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  1. I had the RSS plate for my D700. The Markins is noticeable less weight compared to that and seems solid.
  2. Here is a quick snap of the "inside" part of the vertical part: I haven't used it much but I have no complaints so far.
  3. Until a police officer notices and you end up in jail
  4. We have a lot of coal plants as well but at least it's going in the right direction. The government has finally decided make a lot of our trains electric as well. It's going to take quite a few years though.
  5. Frank: Thanks for the links, I only watched the video so far. The usage of a lightbulb is clever though they aren't really being used anymore. I don't think we have a single one left in our house, we're using LED most of the places but we do have a few halogen lights. Another minor nitpick is his statistics about wind turbines. Is he accounting for the improvements happening? The latest Vestas wind turbine is a massive 8MW model and it looks like they will soon be used in projects in both Germany and Britain. A prototype at a test site in Denmark produced 192MWh in a 24-hour period. Wind energy accounted for 39% here in Denmark in 2014 and we continue to add more. We sometimes have problems using it all so sometimes we sell it cheaply to our neighbours. We need to get better at using our electricity at our local heating plants but current laws makes it more expensive than other alternatives and the plants are legally forced to go with the cheapest solution. This has also just been finished and is now in use: https://stateofgreen.com/en/profiles/ramboll/solutions/world-largest-thermal-pit-storage-in-vojens Our usage of solar energy is small, likely because our weather isn't optimal for it and solar energy has simply been too expensive. From what I read that is changing, the panels are getting better all the time and they have become much cheaper. But, as the video very well displays, we have a very long way to go.
  6. This has gone so far off topic it should just be locked. EOD here.
  7. Fuji are still using the same sensor though. I wonder when they will release a camera with a new sensor?
  8. I don't think you can compare Apple and Adobe or Microsoft for that matter. Apple is largely earning it money on selling hardware and keeps their software tied to their own hardware which means you pay for the software anyway. EDIT: Argh, I should've read the entire thread first - didn't notice there was a page more, apparently it's still too early for me Apple have a large advantage by producing both the hardware and software. They only have to support a quite limited amount of hardware and can really optimise for it. What I personally believe is a major reason for their incredible succes is their attention to detail and quality. Sadly I think their software quality has slipped in recent times, hopefully IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan will be better.
  9. That sounds so odd I have a really hard time believing it. Where's the limit because they HAVE added features to previous versions. They added mobile sync to LR5 as an example.
  10. They certainly make every effort possible to get you to buy the CC edition, that's for sure. However, loading up the page about Lightroom, I quickly noticed this sentence at the top of the page: "Mobile capabilities and feature updates are available only when you get Lightroom as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan."
  11. June 16 - that's earlier than I expected. Mike: I do have to wonder why you started using Adobe Lightroom if you hate Adobe so much. Anyway, if you bought Lightroom 6 instead of subscribing to Lightroom CC then you're getting exactly what you paid for. You bought a license to this software with the features it launched with and basically nothing else. What you can expect to get besides that is support for new cameras and lenses. The Dehaze tool and other such new features are unlikely to show up before Lightroom 7. Whether you like it or not, that's how Adobe has decided to sell their products. Note: I don't say I like it this way either.
  12. I'm using Firefox on OS X and it downloaded it as it should. I just tried downloading in Safari and Chrome. Chrome works fine and gives me a .nef file. Safari adds a .tif to the file. Safari apparently thinks it's clever and helpful...
  13. @crowecg: That's true, it will certainly be different how much of an improvement you'll see. So far, I only think Apple has stated that anything that can run Yosemite will be able to run El Capitan.
  14. It's a beta release, final release will be available sometime this fall. Nothing new in that regard, since OS X Lion in 2010, they have released a new version every year. Before that it was every second year. You can see the history here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OS_X#Versions Edit: As for compelling reasons to upgrade, performance improvements could be THE reason. If Adobe really starts integrating Metal into their products, we could end up seeing some pretty serious improvements. Such things takes time of course so I don't expect to see anything from Adobe this year about that.
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