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  1. Longhiker

    Red feet

    Truly, that is too good to pass up. Serendipity can be a kind and random visitor.
  2. I meant tripod, handheld, monopod, ... Type, technique, etc. Just wondering as whatever you are doing works very well.
  3. What they said. The second one looks like he's deciding where to strike first. Well done. What sort of support system do you use?
  4. Great work Rick and bravely done under extremely adverse conditions.
  5. At a local college, film is still taught, but in the alternative processes segment.
  6. Thanks for your example Thomas. Beautiful as always. I always enjoy your posts and your thoughtful responses to others. I always gain a lot from you and it is appreciated. About how far was your subject from the background? Thanks
  7. If you are not in a hurry, you might want to wait until April (release date so far is now March 25) and take a look at the FujiFilm X-Pro2 if that style of camera and price work for you. The preliminary specs and reviews by those who have had a chance to use the camera for a while are glowing. The good news is that you probably can't go too far wrong as the entire mirrorless ecosystem is getting better and all of the current cameras are pretty nice. So, it's whatever suits you and feels best. It's really hard to make a decision without holding one in your hands. I've had to take a lea
  8. Longhiker

    2016 Less

    I'll try. No offense intended.
  9. Longhiker


    Well done. It looks to me that you were successful with the lighting.
  10. Longhiker

    2016 Less

    I, fortunately, live in a different world than the sad, lonely, paranoid one that you describe. Hope you get better.
  11. That first image is very nice. The rest are good photographs, but that first one is special. That lens give you a lot of possibilities and renders very well.
  12. A beautiful set of images. That's lovely country that I need to explore. A few years ago I had the chance to visit some of the southern Utah area, but only had a week so didn't see enough. I had the first version of the 24-120 and really liked the versatile range, but was less excited about the image quality and eventually sold it. The new version looks to produce nice images. What is your experience and impression of it?
  13. I am so glad that the two parties got over a brief burst of silliness and can be back to being two talented, creative, and generous contributors to benefiting the greater community. Best wishes to all.
  14. Longhiker

    Rocky Trail

    Now that's a rugged trail.
  15. Fun with the new lens. The range of that lens provides all kinds of perspective opportunities.
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