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  1. Erik Lund

    Df + 45P, in The Hague

    Jakov and Jan Ann are both very strong individuals that produce unique stunning eye catching images - Jakov turning Pro was not a surprise to me, he delivers solid photographic work for his client. The ability to shoot away for fun and being so creative in catching the light and situations is impressive. IMHO it is not something you can just teach a bunch of people coming to a workshop, it's a gift you have that can materialize into images but very few have this... Bjørn is a true inspiration source for sure but I know it works both ways and in this case; All ways
  2. Erik Lund

    Df + 45P, in The Hague

    Rusty Dandelion with a shade is magnificent! Thanks. See you soon in Slovenia
  3. Erik Lund

    Mixed Impressions

    Nice impressions - Get well soon!!
  4. Erik Lund

    Macro Rig

    Nice rig and images! Regarding the lens in the eyeballs - try shooting though a pice of black cloth with a fitting hole for the lens opening, make shure no light hits the lens and cloth for instance by using black 'flags' cutting the light.
  5. Erik Lund

    Living and working with the new Nikon Df camera

    Very inspiring images Bjørn! Also nice to see the Enigma in action!
  6. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    Contact Bjørn for CPU's an contacts etc.
  7. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    Yes, as long as Bjørn has sufficient supply of CPU's
  8. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    As you have guessed by now Bjørn sells CPU's and does his own chipping etc, - I do chipping, converters or conversions for different projects of different types also with CPU's from Bjørn. These are mounted in Nikon Contact blocks so fully serviceable at any repair shop. Pricing varies from project to project... This kit: 125mm f/1,2 would be very expensive, if you could even find a machine shop or repair facility that would go into a project like that... Noct-Nikkor is chipped for 500US$ Simple chipping; Lenses, extension rings or adapters would be around 100-200US$ depending on complexity/volume
  9. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    A hint to find the ester-egg; Lord of the rings
  10. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    Hmmmm... let me think.... I'll let it pass due to the date...
  11. Erik Lund

    The Repro-Nikkor: A One-Trick Pony

    Apart from the more control of exposure there is also the bennefit of having all data for the uniqe lens logged in the Exif file, you have a CPU for each lens that go on the camera in front of that you can have bellows or focusing helicoils or what ever you like... Highly recommended!
  12. Erik Lund

    Photographer patent war

    Congratulations. Unfortunately there are patents issued that should not have been, quite obvious here... I was not aware that this was the case in US... We continue to obtain several patents a year on Diesel engines - There is no end to great ideas I'm happy to report - Or I would be out of my daytime job If we didn't have patents we would not have licensing and my company for instance would close this minute and the factories in Chine would just continue to produce our products without paying for the design.
  13. Erik Lund

    Pano: Tokyo, March 28, dawn (final edit added)

    Use fill in Photoshop: Content aware fill It will rescue your lower blank area very with ease
  14. Erik Lund

    Living and working with the new Nikon Df camera

    Looking forward to those images

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