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  1. The difference is that malaria is not affecting the "wealthier" nations so they could not care less. But now that Covid is shutting down and paralyzing bigger economies it is time for them to put their asses in gear and save the day, which makes me sad, since it is more about money than human life.
  2. Look at all the pollen those little guys are carrying!
  3. Mexecutioner

    A new Nikon Z7

    Have fun Mike, wanting to get it should be justification enough. Enjoy it in good health!
  4. #4 is outstanding, you definitely have way more pati4e3nce than I do, and it clearly paid off.
  5. I saw it there originally and now it wasn't so I uploaded it again. Couldn’t delete the broken link to the other one though. Operator error I’m guessing.
  6. I will be doing my hair this week, wife says it is already too long. Beard... dunno
  7. Dallas, lots of info here: https://www.captureone.com/en/explore/30-day-challenge?utm_medium=social-organic&utm_source=instagram&utm_campaign=c1_2004_30-day-challenge&utm_content=int-broad&utm_term=bio-description
  8. Yes you can create local adjustments via different layers where you can draw masks or create them based on luminance values or color selections. These ave very powerful tools.
  9. We’ll see how this year goes, but if everything goes well I’d like to get a Phase One XT with the Rodenstock 32mm lens. What I’d like the most is to stay healthy along with my family and loved ones. The stuff can come and go, or just wait. As many stated here, in the end it really doesn’t matter.
  10. I shot a wedding once, kinda reluctantly, for a friend that insisted. Images are fine, but I hated every second of it. I should have said no.
  11. get a 24 pack next time you go, to be on the safe side
  12. I am glad she is doing better!
  13. Handsome young chaps! I love the B&W processing and added noise, or was it shot at super high ISO?
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