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  1. It is indeed an incredible lens, the times I've used it it was worth the workout. The subject separation while retaining tremendous detail plus beautiful rendering always brought a smile to my face.
  2. I bought a studio stand, Manfrotto Super Salon 230-809. Bought it used, of course, and saved quite a bit of money. What a joy has it been to shoot using this beast.
  3. It was 108 degrees at home yesterday and these managed to make it just fine. Lots of deep watering with the drip system to keep the garden going. Today we got some different types of eggplant, the little ones are "Japanese eggplant" (they probably stayed on the vine longer than they should have, but could only take photos today) and the others are supposed to be all "black beauty"; the seeds came from different places so they look different. I really like the green paintbrush looking strokes on one of them. And on the second image are some cucumbers, no the traditional type: "Lemon Cucumber" and "Suyo Long". The lemon ones do not look like cucumbers at all and you would think they are something completely different but they taste exactly the same as the ones you find at the store. When still available I am trying to include the flowers of the plants, I think it is a nice little touch.
  4. No wonder you don't remember them at all!
  5. These figs are called Kadota figs, they are pretty tasty and I like the fact that by sating green all the way to maturity they attract fewer birds. Some friends in the area have black mission figs and other brown varieties and they all get destroyed by birds unless they cover the tree with a net. I only lose a few to raccoons and possums.
  6. We went to Alaska for a couple of weeks to take some time off and we asked some of our friends to come over and help themselves to some produce so it wouldn't go to waste, therefore I had to wait for more. We finally had some more stuff come out of the garden and I made a couple images of today's crop.
  7. Mark, It’s a beautiful thing to witness. Watching them grow and yield fruit it’s a miracle that never ceases to amaze me. Have fun and enjoy every minute of it. It’s been a very rewarding experience for us over here.
  8. Thanks guys, I hope to be adding more as time goes by.
  9. About 6 years ago I planted about 20 different fruit trees at home and I am starting a series of images showing the different harvests. I am picking fruits that show imperfections and weird random spots as I think they are more interesting than the ones that are flawless. As more fruits are ready I will be adding more photos. My wife is a gardener and she grows a lot of our food so I will be adding vegetables and other stuff to the series as well as they come off the vines. I will be putting a book together for her with all of the images as the stuff coming out of her garden is beautiful. The title of this book will be "My Lover's Garden" something that my wife couldn't stop laughing about until she found out I was serious and that is the real title. This photo has nectarines and a pluot variety called "Dapple Dandy".
  10. Look at all the pollen those little guys are carrying!
  11. Mexecutioner

    A new Nikon Z7

    Have fun Mike, wanting to get it should be justification enough. Enjoy it in good health!
  12. #4 is outstanding, you definitely have way more pati4e3nce than I do, and it clearly paid off.
  13. I saw it there originally and now it wasn't so I uploaded it again. Couldn’t delete the broken link to the other one though. Operator error I’m guessing.
  14. I will be doing my hair this week, wife says it is already too long. Beard... dunno
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