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  1. Clactonian


    I'm sure nobody thought that Mike, certainly not me. This a civilised forum unlike some I could mention.
  2. Clactonian


    Thanks Anthony. The colour image was straight out of the camera and a quick shot to take advantage of a clear line of sight with no visitors. With regard to colour versus black and white it is of course subjective. The problem as I see it is that all too often photographers will convert to black and white for no reason. My own B & W images are heavily processed, as they would have been in the darkroom, to create mood, artistic effect or to eliminate busy colourful backgrounds which take the eye away from the main subject. It is good that we all have our personal preferences. At least it gives us something to 'talk' about!
  3. Clactonian


    Lovely autumnal colours.
  4. Clactonian


    Here we go Mike, but it was the black and white that I 'saw' when I pressed the shutter. The lady and child were a much later addition, added for a competition. They were in another part of town that day. Nikon D3200, Sigma 17-70
  5. Clactonian

    POTW #2.5 "Noyers"

    Ed's notes: Immediately on seeing this image I get a sense of peacefulness. I can't quite explain it, but the scene imparts a strong sense of community in the close-knit houses of this place. Originally posted here. The B&W conversion is also very pleasing.

    © Mike Bareham

  6. Clactonian


    Just for Mike G who doesn't like black and white! This looks very ordinary in colour.
  7. Clactonian

    The Book Worm

    That's where we differ Mike. I really struggle with colour. I was brought up on black and white and I have never lost the love of it.
  8. Clactonian

    The Book Worm

    We are blessed with some beautiful coastal areas in East Anglia, on the eastern side of the UK. They are not spectacular in the sense of towering cliffs and great rollers but with many estuaries and quaint seaside towns they nevertheless provide a varied and interesting landscape, well worth photographing. This photograph was taken from Bawdsey in Suffolk at the mouth of the River Deben. The lady sat reading on the shingle bar for a couple of hours whilst my colleague and I mooched about taking photographs. I couldn't resist one of her.
  9. Clactonian

    My First Impressions of the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless

    Great to read a review from a 'real' user, so thanks for that. If I hadn't already jumped ship I could see myself adding a Z7 to my collection of Nikons. Mind you, if you think the OVF on the Z7 is good you should take a peep through that on the Leica SL601.
  10. Clactonian

    Impressions of the Lumix G9

    Yep, that sure looks good Mike. I do love my fast lenses and shooting wide open.
  11. Clactonian

    Peugeot 203

    Now on my 5th Citroen and have also owned two Renault. Really upset that I can't replace my current C5 estate as it is no longer made.
  12. Clactonian

    The Map Project

    The whole process is a bit hit and miss given that the map was hand drawn in 1580 and there is undoubtedly more than a little artistic licence in play. I suspect that more information will be gathered from side by side inspection and interpretation of geographical features. We have to bear in mind that most of the detail within the original has not been inspected by the current staff given the severe restrictions on accessing the map (both physical and regulatory) so they are already learning so much from being able to inspect it in minute detail. It will nevertheless be interesting to see if they use more sophisticated techniques. As tempting as it might be, I'm not sure I want to go back and repeat the excise with different light sources. It took six months to get permission this time around!
  13. Clactonian

    The Map Project

    Thanks Anthony. I'm not sure about that either and am not privy to what the NT have in mind.
  14. Clactonian

    Aiguille du Midi, France

    Wow! Thanks Dallas
  15. Ed's note: It was a tough week deciding on POTW with so many excellent shots posted this past week, but this one (found here) in particular caught not only my eye, but that of several other members. It's a truly epic looking shot that deserves to be looked at often.

    © Mike Bareham


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