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  1. Clactonian

    Lightroom and Z6 Raw Files

    Do you have all of your images in the one catalogue Dallas? If you switch the machine off and clear the cache then the whole lot has to be loaded again which takes time. My iMac is much faster since I have been using an SSD for storage and I only ever 'sleep' the machine rather than switching it off.
  2. Clactonian

    Saltis in frame

    I like the way you have lit the dog but do find the frame too dominant for my personal taste.
  3. Clactonian

    Desolate Orford Ness

    Yes they are all from the more recent military activity. The pagoda roofed buildings were where the explosive experiments were carried out. The lighthouse is likely to fall into the sea soon as erosion is quite excessive and recent attempts to improve matters have proved ineffective. Thanks for your comments.
  4. Clactonian

    Desolate Orford Ness

    Following on from my 'Silver Thread' post here as threatened are some more shots of this wonderful location.
  5. Clactonian

    The Silver Thread - Orford Ness

    Thank you both. I'll dig out some more images of the Ness to show you just how desolate it is. If anybody is thinking of paying a visit then take some warm clothing any time other than high summer.
  6. Clactonian

    The Silver Thread - Orford Ness

    One of my favourite haunts is Orford Ness, a wild and desolate shingle spit on the Suffolk Coast in the Uk. Orford Ness' military history began in 1913, when the Central Flying School’s Experimental Flying Section took ownership of part of the peninsula. Experiments with parachutes, camouflage and aircraft evaluation. German POWs were kept at the site during WWI - and helped to build the flood defenses. In 1929, Orford Ness was chosen as the site for early British explorations into the field of radar. The beacon established at the site was a simple radio installation that looked something like a sail-less windmill (which still stands today). Within a few years, the tests conducted at Orford Ness gave the British the theoretical and practical background necessary to construct the network of radar-directed air defence that would prove so critical during the RAF's battle with the Luftwaffe in WWII. In 1950, the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment was created to coordinate Britain's efforts in nuclear warfare and took control of the Orford Ness site, which became a testing ground for building design that could withstand nuclear blasts. Officially, no nuclear material was ever detonated at the site, but explosive tests were certainly carried out to test the functional performance of distinctive 'pagoda' shaped buildings - some of which remain standing to this day.
  7. Clactonian

    In the early light of dawn

    Maybe just a little off the top Christopher to get rid of that vapour trail. The ship is in a better position on this one.
  8. Clactonian

    Spouting Rhubarb

    I have a Leica Summilux M 50mm f1.4 which is stunning and so it should be for £3k+. Mine, not surprisingly was second hand. Oh, and I'll join the rhubarb fan club. Can't beat it.
  9. Clactonian


    Funnily enough it was the modern bike that made the image for me because of the stark contrast between it, the surroundings and other bric-a-brac. And yes that is exactly as found. The joy of quiet country towns!
  10. Clactonian


    Another from my several visits to the wonderful little Burgundian town of Noyers in France.
  11. Clactonian

    What Do You Want From Fotozones?

    I have no problem with the existing structure, which if kept lean and clean, easy to navigate and troll free has far more chance of growing organically. Whilst I can understand a request for more specific manufacturer's sections I have always found them divisive (have you ever read DPR forum?). If a split is required why not keep it by sensor i.e. 4/3 (existing), APC, Full Frame. I do think an area for posting which is critique free could prove helpful in the long run. My biggest fear is that the site will grow too large and lose its identity. I have left far more forum where this has happened, and the trolls have invaded to take advantage of a bigger audience for their bile.
  12. Clactonian

    5K iMac vs 2K iMac?

    The SSD has certainly made a difference. I have both an internal SSD drive and the external containing my photos. Whilst the external is marginally slower, it is still very quick in comparison to the old spinning drives. The LR catalogue which has about 30,000 images is on the internal drive and loads very quickly on start-up, whilst importing and exporting photos to the external SSD is pretty seamless. If you can get somebody to take your machine apart and swap the internal drive and add the RAM then I think yours is a good solution. Actual processing is quicker on my new machine but it is not the massive difference one might expect from the test data, but then Adobe software doesn't utilise multiple cores so the latest 4+ cores are of no advantage.
  13. Clactonian

    5K iMac vs 2K iMac?

    I have recently bought a new 27" iMac which as you say is not cheap but my old one which has been sold on was an early 2011 model. I can see a difference in the screen resolution but to be honest it is not mind blowingly obvious. I have 32 GB of RAM and would have preferred to get the basic RAM configuration and add my own as I have done before, but for various reasons this was not possible so I had to bite the bullet and pay up. I think the 27" is the only model that is user configurable. Speed wise the difference is noticeable particularly as I have now put all my photos on a Thunderbolt connected external SSD drive. Lightroom and Photoshop are both pretty swift with no discernible processing delays. The jury is still out on whether to use or not use the graphics card for processing as the results seem mixed. Overall I'm pleased but I wonder how much of the speed increase is due to the lack of data on the main drive now. The drive on my last machine was virtually full. Oh, and I haven't experienced any of the 'funky things' on websites Dallas.
  14. Clactonian

    What Do You Want From Fotozones?

  15. Clactonian


    No problem with that Mike but at the moment it is all hypothesising. There are one or two reviews out there but so much of the internet chatter is from revenue seeking websites and fanboys of one brand or another, which is pointless. When some real world usage reviews are out there from unbiased sources I'll happily join in but at the moment we are not there. Your reports on the G9 are of far more value to me than than those on DPR.

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