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  1. Clactonian

    Aviation Photography with a Mirrorless Camera

    Have to agree with others. This is an excellent series, mirrorless or not.
  2. Clactonian

    Alpin Drums

    Great series. #1 for me too.
  3. Clactonian

    Some Aeolian sunsets

    Yep, I really like #2
  4. Clactonian

    The Making Of Full Metal Jacket

    I have driven past the location site many times and still marvel that Kubrick achieved so much atmosphere in the old London Docklands area. Quite amazing.
  5. Clactonian

    How to move a crane

    Interesting. Thanks for posting.
  6. Clactonian

    Nikon Had No Choice

    I agree with the comments regarding the advantages of EVF on mirrorless cameras but like Luke currently still find my Nikon SLRs more effective in given situations. A situation that is likely to change with time. I'm not sure you guys have necessarily got it right with Nikon however. They may have played a smart game. Dallas has already pointed out the strong legacy of the Nikon system and whilst overall sales have been down in keeping with all of their competitors they are still a leading brand and a major player. Having made a false start with the '1' system they have enjoyed the advantage of watching their competitors develop the mirrorless systems without investing in the r & d to production levels. You can imagine that they have torn apart every Fujifilm, Sony et all over this period, ticked off the plus points and discarded the bad. Development at the semi-pro level is now levelling out on mirrorless so now is a good time to step in with a trump card. If only that's the plan! Nikon's weakness has always been its marketing in my view, and they have failed to convince the public with several great cameras. Hopefully they will have learnt from Sony whose marketing ploys have seen the photographic press do most of the hard work for them.
  7. Clactonian

    Lean On Automation, Rely On Manual

    I have for years used aperture priority on my Nikons but since buying a Leica rangefinder I have so enjoyed going back to manual, including manual focus of course, that I am now using my Nikon in similar fashion with the exception that I stick with auto focus. I don't enjoy manual focus on the Nikon. I have found that going manual has slowed me down again, making me more thoughtful regarding exposures. It's as if I only have a roll of film at my disposal as opposed to a virtually unlimited frame count where I can use a machine gun approach, bracketing just about everything in the hope that one exposure is correct. Yes I agree that modern cameras are capable of nailing the exposure most of the time but they are not infallable and that's where the manual approach, or the understanding derived from it, can pay dividends, particularly under difficult lighting conditions.
  8. Clactonian

    Gear Upgrades: A Question Of Addition

    Sound advice Dallas but far too late for me! I've suffered GAS all my life and have groaning shelves and an empty bank account as proof.
  9. Clactonian

    Another of Sarah-Louise

    ... and yes I know the highlights are blown, but I don't necessarily look for the perfect exposure. It's the 'picture' that counts!
  10. Clactonian

    Give Me Some Feedback

    As a returning member I have to say that I'm very happy with the new site and have no issues. It loads and navigates speedily.
  11. Clactonian

    Sarah-Louise at the Redoubt

    Thanks Dallas. It was an available light day, no accessories, so all about the exposure.
  12. Clactonian

    Sarah-Louise at the Redoubt

    Very enjoyable day spent at the Redoubt, a Napoleonic period fort in the old port of Harwich UK, with our delightful model Sarah-Louise.
  13. Clactonian

    Cloud photo storage

    I tried it using iCloud but gave up in the end. Bandwidth was an issue but for some reason it seemed to have a will of its own regarding file organisation despite a very careful setup. I'm back to using an additional external hard disk ... much more reliable.
  14. Clactonian


    A series of photos illustrating the 'hard' architectural style that was very fashionable in the UK during the 60s and 70s. Many of the buildings included are now 'listed' by the architectural authorities thereby protecting their status.
  15. Clactonian

    Brutalism 2

    Me neither, but in this instance I think it needed a touch more than straight mono.

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