervaux and the Bulge Museum during one of my many stays in Vianden. Luxembourg is such a beautiful country, particularly in the Autumn.
  3. Yes, downloaded my copy today. It does look very different. I had no idea there were so many free fonts to tap into either, which could be quite useful when I next have to dream up a poster for the local theatre youth group.
  4. Not sure I'd want to be in any of the little boats with all that heavy traffic passing by.
  5. Just not my cup of tea. The furthest I go off road is a car park.
  6. Didn't draw much of a crowd Mike.
  7. Not too many but here goes ... Kodak Box Brownie Halina 135 Praktica Nova 1 Praktica BX20 Praktica BMS Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F Olympus 3040Z Canon A520 Nikon D70 Nikon D2Xs Nikon D3200 Nikon D750 Leica M240 Leica SL601 Leica M6TTL Leica CL I still have them all with the exception of the 3040Z (stolen) and A520 donated to a kids charity seeking a camera. I also have a whole host of 35mm film cameras and lenses that I have been given. The last 7 on the list are all still regularly used. The D70 is technically usable but the covering has gone sticky.
  8. Clactonian

    Dave & biscuits

    My friends don't look quite so threatening, thank goodness.🤣
  9. Excellent monochromes. Trees and vegetation don't always lend themselves to conversion but these work a treat.
  10. Clactonian

    Air Show

    Yes indeed. We have yet to find out the full details of the tragedy which occurred during fine weather on a beach with a very shallow slope. You have to walk out a long way at low tide to get up to waist level. I understand they were part of a large party of day visitors enjoying their day with hosts of others. So sad.
  11. It is one of the Landrovers used in the filming of a James Bond movie Spectre, driven (in theory) by his female assistant Miss Moneypenny. It is on display at the British Motor Museum. Apparently they used 10 in filming just one sequence. They didn't all survive!
  12. A classic Landrover after Miss Moneypenny had finished with it and a few others.
  13. Well you'd certainly see that Merc coming. Sadly had to get rid of my standard 635CSi. The electrics started to play up big time. Pity as I happily would do 500 miles in a day with that.
  14. Clactonian

    Air Show

    Here are a few more ...
  15. Clactonian

    Air Show

    Thanks Maarten I take your point regarding the shutter speed and in retrospect I probably would have tried a slightly slower speed but rather as Maurice found, occasional forays into a different genre often find us wanting. This was taken with my old D2Xs with an older 70-300 lens and although it has VR it is not as trustworthy as current models. I therefore considered 1/320 second about as slow as I wanted to go with an equivalent 450mm at full stretch. I could cheat of course and use a touch of radial blur on the props but am happy with the sense of movement that I achieved. Life is full of compromises!
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