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  1. Clactonian

    Spring flowers

    I particularly like #3
  2. Clactonian

    Tasmanian Old Growth Forest

    You are a patient and methodical man Alan. I could never have achieved this image.
  3. Clactonian

    The GAS Conundrum

    At 3000 euro it might be cheaper than new cameras and lenses!
  4. Clactonian

    The GAS Conundrum

    Can I join (GASSG). Just found the 'need' to buy another camera.
  5. Clactonian


    For what it's worth the XC40 is marketed as an SUV in the UK, but that term seems to be used for anything that sits high on big wheels. Who cares what we or they class it. All that counts is that it serves its purpose.
  6. Clactonian

    Jobu Gimbal Mounts

    I'm an infrequent user of a big telephoto lens, a Sigma 150-600 Sport in my case, and so an expensive gambal head was economically unviable. I bought a Neewer head from Amazon for about £75 and so far it has served me well. A gimbal heads certainly improves the overall handling of a heavy lens and I would recommend one. Thanks for your article.
  7. Clactonian


    Aah, the SUV trend spreads a little further Luc!
  8. Clactonian

    Nature reclaims its own

    I might have been inclined to remove those twigs Vivion, without disturbing anything else in the scene. The contrasting greens and textures work well.
  9. Clactonian

    Duxford Spitfires

    As much as I enjoyed the Spitfires this shot of the Harvard is my favourite from the day.
  10. Clactonian

    Duxford Spitfires

  11. Clactonian

    Rare Two-Seater Spitfire

    I was fortunate enough to join a group visit to the restoration company hanger. They were working on several aircraft and restoring a couple of Spitfires for the forces. We weren't allowed to photograph those but were lucky that the M.D. decided to give us a private flying demonstration of one of their own Spits. I'll add some shots in a separate post.
  12. Clactonian

    Rare Two-Seater Spitfire

    ... and here it is in the hanger at Duxford. With apologies for hijacking your post Vivion.
  13. Clactonian

    Nearly all of the tree!

    Spring is here! (In the UK)
  14. Clactonian

    Owls and More Owls

    Beautiful images.
  15. Clactonian


    Negative space adds tension to an image which is fine by me. Nice series Luc. I'm a sucker for architectural photography.

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