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  1. 1. 1968 2. YES 3. NA 4. NO There is a total lack of transparency which appears (to me) like arrogance, in that the customers really don;t matter. The camera line appear(ed) to be hopelessly mired in the snap snap consumer segment. Quality is suffering. I would really rather a company work towards finding out what I need than tellinf me wht I should want. (dF). Lack of customer relations as previously mentioned: why can't they email me about software updates. Open software dev to the community? Hope somebody at the big N reads this.
  2. dspeed


    Zenfolio has worked well for me for a number of years. It is not a custom photo website, but offers (to my mind) a reasonable set of options. Dave dspeed.zenfolio.com
  3. Would it be advisable to stock up on some groceries in Evenes before heading out? Eggs, milk, coffee,et al?
  4. In Philadelphia airport. Waiting for leg 2 of 4. 27 hrs. Mostly waiting. I'm a reasonable cook. Will lead, follow or stay out of the way as needed. Grin Was thinking of bringing some delicacies,but this gear is *heavy* I'm at 53 lbs on the main now, and thats stripped down. D
  5. Is *this* a good source for weather info for Reine? http://www.yr.no/place/Norway/Nordland/Moskenes/Reine/ This is a bit warmer than I expected. Maybe I'll use that bathing suit. <g> Preliminary forecast is hopeful for the early part of the week. Dave
  6. Hi!

    Rudolf, I'm a softwere engineer currently living in Carlsbad, NM but moving to Morgantown, West Virginia next month. (Busy month).

    My travels in the US have been faitly extensive. Some photos at dspeed.zenfolio.com

    At present I'm getting to Europe every year or so. Not nearly enough, but it is a long ride.


  7. You don;t need html error messages here. May I suggest that you insert code to take a guest trying to access premium content to a special page that explains things. Maybe even give them a 'taste' of premium content. Haven't ever done this, so I'm just speaking off the cuff, but if you ask for an email address, or a location and where they heard of the board, it would enable a follow-up 'We missed you!' note. In order to keep this simple, you might direct them to a truncated set of 'the best of' or control permissions for a one-time viewing of materials posted in the past 24 hrs. I'd have a second page for those who try this again. Still the sell, and nice, but no content. Dave
  8. My flights and car are scheduled/paid for. Changing jobs/ moving 200o miles, but have confirmed that this period for the trip is OK.. As I'm still going to be 'in transit (i.e. 90 % of my junk in storage and inaccesable', I'm actually packing for the trip now. And it has been 108 degrees (F) for the past two days (and no rain for 190 days...) Last piece of gear planned is a Cokin filter holder with a graduated ND filter. Picked up a monopod on eBAY and found why irt was so cheap - the QR clamp is too wide. Time for some surgery. Anybody have a 220 - 110 converter? I have one, but it is a *stone* and I'm going to be pushing the weight limits as it is. I know the Nikon chargers are dual voltage, but don't have an information on the Chinese clone AC power supply for doing time lapse. Lastly, I'm looking for some suggestions for Oslo area a couple of days after Reine - will be in town for 3 nights and 2 full days. Dave
  9. Ran across some images on Wikipedia and wondered how one might go about finding opportunities to do this sort of work. Dave
  10. Any updates? Does anybody know about local wifi availability? May have a GSM phone by then, but not counting on it. Dave
  11. dspeed


    Congratulations! Can we get a reminder so we can register for your session? Dave
  12. "Sadly, sign painting is a craft that is slowly disappearing. " I too, like this art. There has been something of a resurgence in the Pacific Northwest and spreading through the Intermountain West as some of the older areas are being gentrified. Here in Carlsbad, we have a gent who does some very nice murals. Will grab a shot today. d
  13. How fussy is SAS about the weight of your cabin luggage? 8kg isn't a lot.....
  14. nice fish shot!

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