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  1. I scored maximum marks in a club competition last year using an A3 print taken with my old D70. I still use it from time to time but the leatherette (?) covering has now become very sticky rendering it very uncomfortable to hold.
  2. That's a great set. I particularly like the first. The positioning of the dragonfly relative to the similar coloured flowers in perfect.
  3. Clactonian

    A new Nikon Z7

    I bought myself a decent Sony Handicam when my kids were young but in truth rarely ever used it. I did use an old VHS video camera when I had a construction company specialising in repairs and renewals that I used to 'hose down' properties on a room by room basis, and that was extremely useful and well used. More recently I bought my wife a little digital video camera but I doubt she even knows of its whereabouts today.
  4. Clactonian

    A new Nikon Z7

    Congratulations Mike. Looking forward to seeing some great pics in the near future. I have to admit to a severe touch of GAS but so far have managed control the urge, particularly as I already use five cameras on a regular basis, albeit each for a different purpose. On the other hand there is still room on the shelf for one more!
  5. Throughout my professional career I was always advised to beware of statistics and indeed I have manipulated them to suit my own purposes many a time. I think the simple truth is that we are all fumbling around in the dark with this one. When the government advisers, worldwide, cannot agree, there is little point in us pontificating. Too many of the published statistics are mixing apples with oranges and governments being governments are never going to clarify or equalise those statistics. Frankly I think most governments are going to be damned if they do and damned if they don't with all of the suggested preventative measures. I'm just pleased I'm not in government. I have simply made up my own mind on the precautions I'm going to take within the government dictates and as and when I feel safe to go out and mix with the public at large, holiday or fly, I will stick to my rules irrespective of any easing of lockdown or other measures.
  6. Clactonian

    Sacre Cœr

    All the better for a lesser used viewpoint.
  7. No accidents to report with my Manfrotto over many years thank goodness but I did ditch the trigger head which was useless.
  8. Yes, I have several Michael Freeman books in my substantial photographic library, but unlike you Dallas I have found them quite useful. One of my favourite photographic books however is 'Pictures on a Page' by Harold Evans the former editor of the Sunday Times when it also issued the excellent magazine along with the paper. The book takes us behind published images describing how they may be improved so that our 'seeing' is enhanced, discussing ethics, the implication of cropping and much more. Although featuring upwards of 500 many iconic pictures the book is a fascinating marriage of words and pictures. Highly recommended.
  9. You guys are in a different league to me! I'm still using my old Manfrotto 055PRO aluminium tripod with cheap Kenko large ball head and a smaller Manfrotto Befree aluminium travel tripod. Oh and then there are the small table top travel tripods of which I have several. My backpack came from Jessops 30+ years ago and is still going strong, and my tiny 'street' bag cost me £7 from the 7-Day Shop. I did treat myself to a Thinktank sling bag last year which is great. Hmmn, but then there are the cameras. I'd best keep quiet!
  10. I'm not a huge fan of infra red photography although under certain circumstances it can produce really interesting images. Suffice to say that my interest has never been sufficient to justify the expenditure on a conversion of an old camera, but following an interesting piece I found on the web I am now in possession of a 720nm infra red filter. Whilst clearly not able to produce comparable results to an i/r camera early tests look promising. Watch this space!
  11. Cohen Brothers first movie 'Blood Simple' 'Kenny' for a laugh. Anything by Wes Anderson if you have a warped sense of humour.
  12. I recently received top marks in a stiff club competition for a mono print (A3 size) taken a few years back with my D70, all 6Mp of it! Who needs 60Mp for that purpose. Marketing man wins OK!
  13. Just bought a Lab-Box daylight developing tank to speed up the film processing. Much too expensive for what it is but very convenient. I hate the old changing bags and all that nonsense.
  14. Clactonian

    The Blacksmith

    It is interesting that I have found the same technique works best for me. The more recent crop of sensors seem to give a huge amount of latitude when it comes to post processing. I can also sympathise with your situation with regard to family and friends accompanying you. Most of my travels are in the company of non-photographers, which in itself proves quite a challenge when trying get the right shot. We do suffer for our art!!
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